The Fundraising Activities Of End Citizens United

All the online fundraising solicitations of End Citizens United are flowing through ActBlue. This is a web hub. It has been designed in a way that makes it easier for Democrats as well as liberal groups to raise money online. Once anyone tries to contribute to this PAC, the donor is taken to an ActBlue page. Here the person can decide to make the gift a recurring contribution or a one-time pledge.

Their email headlines are designed to grab the attention of the recipient. Basically, all these are highly common fundraising tactics among candidate campaigns as well as party committees. Besides, there is always the option of unsubscribing from the email list of End Citizens United.

In addition, ActBlue will clearly alert the donors in case they sign up for a recurring contribution as soon as they have completes their donation. This helps to alert those donors who may have unintentionally signed up for this type of monthly gift so that they can cancel this option at any point down the line.

End Citizens United would want that people should stay engaged to it. But still, it would like to give absolute power to its donors so that they can stop donating whenever they want.

Out of the collection, End Citizens United has the biggest aggregate expense of $1.7 million. That has been paid to rent email lists from various liberal organizations that include, besides Care2 as well as Ready for Hillary PAC, along with several progressive media outlets like The Nation, and The American Prospect as well as AlterNet. In addition, this PAC has donated $458,500 to the candidates endorsed by it besides various other Democratic Party committees. In this way, it intends to promote its campaign.

In fact, End Citizens United has already committed that it would like to lower the amount of funds of the group that is going to consultants. It should be close to 30 percent so that a larger amount can be directed to candidates and for supporting them.

The PAC also clarified that they have started almost a year ago from zero. Hence they had to invest in infrastructure, and in bringing in people to the table. This will definitely go down in the future.

All these changes are already underway. Initially, the consultant payments constituted nearly 70 percent of the total expenses of End Citizens United. During the first quarter of 2016, these expenses came down to 42 percent.

One candidate being endorsed by End Citizens United who has strong campaign finance credentials is former Sen. Russ Feingold.

This PAC chooses the candidates to back, based on a questionnaire which asks if they oppose the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court.

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Logan Stout’s Contribution to People’s Success

Logan Stout was raised in Richardson, Texas. He learned at J.J Pearce H.S., where he excelled in education, basketball, and baseball. Logan loved baseball, and therefore, he decided to pursue it professionally. He has been a member for successful baseball teams. Logan has coached a vast array of teams such as at Dallas Baptist University. Moreover, Logan founded Premier Baseball Academy where he serves as the CEO. The academy provides indoor training classes like arm, Velocity and Hitting League among others.

At the First United Methodist Church of Coppell, Stout served as an incredible worship leader. Logan is an alumnus of Panola where he graduated with a business degree. He is also a University of Dallas graduate where he earned a psychology degree. He has been featured in influential publications and broadcasts where he always speaks about leadership, business, and sports.

Since 2004, Logan Stout has been the CEO of IDLife, a company he founded. Logan also serves as the founder CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. from 2000. Logan trains people about business on finding ideas and how to manage the business. According to Logan, anybody can own a business, but only a few know how to start the business. Therefore Logan does everything under his ability to offer leadership skills and encouragement on how to start a business.

He has partnered with many writers and speakers like John C. Maxwell to spread his business management tactics, leadership skills, and business ideas. “Stout Advice” is one of the best-selling books written by Logan which talks about the guides of building yourself and others. He also participates wholeheartedly in charitable acts in the society. Therefore, in a nutshell, Logan Stout is a leadership trainer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a couch, a speaker and an established author.

At IDLife, his latest organization, they sell organic nutritional supplements for both weight management and nutritional gains. Logan has seen IDLife through significant improvements. IDLife has partnered with potential business owners who help the company provide fitness goals to clients. Logan Stout is focused on helping people achieve their dreams regardless of one’s educational level, age, and background.

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Daniel Taub: Israel’s Most Successful Ambassador to the UK

Born a British citizen, educated at Oxford University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard 55-year-old Daniel Taub emigrated to Isreal in 1989. An international lawyer diplomat and writer he devoted over 15 years of his life to serving his adopted country. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

“Adopted country” is a misnomer. As an Orthodox Jew, Daniel Taub believes that the move to Isreal was not a relocation, but the end of two thousand year exile. Mr. Taub considers it a blessing that he and his wife Zehava are able to raise their children in their ancestral homeland. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He has served in the Isreali Defense Forces as both a combat medic and reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division. In 2011 he became Isreal’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Sajid Javid the British Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills described Daniel Taub’s time as the ambassador to Court of Saint James as a “golden era” of trade between Isreal and the United Kindom. According to the Isreali Embassy, during Mr. Taub’s four-year tenure trade between the two countries doubled to 5.5 billion dollars.

