Eric Pulier: Modern Day Renaissance Man

Eric Pulier is like few other people you will ever read about. This entrepreneur and philanthropist has a unique history. He always seeks to creative positive change in his environment. He started from humble beginnings, but worked hard and got accepted into Harvard University. He graduated with a BA in English and American Literature, manga cum laude. Since then, he has turned his attention to helping underprivileged people, especially children who suffer from illnesses and other conditions. His work has been in the field of technology innovation. He is first in class at this.

Pulier wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson during his time at university, and soon graduated before moving to Los Angeles and founding a health care and education technology company. He also founded Digital Digital Evolution and was soon selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to complete a technology exhibit in Washington.

He has successfully founded or co-founded numerous companies since then, from software to other technology innovations that help people. He is a regular speaker at technology events. But he isn’t just focused on business. He always showed an interest in philanthropy. For example, he worked to better the lives of those living with MS by creating a platform to educate people about this condition. He has even worked with legendary director Stephen Spielberg to create a social media network. On this network, ill children can talk with one another on chats and blogs safely.

As a member of the board of directors for XPrize, he has gained recognition and admiration globally. The Xprize Foundation allows teams around the world to compete with solutions of solving humanity’s pressing problems in unique ways. He is also a member of the board for Painted Turtle, which is a charity that has summer camps for kids with illnesses in California. Furthering his reputation for healthcare and education innovation, he created a platform called Starlight World, which is a digital experience that lets children with diabetes take virtual tours inside bodies so they can see how diabetes and other conditions affect the inside of the body. He currently has four kids, and co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA.

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Dick DeVos Work History

 Dick DeVos’ philanthropic contribution

Supporting education and the groups that promote education was the priority of Dick DeVos. For instance, he donated $3 million and $357,000 to schools and the groups that support education. Dick strived to ensure that every child achieves the American dream through getting access to basic education. The donations were aimed at promoting the teachers and administrators to reach every child using an efficient education system. Notably, all the contributions followed the criteria stipulated by the charitable organizations .This was clearly depicted by the financial support that offered to Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation .The aim of the mission was to help the members of the public directly without riding on any political agenda.

Some of the projects that have been established through Dick’s donations include aviation-themed charter school located at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He bought the first plane and donated $315,000 to West Michigan Aviation Academy to support their education. Additionally, He was involved in the donation of over $2.4 million to Arts & Culture in 2015.Furthermore, he donated $22 million to the University of Maryland to launch DeVos Institute of Arts Management .Apart from education, he has supported Chicago-area megachurch with the aim of enhancing leadership development in the region. The donation of $1 million was used to promote church’s global leadership summit which was attended by various leaders across the globe such as philanthropist Melinda 2015. Michigan schools were one of the institutions that benefited from his donations, and the information can be obtained from foundation’s tax records.

Dick DeVos named a ‘change maker’ at Crains Detroit

Dick DeVos was the one behind the idea of constructing a multi-purpose sports and convention arena at Grand Rapids. He formed the Grand Action which was a group made up of business leaders who were campaigning for the construction of sports facility inside the central business district. Some of the facilities constructed include DeVos Place Convention Centre and the Grand Rapids City Market. Dick DeVos has contributed in transforming institutions and policies. His influence led to changes in laws about education and labor.

In 2012, Dick DeVos advanced a law which changed the Michigan from a being a famous place for organized labor into a workplace suitable for workers. Dick DeVos donated $138.7 million to support education, church work, leadership programs and art and culture. In 2006, he donated 12.5 for the construction of children’s hospital. The hospital was to be constructed at the cost of $103 million. The aim of Dick DeVos was to ensure that even the children from a poor background can access the education. He also established an aviation charter high school with the aim of bringing education reforms at Grand Rapids International Airport. Moreover, he introduced tax-funded vouchers which enable students to be enrolled in private schools. Twenty-four states have now implemented the idea of vouchers in the private schools.



Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Have you ever heard of the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It is great advice for anyone that ever has questions about especially health care,  if they see signs or symptoms. But what about those symptoms that are not as easily visible as bleeding out of your arm or constantly having to go the to bathroom? Well Life Line Screening has you covered, in both health and mind!

Life Line Screening recently wrote an article specifically catered towards men of all ages how they could prevent and reduce their odds of a major sickness or something worse! We all know that eating well helps but what about sleep? One of the great things that they point out and try to make sure men know is that there IS such a thing as too much sleep. The entire article is well articulated and presented in a way that can be slowed down or given a quick note for each, feel something funny in your body? Tell your doctor! It might not just be you getting old!

