$10 Million Bush Center Endowment Becomes The Centerpiece of James Dondero’s Philanthropic Legacy

In terms of philanthropy, we tend to consistently discuss the legacy being left behind by some of the world’s leading philanthropists. Wealthy donors tend to look for a cause they can get behind over the long term but making these philanthropic causes successful for many years can change the way a community works together. James Dondero has rarely looked to provide his financial support for a single cause, instead, he has been focusing on a series of options within the Dallas community.

After finding a long-lasting period of success taking his work to the people of Dallas, Texas, the latest changes being made to the philanthropic sector by James Dondero have been focused on the Bush Center. The humanitarian center at Southern Methodist University has been the beneficiary of a $10 million endowment from James Dondero as he looms to have a lasting influence on the social sector of Dallas, Texas.

One of the main reasons why James Dondero has decided to take such an interest in the work of the Bush Center is the fact the organization is looking to make changes to the way we view political life. In an America where the political spectrum has become extremely wide and the gap between left and right continues to grow, the need for a fair and balanced view of the U.S. political landscape continues to grow. One of the aims of the Bush Center is to educate as many people as possible on the success that can be achieved through a democratic society. A series of talks and seminars have been planned by the Bush Center using the endowment from James Dondero that began with a discussion on the work of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia. Discussing the life and career of one of the most respected Supreme Court Justices of the modern era is hoped to make changes to the way we view democracy in the coming years.

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