Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey look back at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s actions

The Frontera fund has been one of the most active advocates of Hispanic issues. It has built a reputation as a serious defender of their rights as well as ensuring that they get fair hearing whenever they are caught up in any situation especially immigration.

The Frontera fund has an interesting history started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the former owners of the Phoenix new times. The duo were some of the most frustrated people when President Trump gave the sheriff a presidential pardon. The sheriff had been a direct contributor to the starting of the Frontera fund.

Back in 2007 after the duo had been intensively reporting on the misdeeds of the sheriff and his department he finally thought that he had them cornered and by issuing them with an overreaching subpoena he was sure it would go his way. The two proceeded to publish the contents of the subpoena, and this would lead to there immediate arrest at the stroke of midnight after the contents of the document appeared on the phoenix new times.

This arrest was the beginning of court battles pitting the two opposing parties against each other. The sheriff soon discovered how unpopular his move was when the outcry from the public from all over the country led him to release them and drop all charged that he had levied against them. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/23/jim-larkin-michael-lacey-make-the-list-of-civil-rights-protectors/

The two were, however, to not let this injustice slide, they went back to court and sued the sheriff’s department for gross violations of there fundamental rights and there first amendment rights. The case went on for some years before the court of appeals finally ruled that indeed the sheriff was guilty of the violation of their first amendment rights.This meant that the county of Maricopa had to settle and settle they did offering the duo 3.75 million dollars the initial capital that was used to start the Frontera fund.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran a department that was corrupt and one that thrived on racial profiling, and this was the basis of Melendres v. Arpaio’s a case that has to date cost the Maricopa taxpayer 70 million plus. Judge Bolton found the sheriff guilty of fragrant racial bias and profiling and ordered a raft of measures to correct the same.

This was to be done under the watchful eyes of a monitor appointed by the court. The sheriff would never implement this changes which saw him taken back to court and on July 13 last year he was found guilty by judge G. Marry.

The president was on hand to intervene and grant him a pardon for a man the president long admired. This saved the sheriff from a potential six-month stint in jail. The alliance between the two was observed by Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin as a subversion of justice.

The two have spoken out against the same and stated that it was unfair to those who had over the years been wronged by the sheriff. The sheriff is today a free man but not retired as sheriff since he lost the election to a Democrat in the last elections.


The world that we are living in today is one that is full of many issues and challenges. Of these problems, most are caused by the very people who suffer from them while others are like a disease and have grounded themselves in the lives of people in the community. However, some of the issues are natural, and man can only have a part in preventing them from getting any worse.Corruption is among the issues that are caused by man. There could be reasons why most people in our societies are corrupt. There can never be, however, justification. This is the reason why organizations like Avaaz came up in order to provide solutions where they can.Some people will think that solutions to issues like climate change and even poverty is providing people who are affected, with aid.

However, some solutions can be achieved simply by discussing the problems in a platform and finding the root cause. Once this is done, then contributions can be made and help provided. Avaaz does not have a physical platform, but uses online networks to connect people from all over the world. This could be the best way to deal with issues in the society because of the traffic that online platform receives.It is a fact that technology has taken over in the society today. Without technology, it is hard to pass messages across. It is a fact because people evolved from using messengers and smoke signals. The invention of the network made things even easier and at the end, resulted in uniting the whole world into one big family. Now, messages from all parts of the world travel like lightning flashes.

Avaaz has noted ad taken advantage of this advancement. It, therefore, recognizes the fact that it is easier for people from all over the world to make their contributions towards issues that are eminent in among the very people.Independence is important for the prosperity of any movement or organization. Its independence is among the best qualities that Avaaz has. It is not reliant on a government sponsorship or support. Therefore, the community can in no single moment be at the mercy of powerful people. It receives and accepts as much contribution as it can possibly get from the members of the community. These contributions are used to help solve some eminent issues and also grow. Avaaz is booming with big numbers each day as people keep joining.

Desiree Perez Has A New Path To Power

Desiree Perez has certainly made a name for herself in the world of music. She’s managed to build a reputation as one of the most successful executives and she has done it in a short amount of time. Others are nowhere near as successful and few have lasted as long as she has. That kind of success comes with a constant need to reinvent and change the paradigms that we use to define the music industry. With the success she’s shown at Roc Nation, people are starting to look at Perez as a model for what needs to be done in the industry.