With over 8 million preventative care screenings, Life Line Screening is one of the most relevant groups of doctors, scientists and researchers all willing to help you before something small becomes something much bigger. They have several locations around not just the United States but also in the United Kingdoms, meaning that they are not just a great health care company and a place to get yourself checked, but they have multiple locations for those that live in the states or our neighbors across the pond!

If you knew you could prevent getting sick by just getting health screening, why not go for it? Life Line Screening has more than just the resources, they have the willingness, the enthusiasm and the compassion to make sure that everyone can not just see tomorrow but see it with safety, confidence and greater clarity.

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Equities First Holdings Australia moves its offices to cater to customers better

Equities First Holdings moved their Melbourne office to occupy a space at the heart of the city. The relocation was aimed at making clients have an easy time accessing products, services, and customer care. The managing director of the Australian branch of Equities stated that the firm has a stronghold on the continent and plans to solidify its ties with local clients. She added that the new space adds more room for more staff to serve the increased number of customers. The new address is on Collins Street in Victoria, Melbourne. Equities First Holdings has regional offices in Sydney and Perth which continue to expand the business in the area.

Equities offers clients stock-based loans to facilitate their execution of businesses, the manifestation of a personal dream, investment or any other need. The product has gained increased fame over the years due do the lack of limitations imposed on the lender upon maturation of the funds. The client is allowed to utilize the money for any endeavor without any restriction. Equities loans are a preference for most people because they did not require a credit to materialize. A client only ought to have collateral stock in another firm that Equities can use during the loan’s procession. After the customer pays back the loan in full, Equities ensures that it returns the stock to the individual, eliminating the fear implanted by companies that dispose the assets on the open market. Another upside of acquiring loans from the institution is the freedom associated with the loans. In case the stocks drop in value during the transaction, the borrower can walk away from the deal without any future obligations to Equities.

Equities started operating in 2002 and has processed more than 700 loans successfully. It maintains a high loan to value ratio and minimum fixed interest rates. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, Indiana, Indianapolis and the United States.

Gold is U.S. Money Reserve’s Bet for a Safer Wallet

Most common currencies and investment methods do not offer strong security against worldwide risks that can emerge in the economy. Usually, a currency is directly related to the conditions of a country and its place in the market.

U.S. Reserve presents a new way to invest by buying gold. With this method, you will be able to be secure when the price of a dollar falls because of some political event or global commercial change.

The company has released an eBook that intuitively explains all about this type of investment and what you can expect from buying gold with their help. U.S. Money Reserve has extensive guidelines on how to make the most profit and be secure while having stored gold coins that are government-issued precious metals.

Their newest eBook is called “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money,” and explains why Americans are taking risks in storing their capital without relying on government-issued titles.

The U.S. Money Reserve has achieved their ranking as the best American enterprise to make this type of investment. They are the “Gold Authority” of the United States, and they are backed up by some of the most influential economists and financial experts in the country.

Philip N. Diehl, president of U.S. Money Reserve, explains the concept very well. According to the specialist, the main important aspect of the government-issued coins is that, as the name suggests, they are a legal tool that is backed up by the American government. This means that they are an official method of raising your security and making sure that your money will not fall flat to global events.

For anyone that wants to reduce risks and build a steady income, gold is the best bet. It can be used to guarantee your insurance, guarantee that you’ll be able to pay for your children’s University or maybe that long-term dream will finally be accomplished. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The eBook can be easily purchased, and it comes with an excellent promotion on some gold coins that the U.S. Money Reserve disposed of for buyers of the book.

Americans that are worried about the security of their capital can be a part of their program right now by entering their official website,, and learning more about the investment.

The U.S. Money Reserve website has been recently renovated to include more information and well-explained guidelines on how to start investing today. By buying gold coins, you’ll also be a part of a big community that has forums and builds guides for newcomers to feel safe in this modern form of investment.

Philip N. Diehl added that the government-issued coins are considered the United States’ last true currency, as it is a safe bet that does not lose to volatility and is not susceptible to vulnerabilities in the country’s economy.

