Apple Says Foxconn Can Buy and Sell iPhones

Apple is going to allow Foxconn to buy and sell used iPhones. Foxconn is the company in China that makes the iPhone. The phone is a big money maker in China, and apparently Foxconn wants in on the action. Now it will purchase used iPhones from customers and then resell them to others. Brian Torchin […]

Google to Pioneer Airbags that Protect Pedestrians

My colleague Ray pointed out how safety features have gotten progressively better over the decades. Safety belts were one of the earliest innovations. They came out quite some time ago, and they represented the single biggest jump in vehicle driver and passenger safety than any other single device. Since then, we have had airbags become standard […]

Paris Restricts Car Traffic In Order To Mitigate Air Pollution

  Starting today, Paris will cut the number of cars on its roads in half. It will also make public transportation free in order to mitigate the sudden increase in air pollution that has obscured even the Eiffel Tower. On Saturday, the mayor’s office announced that only cars with odd-numbered license plates will be allowed on the roads, along […]

Apple Will Accept Android and BlackBerry Trade-Ins

Apple plans on offering Android owners cash if they decide to make the switch over to the iPhone. According to 9to5 Mac Apple plans to launch a brand new trade-in program within the next few months that will allow people to trade in BlackBerry and Android phones in addition to those made by the Cupertino […]

Windows New Face, Fingerprint, Eye Authentication

Microsoft introduced their biometric authentication system, “Hello,” that provides instant access to devices running Windows 10 . Passwords are not the only way to enter a computer with Windows 10 and Windows Hello will allow you to use your face, fingerprint or iris to access your device. The new authentication system can also be used […]

The Philanthropic Face of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is known for almost too many exceptional abilities: business leader; technology guru, and investment magnate, among others. What many people may not be aware of is his dogged determination to do right in the world Since 1977, Levenson has been providing entrepreneurial business services to a wide variety of companies, through evolving data, […]

The Legacy of Tron

Science-fiction fans should rejoice. Tron 3 is headed into production and all those who were recently introduced to “the grid” in Tron: Legacy are going to really look forward to the new film. Lone-time fans who remember the great science-fiction movie boom of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s may have given up hope on […]

Work With North American Spine to Overcome Athletic Injuries

Athletic injuries can be scary. Athletes depend on their bodies in order to do all sorts of movements. An ice skater needs to be able to move on a layer in ice in a series of graceful moves. A basketball player needs to be able to jump high in order to dunk the ball. Those […]

Alibaba Bringing Its Cloud Services To The US

Alibaba has plans to bring its cloud services to the United States. The Chinese company recently announced its new Silicon Valley-based data center, and then said it has plans to use that center to power a new cloud service in the US. Alibaba’s biggest competition in the cloud space is Amazon Web services, the host of choices […]

Companies That Will Lose out in a World of Self-Driving Cars

Driverless cars portend a wonderful future for so many people. Those who cannot drive due to some disability and are stuck having to pay for expensive cab rides or wait for a bus will finally have a more convenient option in the future. One big benefit of these cars is that they should be much […]

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