She has been in this industry long enough to understand what she needs to do and how to keep going on.Others who are starting in the industry see her as a powerful business woman with a lot to offer the world in terms of strategy and innovation.Right now she wants to focus on making sure Roc Nation is able to transition into its next sphere of influence and that people are able to receive what they want from Jay Z’s company. He’s made himself hundreds of millions of dollars and he wants to continue what he has already achieved.

The only way to keep things going is for him to find ways to continue to reach new demographics and to expand what Roc Nation does. Perez has known Jay Z for more than 20 years and she understands what it will take to get him the success he wants. She is trying to do everything she can to help advance Roc Nation and what it represents. With all of her years of experience she wants to make the streaming era an age of greater prosperity for what she touches and what she represents in her executive role.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus And Their Strides Towards Curing Cancer

With nearly 40% of adults in the US being diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime, it is not surprise that a large number of people know someone who has battled against the terrible disease. However, thanks to the staggering progress being made by companies like Tempus, the future is hopeful and looking brighter. Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, also a co-founder of Groupon, Tempus is leading the data-enabled precision medicine movement today.

The healthcare industry faces a problem. It’s technology and systems are not up-to-date with the technology available today. Eric learned about this disparity that exists between data collection and digital technology when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite all the data available to doctors, there had never before been an efficient way to organize and effectively use it.

Tempus’ mission, however, is to revolutionize the way cancer care is currently delivered. While developing a platform that analyzes a patients data, they have had to face and overcome certain hurdles such as obtaining inexpensive clinical and medical data, as well as the fact that essential patient information was stored as free text fields in physician notes. These are difficult to capture and analyze, so Tempus created software that can process natural language and characters and transform this information into structured data ready to be utilized in advanced cancer treatment.

Eric Lefkosky and other leaders in data enabled precision medicine are confident that through technologies like the Tempus platform, doctors will have the ability to more accurately match cancer patients with effective treatments. Eric’s road to becoming a Tempus co-founder has not been ordinary. Born on September 1969 in Southfield, Michigan, Lefkofsky has contributed more in less than his 50 years than most do in a lifetime. Throughout his career, he has taught at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Management.

Currently Lefkosky now works as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth of Business. Hoping to one day cure cancer, he is also heavily involved philanthropically, regularly contributing financially to the cause. Eric Lefkosky believes that today’s scientific breakthroughs will one day have a worthwhile effect on the lives of cancer patients, as well as other conditions.

Contact Eric Lefkofsky: chicago.blueskyinnovation.com/vault/network/lefkofsky-eric/   

How Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Starts Her Day

For innovative entrepreneur Doe Deere, the founder of the wildly popular cosmetics company Lime Crime, her imaginative bent and passion for bold, bright, colorful make-up began when she was a child in Izhevsk, Russia. Her first foray into business was when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She learned lessons about marketing that would serve her well years later when she began to promote Lime Crime cosmetics. The experts told her selling makeup online wouldn’t work. But Doe Deere followed her heart, used her internet marketing skills and Lime Crime cosmetics became a hit globally.


Today, Doe Deere is an iconic figure that serves as an inspiration to countless women worldwide who dream of opening their own businesses. She always makes time to share the things she has learned about building a successful business and brand. That information has helped many people to develop the right mindset, perfect their craft, face the doubters and challenges and pursue their dreams. Doe Deere talks about moving to New York as a teenager, pursuing a career in music and fashion before finally finding success with Lime Crime cosmetics. It’s a story about determination and turning the limes life gave her into the internationally known Lime Crime brand.


But through it all, Doe Deere has remained a beautiful woman who always remembers to take some time to pamper herself so she can look her best. Ultimately, she is her company’s most powerful marketing tool. Doe Deere has a morning beauty routine she uses to look and feel her best. It starts when she wakes up each morning at 8:30. First, she drinks a glass of water to help her remain properly hydrated. Next, she does some stretching exercises followed by a light breakfast of grits, yogurt, fruit and fresh squeezed orange juice made using the oranges growing in her back yard.