Daniel Taub’s time in the UK found he and his Palestinian counterpart serving as peace ambassadors to Northern Ireland. Both diplomats wanted to see if anything could be learned from the conflict in Europe that could be applied to resolving the conflict in the Middle East.

In 2014 a vote by the National Executive Committee of the National Union of Students’ in the UK chose a position of Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policy against Isreal. BDS is an attempt to use political and economic pressure to force Isreal to abandon settlements on Palestinian Lands and the Golan Heights and to coerce Isreal into allowing equal rights for Palestinian-Arab citizens living in Isreal and to allow Palestinian refugees to return to the area.

In response to the situation, Mr. Taub encouraged administrators on college campuses across the UK to ensure that all points of view on the issue could be heard. Upon the invitation of others, he defied Member of Parliment George Galloway’s declaration that his constituency was an “Isreal Free Zone” and traveled to the city of Bradford in Galloway’s district to meet with faith leaders and councilors.

Mr. Taub currently serves as Director of Strategy and Planning for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Yad Hanadiv’s mission is to “Advance Isreal as a healthy vibrant democratic society”.

An Avid Designer and Fashion Guru; Richard Mishaan

Mr. Richard Mishaan is a well-decorated architecture and interior designer. He resides in New York but was born in Cartagena, Colombia and raised in Italy. He started to design at an early age; he says that he feels it is like he was born to design. Unlike most interior designers, Richard went a step further. Richard Mishaan joined Columbia University school of architecture and later to New York where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in interior designing. He had a thirst for knowledge and certification.

Immediately he graduated, he started working with Phillip Johnson, where his work was evident. He worked closely with his fellow employees and gained experience. Being ready to listen and work hard are some of the traits that made him what he is now. Richard has his way of designing that most of the others do not get. He incorporates a little bit of vintage in his modern designing. To prove all this, he appears top on the world’s best interior designers. As a designer who recognizes and comprehends luxury and quality, his works have been the choice of many clients. If you want a rich blend of sophisticated design that shines with style, Mishaan is the man to talk to.

Over the years he has gained popularity because his works stand out. Some of them include the Shelburne Hotel located in New York, the Trump World Towers, The 93rd Street Sale Centre, The kip Bay Boys and Girls House and the Presidential Suite of the St. Regis. These are just some of the few works he has dominated in; the list is endless. When it comes to experience, he is the best person to work with, Richard started the Richard Mishaan Design Company and has been operational for the past 25 years. This fact makes the company very trusted and reliable regarding sophistication, elegance, and style.

He admits the key to his success being simply the fact that he loves art, he says in an interview that it is something he can still do even without being paid. He gets most of his inspirations from his surroundings. Richard also attends numerous art exhibitions, international Design and fashion trends where he observes works of the other designers.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Helps Bradesco Vie For Market Leadership

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leads the Brazilian bank called Bradesco with an extensive knowledge base of their business culture that he has developed over several decades. He served in several main divisions within Bradesco and has learned their processes like few others before him. He has spent time leading their efforts in Marketing, Pensions, and Insurance before making the jump to CEO. His successful tenure as their top leader began in 2009 and he is an example of their continuity and renewal programs that promote from within.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as he is famously known, began his career at Bradesco as a clerk in 1969 in his hometown of Marília. For two years he interacted daily with the bank’s customers until he was transferred to the company headquarters in São Paulo. He has steadily grown and developed his financial skills over the years until he attained his prominent position as CEO to the present.

Trabuco’s education turned out to be unusual for such a highly placed executive. He graduated from the University of São Paulo from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. Most executives who cultivate reputations that ripple through the nation and work in the banking industry secure degrees in Business and Finance. However, Trabuco has demonstrated a financial acumen which allowed him to be fluent in the most sophisticated financial concepts.

The Marketing division of Bradesco is one of the earliest examples of Trabuco’s innovation and ability to lead. He initiated publicity at Bradesco for the first time in their history when he established relations with financial reporters. He began speaking with them and increased their public profile and brand awareness. This modernization has changed the culture at Bradesco and marked Trabuco as an innovator.


Another innovation that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi instituted when he became the CEO at Bradesco was his establishment of a corporate university. This endeavor was geared toward developing the next echelon of company leadership. Trabuco, in consultation with other top executives, helped determine those individuals who were the most qualified to receive promotions and a greater voice within the company. Noble Hall was where these meetings took place and each one was required to vocalize a plan of action and a strategy in going forward.

