Stolen Memory Card Returned to Owner

  Faith Massey takes pictures for grieving parents, pictures that mean the world to them. The pictures that this woman takes capture the first and last moments of babies’ lives. Through an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Faith Massey captures the early moments in the life of a baby who will […]

Sony Rivals Google Glass With New Smart Eyeglass Line

  Sony announced on yesterday the launch of its prototype smart glasses, Smart Eyeglass, which begins shipping in March. At the same time, Google discontinues their rival eyeglass device. A New York Analyst with first hand insight says that the first version of these glasses marketed by Sony is specifically aimed at application developers, and […]

Mars One Narrows List of Applicants Further to 100

Mars One has announced that it has narrowed its list of applicants down to 50 men and 50 women who will now compete for the chance to take a one-way trip to Mars. In 2013, tens of thousands of people from all over the world applied for the privilege of being one of the first […]

Asia’s Pre-Eminent Direct Selling Corporation: QNet

QNet is a Hong Kong based direct selling company, which offers a plethora of products in a diverse group of markets. They are the flagship subsidiary of the Qi Group, founded by Vjay Eswaran in 1998. The company’s ecommerce platform enables them to sell goods across a wide range of countries. Customers can use QNet […]

Will Drones Replace Servers?

  At most sit down restaurants diners are welcomed by a host/hostess, taken to their table, and from there a member of the wait staff takes care of all of their dining needs. A Singapore restaurant had been struggling to keep enough servers on staff to properly attend to their guests in a timely manner. Timbré is […]

Brisbane Airport Movements Blog

  A new type of geek has emerged around the aviation industry.  My friend Dan Newlin sent me the link to the Slide Share and it’s pretty freaking cool. These plane spotters follow the movement of commercial and private jets and post information on the planes on blogs and social media sites. This type of […]

Smart Televisions Worry Some Consumers and Privacy Advocates

It didn’t seem that long ago, before the end of the cold war, when jokes such as, “In Soviet Russia, the television watches you” would get a chuckle around the office water cooler. Now, the Soviet Union is no longer a reality, but televisions that eavesdrop on what you say are. Samsung has issued a […]

Google and Uber Go Head-to-Head Over Driverless Cars

  It seems like Uber and Google are about to head-butt each other. Uber aims to develop technology for driverless cars, while Google could launch an app for car reservations Uber announced this week, on,  the company is developing technology for driverless cars, putting them in a direct fight with one of its largest […]

Supporting the Wrong Internet Providers

  My college town was a perfect example of a healthy internet environment in the US. The town was moderately sized but with enough fluctuating college attendees coming into the internet market to promote competition and reasonable prices. For the two years I lived off campus I paid $25 a month for 15mbps (with a […]

FreedomPop: The Future of Tech

People who have a tablet with WiFi only are only able to get on the Internet when on the go by using a WiFi hotspot. This is due not having a connection to the Internet available when on the go. This means another option is needed. One solution that is available is the mobile data […]

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