JD.com and DKNY

JD.com has teamed up with a well known fashion brand and now is making this style available to those that shop at this website. They have recently teamed up with the top fashion brand DKNY and now this brand is expanding to reach customers in China. DKNY is bringing their style to the customers in China and now Chinese people can enjoy the top fashions from this brand.

JD.com is using its technology to improve the sales that DKNY has in China and will allow more customers to get this brand. They will be able to offer a seamless shopping experience and now a person in China can shop online for this popular brand.

DKNY has agreed to this deal so they can expand their fashion brand and reach millions of customers that live in China. They are working to design new fashions for their customers and offers the latest clothing. In addition to selling clothing, a customer will also be able to purchase the newest handbag trends. Shopping for fashion brands is easier at JD.com. Now a person can get exactly what they want and have it sent right to their home in one site that is easy to use.

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