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FreedomPop: The Future of Tech

People who have a tablet with WiFi only are only able to get on the Internet when on the go by using a WiFi hotspot. This is due not having a connection to the Internet available when on the go. This means another option is needed. One solution that is available is the mobile data service from FreedomPop.

The basic business model of FreedomPop is to get people to subscribe to their basic service and have a significant number pay for premium options. This company has been offering free data and voice plans for smartphones since 2012 using the Sprint and Clearwire network. However, they have service that is available for both WiFi only and mobile-enabled tablet devices. This means consumers can choose one of both options based on their needs. Their location will determine the options that are available.

Consumers will benefit from using a service that is free for general use. One aspect to realize about the service is extra features require a small fee. This includes offers to receive a text message if a consumer is near the data plan capacity limit.  If you choose the option to receive capacity limit texts, then expect to pay $1.99 per month.

The maximum amount of data that is available for a free plan is 500 MB. This is not a significant amount for general use, but it will allow people to check email and various social media accounts. One thing to keep in mind is their wireless Internet service requires the use of a specific device. You have the option of the Freedom Stick, 250U, the Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro, or the Freedom Spot Photon – 4G/3G MiFi. The cost will range from $19.99 to $59.99 based on the option that is chosen. However, the cost is refunded to the consumer. Consumers also have the option of rolling over unused data for $3.per month.

The free phone service from FreedomPop will require the consumer to purchase a smartphone or tablet during the sign up process. However, the do offer the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini if a consumer desires an Apple device. Forbes notes that their basic plan is totally free, but is limited to 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. If you prefer an unlimited plan, then the cost is $19.99 per month. There will also be an option for voicemail at $2.49 and an extended warranty option for $8.99.

This is a viable solution for people who are not heavy phone users or people who want an inexpensive option for phone and Internet access. One thing to keep in mind is FreedomPop offers an app that will turn a tablet into a fully functional phone. They also have a Freedom Sleeve Rocket that will make the iPod Touch work like an iPhone. This is a great option when an upgrade is not necessary.

ESPN’s New Digital Package to be Released on Sling Tomorrow

A report on Reddit states a new streaming service called Sling will be released tomorrow. This service will be an online only option for Dish Network customers, and the primary draw to the service is the ESPN package. The cost will be $20 and will spare the client from having to pay for additional channels.

Sling will also carry ESPN2 the Turner channels. For an extra $5 you can purchase the children’s package that includes Disney Baby TV, Boomerang, Disney Junior, Disney XD and Duck TV. The “News & Info Extra”, which is also $5 throws in Bloomberg TV, Cooking Channel, DIY and CNN’s HLN.

As far as Sergio Andrade Gutierrez knows, there has not been a direct statement on the resolution that Sling is supposed to deliver, but it is reported to be as crisp as Hulu or Netflix.

Sling is currently available by invitation only. It can be signed up for here.

BRL Trust: A Great and Wise Investment

BRL Trust, originally started in 2005, provides “trust services in private loans”. At the time, the company already had more than 100 loans in their first year. This sudden growth demonstrates the high success rate of the business. A person can have great confidence in BRL Trust, due to this fact. “BRL Trust . . . is the largest independent administrator of the investment funds in Brazil . . .”. This makes the company the most trusted in Brazil. Anyone who is leery about BRL Trust can cast their doubts away. Overall, the company has a high trust factor with a very fast growth and success rate.

Like most companies, BRL Trust has a set of values and agendas. Here’s what theirs’ are: “The BRL TRUST Investments mission is to meet the demands of their customers in a safe, efficient and transparent way, through skilled and experienced team, with the main differential processes and controls unique, internally developed from knowledge acquired over its performance in the sector”. As apparent, the company has staff that are trained well and are willing to help the needs of clients. BRL Trust is one of the best companies one can possibly invest in. The company “values ethics” and “[respects] the . . . legal system and the [needs] of clients”. The company will follow the laws of finances while satisfying its clients’ needs at the same time. BRL is completely against money laundering and has a set of ethic and professional conduct codes. By setting these policies and codes, the business demonstrates their high level of moral and conduct. BRL Trust offers many different types of services.

Fiduciary services, funds management, custody funds, resource management, and asset underwriting are some of the services offered by the company. One also has the option to actually work with the company, as a career.  Not only do they offer great opportunities, but they have a highly secure money system. This is one of the most important factors that an investor has in mind. Any investor can have full confidence that their money is safe with BRL Trust. For one interested in such an opportunity, he/she is able to contact the company and register.

On their website, they have a contact area where they can be contacted via email or phone. If someone is having serious trouble with their business, they can talk to BRL agents for advice. Even tax problems can be fixed by their staff team, in a legal way. Keep in mind, if you do visit their website you will have to translate the page into your language, as it is a company based in Brazil after all.

X Games Drones

The use of drones have become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world and it actually has started to get a bit creepy how much they have been using the flying cameras to take clear video of more and more things. By neighbor, Dan Newlin, bought one off of ebay so I’ve seen first-hand how these hand operated drones have opened the world to brand new camera angles that just were not possible before and everyone seems to be taking as much advantage of the situation as they can. The winter X games are starting this afternoon and it is no shocker that they will be utilizing the new technology and will be capturing a majority of the shots with the use of drones.

The drones will hover twenty to thirty yards in front of the athletes and follow them as they proceed down the mountain. It is a method that has been used in other sports such as surfing recently and there has been some absolutely incredible skiing and snowboarding footage filmed in the back country. When GoPro hit the scene a handful of years ago, it was the most innovative thing that was going around. However, the use of drones look to be taking over the spot as the most sought after camera angles today

Vijay Eswaran’s Guide To Decision Making

Decision making is an art and no one understands this better than QNET’s CEO Vijay Eswaran. He has written four books on various topics, including his reflections and thoughts on success and tools important to be successful in life. His books are doorways to achieving satisfaction in not only one’s personal life but also the business world and any other arena. In his blog, Vijay Eswaran talks about perfect the art of decision making with the help of 7 steps –

1. Correcting Decisions Is Key To Success – Vijay Eswaran mentions how it is rarely possible for decisions to be completely correct when they are made because information is not always available in its entirety. However, the path to success is to correct them with experience and new information.