According to, Trabuco enjoyed a superlative success when he led Bradesco’s Insurance division to unprecedented levels of prosperity. He increased their revenues and profits substantially and made a major contribution to the overall health of the company and their bottom line.

He served here from 2003-2009 and consolidated Bradesco’s market leadership in Brazil and Latin America. His name was also beginning to be mentioned as a possible successor to CEO Márcio Cypriano during this time of outstanding performance.

The CEO position became Trabuco’s in 2009 during a difficult time in the financial sphere. The Great Financial Crisis had led to a global contraction in economic activity and growth was slowing across the world. Trabuco brought Bradesco safely through this time with a steady hand as he reoriented the company’s efforts. Organic growth and a renewed commitment to excellence in customer service among the local communities that they catered to became the new impetus for Bradesco.

Market leadership was always a consideration in the mind of Trabuco and he pulled off an extraordinary deal in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC. It was the largest deal of the year and it earned Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi a distinct honor from DINHEIRO. He was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance for this mega-deal. It added to Bradesco the equivalent of six years worth of organic growth and has brought them far closer to market leadership.

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A Detailed Review Of The Benefits Of The ClassDojo App

Today, parents, kids and teachers are widely using laptops and smartphones to communicate. Among the many communication apps that have been developed, ClassDojo has proved to be an important tool to students, parents and teachers. The app enables parents to get periodic updates about their kid’s activities, academic, social and general conduct at school. Parents and teachers have embraced ClassDojo as a crucial classroom management tool because of various reasons.

Teachers love the app because it saves their time in classrooms as they are only required to record students’ accomplishment and conduct in class by a click. In addition, it is easy to use the app. Notably, teachers and parents have embraced the ClassDojo app because it allows for data sharing. Often, tutors set report behaviors of the pupils and later email them to their parents. Parents who are connected to the app receive periodic reports about their children’s performance. This way, parents are always in the loop. Through the app, teachers are able to note what works for or against the students in classroom.

Notably, the ClassDojo app enables teachers to organize and set up classes. Through the avatars that are assigned to the students, the teacher is able to award negative or positive points to a group or an individual student. Teachers reward students with accumulated dojo points considering that the latter enjoy such recognition. Parents have continued to use the app to keep track of their children’s conduct at school. The objective of such updates is to enable parents to know the conversations that they will have with their children for purposes of enhancing their development and learning in school. Teachers inform parents about the activities of children through videos or photos.

The ClassDojo app has enabled parents to calm the various concerns of their children. By posting videos about students’ participation in class, teachers boost the confidence of such children. If used sensitively and carefully, ClassDojo can encourage learning at emotional and social level.

Securus Technologies Developing New Products and Services for Correctional Industry

There are many companies out there that continue that are trying to win the significant market share of the correctional industry. However, one company that has been dominating this industry for nearly three decades is Securus Technologies. The company has one of the most comprehensive lists of products and services, and it also continues to engage in research and development to find new products and services for the sector.


Securus Technologies believe that it is essential for the industry to change with the time and modernize itself. It is for this very reason that the company has spent nearly $600 million to develop new products and services for correctional industry and better the products that already exist. It is what has helped the company to retain its top position in the industry.


Securus Technologies started in the year 1986 and is among the first companies in the industry to have its dedicated research center. The company focuses on delivering exemplary customer service as well as a comprehensive product line. Securus Technologies offer many different types of products and services in the correctional sector, including phone services, photo sharing services, video services, video visitation, kiosks, money transfer service, voice messaging system, email messaging system, and more. Securus Technologies has focused on keeping the prices of its products and services low so that the customers don’t have to overspend or think before using the company’s services.


The investigative products and services offered by Securus Technologies have also been in the news for all the right reasons. It has contributed majorly to the improvement in the performance of the law enforcement agencies. It has potentially saved numerous lives as well by alerting the police authorities on time and capturing the image of the culprit quickly. Securus Technologies has many new products and services under development that would be introduced soon.


USHEALTH Group, Revolutionizing the Insurance World

USHEALTH is a United States of America based company. The company has a history of having served more than 15 million customers with specific products for 50 years.

The company ascended to the world insurance ladder offering services in individual insurance plans. It also offers supplementary products for both self-employed and small business owners in the United States of America.

The company has a history of providing individual health insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, dental insurance, and insurance on critical illness, accidents and income protection solutions.

Bloomberg reveals that with USHEALTH Group, it does not matter what kind of insurance coverage customers decide to choose. The company, through their professionals, helps their customers to make wise decisions in enhancing their protection in form of insurance.

