Rebel Wilson Continues Her Run Off Successes Rolling On With Her Most Recent Work

Rebel Wilson has been one of the most successful stars in film and television over the last decade. She has impressive accomplishments to her credit such as starting in Pitch Perfect and more recently gaining a starring role in Cats. Rebel Wilson also just had her brand new romantic comedy film Isn’t It Romantic added to the lineup at Netflix.

Things have been quite busy for the star as of late but she is certainly not minding this fact at all. Isn’t It Romantic takes an interesting spin on the romantic comedy category by playing on some of the classic themes that the genre is known for. Rebel Wilson fans and romantic comedy fans alike have really been embracing this most recent piece of work from Australian film star Rebel Wilson.

In regard to her new role in Cats, Rebel Wilson just made headlines in the way that she celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday while tying in her new role. Rebel’s friends threw her an interesting spin on a surprise party that included some cat themed work out routines and a trip to a cake baking class where Rebel Wilson got to make her own birthday cake. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

This highly entertaining party time was captured for everyone to see through Rebel Wilson’s Instagram account where the party was chronicled. This cat exercise program that caught so many people’s attention was held in Beverly Hills and Rebel reported that the workout seemed to be quite effective. This really was a great tie in with her upcoming work on Cats.

One of the reason’s that the upcoming 2019 release of Cats is so anticipated is due to the fact that it has an outstanding and renowned cast. Along with Rebel Wilson, the cast also includes Taylor Swift, someone that Rebel is very excited to get to work with.

Other well-known cast members include James Corden, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba and Jennifer Hudson. This really is a spectacular cast for this upcoming film. Landing this role is another bit of proof that Rebel Wilson really has her career in full stride at the moment.

The fact that Rebel Wilson’s career is going so well at the moment really is fitting. The Australian born actress has always been passionate about acting and performing and has been involved in it since she was young. One of her credits from her youth is the fact that she is an Australian Theatre for Young People graduate.

From there, she went on to achieve a great deal of success in several television projects on the air in Australia before breaking onto the global scene and starring in hit films.

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