George Soros Speaks on Trump and Cuz and Their Message of Division

Billionaire financier, philanthropist in a world famous hedge -fund manager George Soros while speaking at a dinner in Davos launched an all-out attack on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as well as Vladimer Putin. George Soros pulled no punches and went far as to say that Donald Trump is actually doing the work of the […]

YouTube Redefining Fame in the 21st Century

Some of the most famous Youtube Celebs are also very savvy business people. Having a popular channel is a full time job and requires a smart approach. With millions of channels in nearly every genre you can think of. Youtube has created fame for thousands of young people the world over. Some videos garnering more […]

The Cleanup Crew

A recent survey done on internet usage showed that people are now shelling out twice as much time online as compared to 10 years ago. The study also showed that an average adult user spends more than 20 hours online in a single week. Today the internet is everywhere thanks to smartphones and other portable […]

How Majeed Ekbal is Helping the Victims of the Nepal Earthquakes

Majeed Ekbal has start a relief fund for the Nepal earthquakes. His campaign on GoFundMe has a goal to raise $10,000. The people of Nepal really need help with food, shelter, clothes, medicine, and other resources in the aftermath of these devastating earthquakes. Majeed Ekbal is hoping to raise enough money to help the people […]

My College Lacrosse Teammate Covers A Lot Of Territory On His Blog

Jon Urbana deserves a lot of praise for his successful transition from professional lacrosse player to top lacrosse trainer, especially after having seen him grow over the years since the days we spent at Villanova playing for the same team. We’ve come a long way from our post-adolescence to grow into what I hope most […]

Hire Wikipedia Writers from Get Your Wiki to Promote Your Image

It is undeniable that Wikipedia is the king when it comes to online information. The site is often the first place internet users turn to when looking for information. Thus, it is important to take advantage of Wikipedia when creating a web presence for you or your company. There are multiple benefits, and the most […]

Finances With Igor Cornelsen

Understanding your finances can be difficult, but it can be an easier process if you find someone who will be able to navigate you through the fields of financial stability. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages is someone who can give you what you need to be able to get to a financially secure place and provide […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is a True Leader In Making You Look Good

Everyone know when the holidays come around we throw caution to the wind and splurge like it is our last meal. What we don’t realize is that many foods we eat have long lasting effect on our body and skin, especially if you are a middle aged person. We throw in a few New Years […]

Article Recap: HomeJoy&Handy

While Homejoy was preparing to bites the dust, Handy was preparing for a third birthday party to celebrate it recent triumph. Handy had a good reason to celebrate, its mobile app that connect consumer with highly screened professions and also enables user to hire, rate home cleaners, and pay had just surpassed its 1 million […]

Famous Hedge Fund CEO – Kenneth Griffin

Ken C. Griffin was born on October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Kenneth started investing when he was a freshman in college. He attended Harvard University and during his second year there, he began a hedge fund focusing on convertible bone arbitrage. He capitalized with approximately $265,000 dollars that was collected from his friends […]

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