Jason Halpern and JMH Development stay on the Forefront of Real Estate Development


Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern is the manager and co-owner of JMH Development. The company is a real estate development outfit that focuses on residential and commercial development, mostly in New York. Halpern took control of the family business in 2010 and the company continues to operate to the high standards set years before. Halpern takes a very innovative approach to development and his unique and outside the box thinking has given the company the ability to create one of kind developments, as well as fit a design to an irregular shaped property.Currently, JMH has more than $55 million invested in New York state projects. They have been responsible for turning warehouses into apartments, adding luxury townhouses in the Brooklyn neighborhood and many residential apartments in Westchester. The company has also built several million square feet of commercial space.Through Halpern’s guidance and leadership, JMH has become a pioneer in development. The team at JMH is trained and experienced in every phase of development including the initial strategy, site and building design and the construction process. Because the team is knowledgable about every aspect of the development process, they are well positioned to deliver the highest quality project possible.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Mr. Halpern has a unique vision that gives him the ability to work within the market place and build a name brand that is recognized and respected. JMH works to focus on adaptive projects for the restoration of historic properties. Halpern finds it important to work with the cities and towns he works in to achieve a project that is a collaboration of both entities. It is important to Halpern to establish a report with the cities he works with and respect the community for its vision and values.Jason Halpern is a man committed to helping others and quite often wears his philanthropic hat. His personal endeavors include supporting and investing in a trauma center at a local New York hospital. He also brought philanthropy to JMH, as well.

Jason Halpern: with Production

Through JMD Development, Halpern has launched a very successful partnership with a non-profit water project that helps to fund clean water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. Halpern has committed a set sum from every contract from a residential development in Miami, Florida to the water project.Halpern believes that by helping others he works to give other citizens a better quality of life as well as strengthening neighborhoods and the community. Stronger neighborhoods and communities is an asset for everyone. It improves social and economic standing, as well as inspiring others to follow Halpern’s lead and do the same. He approaches his philanthropic endeavors the same way as he approaches a development project and that is with unique thinking, a solid plan of attack and follow through.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Investor Paul Mampilly And His Work Routine

Paul Mampilly is one of the most-respected investors on Wall Street, and he has created a number of business opportunities for investors and clients alike. This article explains how Paul does his work, and it shows how he does work that improves the profits for his clients. He has helped a number of people save their money, and he has started businesses that are quite strong.

#1: How Does He Operate?

Paul is a man with a long-standing routine, and he knows that his routine works for him. He rises every day to check the markets before he goes to work, and he uses that information to make changes to his business approach. He goes to work prepared, and he works with people who are following much the same routine.

#2: How Does He Generate Ideas?

Paul Mampilly has started more than one investment company that helps clients earn cash, and he works in a world where ideas are valuable. He believes that his companies may help a number of people earn more money with creative ideas, and he believes that his staff has good ideas that may be used to help his company grow.

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#3: Paul Values Wall Street Experience

Paul values the experience of working on Wall Street, and he has said that going to college may be something that he would have skipped. Working on Wall Street every day will teach someone all they need to know, and he wants people to get as much experience as they can. They may receive this experience at the expense of a traditional education, but Paul believes that the experience eon the street may be bolstered by an education after the fact.

Paul Mampilly is trusted by everyone on Wall Street because they know how good he is at his job. He has helped a number of people earn more money on their investments, and he creates ideas every day that make investments better. He works quite hard to help his clients earn more cash, and he knows that his routine will improve the profit margin for all his quality investors.

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Taking Charge Of Our Health With Life Line Screening

Taking charge of our health doesn’t mean a once a year trip to the doctors for the recommended annual checkup and tests. Taking charge of our health involves knowing the dangers ahead as we grow older and ensuring we maintain healthy eating habits, changing our dietary regime to accommodate aging and possible health issues related to our age and lifestyle.

Medical insurance coverage plays a big part in our health service maintenance, and most people will agree that scheduling a list of tests is not only financially scary because there is always out-of-pocket costs involved in tests, and more than likely, several trips to a clinic to have the various tests performed. Life Line Screening has taken the high cost of many major test screenings health out of the health maintenance picture.
Life Line Screening created four packages for the convenience of most people covering the recommended tests for your age and gender to learn more: click here.