After touching bases with the office, answering e-mail and checking Instagram, she puts on the Beatles. She then washes and moisturizes her face and applies foundation. Doe Deere sets her make-up, fills in her brows and applies her blush. Then comes her favorite step, putting on her colorful lipstick. Pink and red are her favorites depending on what she’s wearing. She then spends a few relaxing minutes showing her two cats some love. Doe Deere usually gets to the office at noon. On busy days she’s there well into the night. Learn more: http://yourbeautycraze.com/doe-deere-helps-wayward-cats-kitty-bundles/


Susan McGalla Promoting the Need of Mentoring Programs for Women in Companies

For women, it is always hard to make their space in the corporate world, but not for Susan McGalla, who has enjoyed tremendous success in the corporate world in her career. She has held top designations in the multi-million dollar companies and helped these firms achieve their business goals more efficiently than any men ever could. Susan McGalla has always been at the top of her game due to her passion for work and determination to succeed. Over the years, Susan McGalla has become a familiar name in the corporate world, primarily because of her deep business insight and years of experience in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla is on the top of the list when it comes to successful women entrepreneurs in the United States. After working for top firms like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc, Susan McGalla started her consultancy firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting that provides business-related advisory services to corporations. Her consultancy firm has helped many young and growing companies to structure their finance and marketing strategies efficiently to bring in more revenue and enhance their market reputation.

Susan McGalla is also known for her role in uplifting the position of women in the male-dominated corporate world. Susan McGalla feels that it is not only the women support groups that can help women to achieve their dream in the corporate world but also the mentoring program is required alongside it. She believes that mentoring programs should be there in every company for women to help the dedicated women professionals get the guidance they need and deserve to move up the ranks in the corporate hierarchy. Susan McGalla said in an article recently that mentoring programs with incentives for mentors would be far more helpful for women professionals than women support groups can ever be.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/09/18/steelers-overhaul-fan-gear-closet-introduce-new-fashion-campaign/

ClassDojo Helps Communication to Parents

Teachers face numerous challenges every day when it comes to communication to both students and their parents. Products that “wow” those who use them do not necessarily solve problems, can be confusing and often do not even make it into the schools. Because of this, some edtech companies have realized that ground-up change is needed and connection and empowerment can be enhanced between teachers, parents and students. With numerous products on the market, teachers are inundated with solutions that may not be really effective.

ClassDojo, founded by Sam Chaudhary, is one program that has succeeded, with its communication platform between parents and teacher; similar to a parent-teacher conference in former days, ClassDojo is able to communicate to parents the student’s progress as well as do more. Teachers have realized the need for such a program; at present, ClassDojo is used in 90 percent of Kindergarten through 8th grade school districts; that fact was recently reported by the San Francisco Business Times. This means that 2 in 3 schools are now using ClassDojo.

The app is free for teachers. Parents are able to join in on a class using a device, and ClassDojo can translate messages into more than 30 languages. When the class is utilizing Quiet Hours, it will deliver that message as well. Teachers are able to share videos, photos and announcements on Class Story, as well as privately message a parent. It just the beginning of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Successfully helping in creating community, ClassDojo also wants to help bring ideas into the classroom, transforming education through the simple solution of working together. Parents can see just what their child is doing, expanding the communication between the classroom, parents and their children. With communication platforms like ClassDojo, parent-teacher meeting will become a thing of the past.

Democratic Candidate Conor Lamb Fights an Uphill Battle with the Help of Grassroots Activists

Former Marine and Democrat Conor Lamb is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th district against Republican candidate Rick Saccone, who describes himself as “Trump before Trump was Trump.” The two are vying for a seat that has traditionally been held by a Republican, often running unopposed by the Democratic party. A special election was triggered when Congressman Tim Murphy, a pro-life politician, stepped down amidst controversy that he had urged his mistress to get an abortion.

In spite of the uphill battle faced by Lamb, many Democrats are optimistic of his chances in the upcoming election. Although the district traditionally votes red, his opponent is known as a “right to work” candidate in an area with a strong labor union presence. Lamb’s supporters also point to his personal pro-life position as well as his support for the Second Amendment as strengths to win over conservative voters.