Among the services that customers often choose include critical illness insurance cover, both short-term and long-term accident covers, among others.

Early this year, USHEALTH won the much-coveted CEO World Awards where it emerged as the 2017 Gold Winners. The reward was for its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative in the United States of America.

The Award puts into consideration issues to do with leadership, innovation, the performance of the organization, new products and services. The Award also involves the milestones that the company has made over time with organizations all the world being eligible.

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group works through its insurance companies like USHEALTH Group Family Insurance. Through them, it offers qualitative insurance coverage to family members.

The services and products cover specified diseases, sickness and accident insurance, both short-term and long-term accident covers, vision and much more.

The ultimate goal of USHEALTH Group is to combine the immense talents and skills of its professionals. They also bring together the efforts of their insurance agents and use them to market both competitive and profitable products and services.

The company also prides itself with the call to shield their customers from financial hardships. Financial hardships might befall anyone as a result of unpredicted diseases or injury.

To put it in the layman’s language, USHEALTH Group provides the peace of mind that people need. This saves them the agony of having to worry in case a tragedy falls on them or their families.

The company, through its group of insurance companies such as USHEALTH Group family insurance, keeps the promise and the commitment they make to their customers. It does this by giving them affordable financial insurance coverage.

The company has a vision to build the number one health insurance organization in the whole of America. USHEALTH Group is committed to providing and delivering services that are incomparable. Their aim is to ensure that their customers appreciate and value them.

There is a saying that says ‘The customer is the king and he is always right.’ USHEALTH Group understands this maxim pretty well.

The Richard Mishaan Design Approach to Blending Eras

Richard Mishaan Design is as consistent of a top tier interior design company as there exists in the world. Centered out of New York, Richard Mishaan Design has been in business for over 25 years. Throughout the years the company has worked hard to establish themselves a great reputation for creating thought provoking, complex, and uniquely tailored designs for their clients. Over the years Mr. Mishaan has become one of the foremost designers in the industry and his work continues to inspire.

One favorite home of many Richard Mishaan Design fans is the Cartagena house. Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Bogota before becoming a transplant and heading over to the United States. In order to reconnect with his roots the Richard Mishaan Design team decided to create a project from the ground up in Bogota. This project is, of course, the Cartagena home. The Cartagena home is an old world getaway for Richard Mishaan and it features everything that makes his company, and his style, so successful. 500 year old wooden beams dress the living room to give that antique feeling. Sharp color choices and limited textures make the whole building more modern.

At the end of the day Richard Mishaan Design is all about delivering exactly what a customer acts for. You will never walk into a Mishaan designed room and think, “Wow, Richard Mishaan did a great job in here.” Instead your first thoughts will go directly to the inhabitant of the room. Richard Mishaan Design maintains their level of excellence by never forgetting who they are working for. For this design team, nothing is about ego — it’s all about delivering an amazing product. You can now see some of these products firsthand in Richard Mishaan’s newest table top art book which is called, “Artfully Modern”.


Helping the young Entrepreneurs-Jason Hope

No one wants to live an unhealthy life. Everyone wants to live healthy and longer to achieve their dreams and goals in life. In order to achieve this world needs to achieve their outlook on medicine and focus more on prevention than treating. Jason Hope understands this well and encourages the world to put more emphasis on prevention than treatment. Hope through technology has been changing the world’s understanding of medicine. Jason Hope is a man with many titles which includes a thinker, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who is based in the United States of America. According to Mr., Hope most upcoming entrepreneurs put their focus on so many projects which end up failing instead of focusing on one project.

Over the years Jason Hope has worked hard and earned himself a title as a seer. Jason is a lover of technology and takes is time to study the trends in the technology industry to make predictions about the future of the sector. According to Hope, the power of the internet of things will be the most crucial factor in the modern community as most devices are now becoming connected devices. As a technologist; Hope advice to the world is that technology will be and is of a great benefit to businesses as well as individuals who are looking forward to using technology in the near future.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Temple, and after his High School graduation, he attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance and later an MBA from ASU’S W.P Carey School of Business. Mr. Jason is not only an entrepreneur but he also gives back to the society through various projects. As a business person, Jason understands clearly that starting a business is not an easy task that is why he began a project to assist young students who have business ideas by taking the most interesting ideas and assist the young person behind the idea. Jason takes his ideas simple and avoids over complicating them which can make the project fail. He goes an extra mile of sharing his ideas with his friends who are like minded to get their side of opinion. The philanthropist, futurist, and American entrepreneur; advise the young and the upcoming entrepreneurs to do something about their ideas.

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