Top Recommended Screenings/Scans Cover Stroke, Vascular Disease and Heart Rhythm – Cost $149.
• Stroke/Carotid Artery Disease
• Peripheral Arterial Disease
• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
• Atrial Fibrillation

More Extensive Screenings and Tests Include: Stroke, Vascular, Heart Rhythm with Osteoporosis and 6 for Life – Cost $228.00 (Generally $409.00)
• Stroke/Carotid Artery Disease
• Peripheral Arterial Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
• Atrial Fibrillation
• Complete Lipid Panel
• Glucose (Blood Sugar)
• 6 for Life Health Assessment which includes: disease risk assessment for 6 chronic conditions, including a 10-risk of first-time heart attack. Cholesterol and blood sugar tests screening and biometric screenings

The Stroke, Vascular, Heart Rhythm with Osteoporosis – Cost $149.00
• Stroke/Carotid Artery disease
• Peripheral Arterial Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
• Atrial Fibrillation

The Complete Wellness Package $129.00
• Stroke/Carotid Artery Disease
• Peripheral Arterial Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

The tests and screenings above could save your life. One day out of your life to have these tests could give you future years of love and happiness with your family. Visit Life Line Screening site and schedule an appointment to take charge of your future.

Jason Hope – Technology Enthusiast and a Successful Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a serial investor, entrepreneur, author, technology commentator, philanthropist, and a well-known futurist, based in Arizona. Over the years, Jason Hope has been able to make a name for himself in the technology sector by forming many successful companies, investing in many tech startups, and funding many futuristic technological ventures. Jason Hope continues to help many of the entrepreneurs who come to him with lucrative ideas that have the potential. Jason Hope writes regularly on the internet about the latest trends in the field of technology, and he feels that the next big thing in the world of technology would be the Internet of Things technology.

Internet of Things is a technology that would allow different devices, starting from kitchen appliances to gadgets and from toasters to pens to sync and coordinate with each other as per the input provided by the user. It would help in saving time and can have many benefits if its applications are further researched in various industries. Jason Hope is excited about the fact that the Internet of Things technology has already made its way into the aviation sector, and some of the airline companies are already integrating this technology to their planes to help them know if there are any faults with the machine in real-time. The people in the aviation industry feel that the Internet of Things technology would be able to save a considerable amount of time for the ground staff and technicians and would also make flying much safer, as it would ensure that any and all faults are reported immediately. It would help in taking corrective measures before it’s too late.

As a well-known futurist, Jason Hope believes that it is very much possible to enhance the life expectancy rate of human beings if there are individual researches done on a molecular level. It is for this reason he provides regular donations to the SENS Research Foundation. SENS Research Foundation also does extensive research on anti-aging techniques to help get rid of the signs of aging. Jason Hope also donates generously to many local charities and organizations that help with improving the living conditions of the low-income families in the community and focuses on healthcare and education. General Article.

Eva Moskowitz: Leading the Success of Her School Networks

The state appeals court have just awarded $720,000 to the network of charter schools owned by Eva Moskowitz, called the Success Academy. According to the ruling, the version of pre-kinder contract that the city of New York is trying to impose into the network of schools managed to overstep their authority.

Right after the deliberation of the ruling, Eva Moskowitz traveled to Washington to receive the Broad Prize – a recognition given annually to operators of charter schools who are contributing to the outstanding academic performance of students coming in from low-income family backgrounds and students who are non-White. Currently, Success Academy is a strong conglomerate of 41 schools, educating more than 14,000 students from the city of New York coming from poverty stricken families. Because of the school network’s dedication to aid the children of New York City through their studies, they have been nominated for the award once again, just like the previous year.

The award that was given is a testament, not just for the Success Academy school network, but also for Eva Moskowitz because of her passion to innovate and develop the education system for generations to come. One of these innovations that are being developed is the Ed Institute, an online database of training resources and free curriculum that is highly accessible to everyone and it is regarded to be the foundation of the school network’s system.

This brand new addition to Success Academy’s academic tools would be putting them into another horizon – higher compared to where they were at before. Considered to be the largest charter school network in the city of New York, more people are expected to enroll and benefit from their system. People are seeing the results of hard work that the students are exhibiting – they keep on dominating state tests, receiving high scores and have always been on the top performing schools, even beating some private institution that are expected to perform well. For comparison, the least performing school of the Success Academy network was able to push at least 90% of its students to get a grade at or above last year’s level, during math tests. The rating given was considered to be higher than average, proving how they prioritize to educate their students. Another score comparison was with English Language Arts, specifically reading skills, where 75% of the students were at or above last year’s grade level. Compared to the affluent suburban schools around New York City, the score that Success Academy received is much higher.


Eva Moskowitz can be credited for the success of her charter school network. Her passion and dedication to help the children are the two main factors on why Success Academy became successful, and no other school in the United States can ever claim the same feat that they have reached. Students are always motivated to study, resulting in better grades. Success Academy has been criticized a number of times for not sharing their secret to success – but as per Eva Moskowitz, schools should always remember that the involvement of the children’s family is what drives their school to triumph.