The political action committee End Citizens United has come out in support of Lamb, stating that he is “running for Congress to stand up for Pennsylvania families who have been ignored by the rigged system in Washington.” The PAC formed in March of 2015 following the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which ruled that political contributions by corporations were protected by free speech laws. Lamb supports the group’s message, vowing not to take political contributions from corporate funded PACs, and stating that, “our campaign finance system is part of the reason why [our system isn’t working]”.

End Citizens United describes itself as a committee built upon grassroots efforts, and they recently raised $600,000 for Doug Jones’ successful Senate race in the red state of Alabama as part of their mission to “end the unlimited and undisclosed money in politics.” Jones and Lamb fit into the organization’s mission statement, where they pledge to elect pro-finance reform candidates and ultimately overturn the Supreme Court decision.

Pennsylvania’s special election takes place on March 13th, and End Citizens United looks forward to a Democratic victory along with many more to come, as its website states that, “Republican leadership in Congress is standing squarely in the way of overturning this disastrous Supreme Court decision.”

Dr Walden Makes Everyone Feel Good While in Surgery

There are a lot of things to think about while looking into plastic surgery. Anyone that is looking at this option should be able to understand what they are getting into and how their Doctor Jennifer Walden Reviews can help them.


Of course pricing is always a big deal for those that are looking into getting plastic surgery, but it may not be the part that makesor breaks the surgery. This is because the losest priced option may not be the best one for them. This is because quality is not always based on the pricing. Pateints should be willing to ask about for a Doctor that is going to work with them.


One of the biggest things to look for is a license. This way patients know they are working with a person that will be good for them and knows how to do everything they need. If they don’t have one hanging on the wall, then they may want to look at a different option and find oen that has their license in a place everyone can see it.


After customers have found a few different Doctors that will work with them, they should look at testimonials. This way they will know what the Doctor does well and often. Be wary of anyone that doesn’t have these as they may not have good work behind them.

There are a lot of options for plastic surgery if customers are willing to look at a few different ones. The last thing anyone wants to do is work with a Doctor that isn’t a good fit. Dr Walden is a great Doctor that will help patients feel good and know what they they need before they know they need it. Patients may want to look at what she can do for them. Give her a call today.

Contact Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews: www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-jennifer- walden

Dr. Sachedina Creating Treatment Centers That Feel Like Home

Shafik Sachedina became a qualified dental surgeon in 1975. He was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He graduated from the University of London and continued practicing in England for several years.

He became a successful entrepreneur within the healthcare industry. While working for the Ismaili Imamat and it’s community, Dr. Shafik Sachedina holds a position as a member of the Institute’s Board of Governors, a Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, a member of the Aga Khan Development Network Committee and a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina co-founded Sussex Health Care along with Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare is run by entrepreneurs and doctors from around the world. After his success as a dental surgeon, Dr. Sachedina became interested in residential care. Sussex Health Care has provided support and health care services for over 25 years. They have been accredited by Health Quality Services since 2002.

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Optimal health is essential and Sussex Health Care recognizes the importance of recreational activities when it comes to maintaining ones health. Dr. Sachedina and the staff at Sussex Health Care encourage patients to use the facilities within their own home to stay active. Many of their services include neurological care, caring for those suffering from dementia, caring for the elderly and those with disabilities. As joint chairman of Sussex Health Care, Dr. Sachedina has helped make it the leading provider of nursing care.

Currently, Sussex Health Care operates 20 homes that are staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses who can treat a vast array disorders. Their treatments are provided by their staff using advanced technology 24/7. Dr. Sachedina believes that a healthy diet is important to his patients overall health. All of the meals provided by Sussex Health Care are made from local, farm fresh ingredients.

When Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Boghani started Sussex Health Care, it was operating out of only one facility. Now, the organization has over 600 beds throughout England. They strive to provide a safe environment for their patients that encourages independence and self-respect. Upon request, a patient may also have access to occupational therapy, physiotherapy and reflexology.

Search more about Shafik Sachedina: https://ismailimail.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/ismaili-imamats-diplomatic-corps-senior-officials-of-the-seat-of-ismaili-imamat-personal-representatives-of-the-imam-akdn-resident-representatives/