Chatting Tips From Skout Experts

The popular dating and friendship website ‘Skout’ attracts people from different backgrounds and dating expectations. It is the chat feature that helps to bring all these disparities together and make the first impression on the other person. In order to ensure that dating is done in the cleanest way possible and the results are better […]

Navy Official Looking to Change Maternity Leave

When a woman in the military gives birth she is given a set amount of time off work in order to have time with her baby and to heal up from what has taken place. This works just as it does in other jobs, giving the woman time to bond with her baby and get […]

Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Remake of The Blob

Samuel L. Jackson who is one of the stars of the MCU has signed on for a remake of The Blob. The Blob remake is going to be directed by Simon West. Simon West is known for directing action ensembles such as Con Air. The Blob has been brought to the screen more than once. […]

Scientists Around the World Are Raising Awareness About the Hidden Dangers of Electronic Devices

Researchers have become increasingly concerned over the health effects we might be suffering at the hands of our electronic devices. In fact, a petition was passed around the scientific community and more than 190 scientists from 38 different countries are calling on health organizations to develop new regulations on cell phones and other electronic devices. […]

Microscopes Can Be Installed Into A Smartphone!

Have you ever wondered what kind of nasty germs are lurking around your home, someone else’s home, or public places? Of course, you would never actually be able to see those germs, unless you own a microscope. Traditional microscopes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, that might soon change. Scientists at the […]

Apple Watch Will Cost You $350 – Is It Worth It?

I’ll admit the Apple Watch is temptingly functional and stylish, but at $350 it’s hard to justify another gadget, especially knowing it only costs $83.70 to make it. Even worse, when compared to other Apple products that is actually a reasonable mark-up. The most concerning aspect for Youtube users like Jaime Garcia Dias is that […]

Advancements in Radiology

Radiology is considered a division of medicine that is related to the functions of imaging such as x-rays or radiation is utilized to treat disease. Imaging Advantage is known for being a trailblazer in offering a wide range of radiology resolutions. Imaging Advantage only recruits and vets the very best radiologists, who aspire continuously to […]

Teaching Computers to See What We Can See

Our world has gone through many advances in computer AI, and image recognition is no exception. Image recognition, also called computer vision, is a special kind of AI technology that allows computers to identify objects in images. Image recognition has helped greatly in identifying faces, text, and even general patterns. Image recognition for faces, or […]

Liquid that Becomes Solid When Shaken

Walk on water might be soon an action easy to do for anyone. The new liquid created by the Moratex Institute of Security Technologies in Poland becomes solid in an instant when shaken or hit. Its main use will be filling the anti-bullet vests. The liquid retains bullets better and diminishes the deflection, which minimizes […]

The Success of the Biotech Industry

A recent boom in the biotech industry saw venture capital investment climbing from $4.52 billion in 2013 to $5.29 billion in 2014. Joel Marcus, who has been in the industry for 30 years and is currently chief executive of Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc., recently discussed trends contributing to the growing success. Marcus believes the […]

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