2. Success Doesn’t Depend On First Decisions – Eswaran compares the obsession of getting the first decision right to choosing the winning horse.

3. The Last Decision Is Everything – Not only is the last decision important for a satisfying conclusion to a long journey, Eswaran comments that it is also a clue to how accurate the first decision was. Thus, the final decision is more important than the first one. More of that can usually be found on Twitter.

4. Fear of Decision Is Akin To Failure – Eswaran argues that some people stand by delayed decisions because these people believe that making a decision is more important than anything else. He concedes that in certain situations, waiting is better than acting rashly.

5. Intuitive Decision Making Is a Myth – According to Eswaran, intuitive decision making is nothing but a lifetime of experiences manifesting in the form of “intuition’. He also mentions that intuition is created by failures and caution.

6. Three Ps of Decision Making – The three main factors vital to any decision are a) Projection – i.e. understanding the impact that the decision will have; b) Preparation – i.e. analysis and research; and c) Planning – i.e. implementation of decisions are per the plan.

7. Decisions Can Be Changed, Stagnancy Cannot – Finally, Eswaran ends on the advice that while decisions might be like drawings on sand, not moving has permanency. Thus, making decisions is important than not making them.

Vijay Eswaran has jotted down these pointers on the basis of his own life’s experiences.

New Nokia Batteries Developed

As soon as there is a new smartphone release, you can scroll among the comments of the internet users; just like Darius Fisher which noted his comments on SBA, to find statement like “I miss the Nokias which had long life battery and were so simple to use”. It seems that the tech makers have not been sleeping. Somebody heard those people’s wishes, as a matter of fact.

Microsoft, which bought the Nokia brand last year for a good sum, is about to release the Nokia 215 phone. The small old-fashion phone has a life span of 29 days! There will be a variant with two sim cards, and as they consume a bit more energy, their battery life resumes to 21 days. The price will be $29 plus taxes. Missed the colors too? Besides the white and black variants, there will be a bright green one. 

There are so many people who actually use two phones nowadays! So why not have a smartphone for the ‘interesting’ activities and a small brick phone with a forever lasting battery for work? The people who have been writing hateful comments at the modern smartphones would better start making the queue to buy a Nokia 2015. 

Mark Ahn: Thoughts on Biotech Startups

In PR Newswire’s article “Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Succeed, While Others Wither” we get a few tips on what differentiates a successful and unsuccessful biotech start up, and how to profit from investing in this industry. Mark Ahn has more than 20 years of professional experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.

According to Ahn, successful biotech startups have several rounds of funding from outside investors. This is necessary due to the long development cycles of a drug. Multiple rounds of funding is needed to ensure the development meets the regulation standards of the industry. The biotech startup cannot generate any revenue until after the product is approved for market sale, so its success depends on its investors.

In light of this, Ahn recommends investors acquire stakes in multiple startups rather than investing in one single biotech company. The startup’s resilience and successes will be proven over time. Investing in multiple companies and avoiding trends reduces the risk that your investment will go to waste. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Mark Ahn: Biotech’s next big thing

Have you heard of Mark Ahn? If you have not, then please stay tuned. In biotech Mark Ahn seems to be everywhere and we are not quite sure how he has the time! NOt only is he wearing many hats in the biosciences industry; but he is also running companies and educating the next wave of change makers as an adjunct professor and contributor to many literary publications in his field.

Currently Dr. Ahn is residing in Portland, Oregon and is currently running a successful biotech consulting firm, Pukana Partners. This is not Dr. Ahn’s first go around in the entrepreneur seat though, previously he served as founder and CEO of Hana Biosciences. He also served as CEO of Galena Biopharma. It seems as though he is balancing a successful business while still maintaining hunger for advancement in his field.

A regular contributor to peer review journals and author of “Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business”, amongst other works. He also finds himself guiding the next area of biotech consults, and future entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor at PSU. There is something to be said about the successful CEO who still finds time to educate and mentor in their field. Sharing the expertise and experience that Dr. Mark Ahn has of the biotech business is priceless.

Biotech companies large and small are also taking Dr. Ahn into account. His consulting of start up businesses can really change the effectiveness and efficiency so that companies can concentrate on their development. Growth and development in biotech ultimately benefits us as when it is done effectively and that is what Dr. Mark Ahn has set out to do.

Although we can not really pinpoint where you might find Dr. Ahn in the future, his ever evolving career and business endeavors have taken him across the globe many times; we are sure that you will be able to track him down with his head in a book and his feet on the pavement. Always learning, creating, evolving, and sharing his love for the advancement of business and biotechnology.

Users Are Scouting Out the Globe With Skout

A relatively new social media app known as “Skout” now has over 100 million users worldwide. Skout primarily utilizes cell phones as the medium of communication and it was begun as an iOS-based app. Now, however, it can also be used on Android phones and works well with Windows. Over 500 million “people connections” occurred in 2013 via Skout, so it is a large and growing app.

Skout uses a global positioning system (GPS) that allows users to search for all other users online within a given geographical radius. The precise location of the person is not revealed, however, and one can opt to turn the GPS off. Many use Skout to find and meet up with friends in the general neighborhood.

Since one can chat with people all over the globe using Skout, it is also a great tool for meeting people in far-off lands. One could chat with some locals before going on a trip to a foreign nation or just ask people who grew up in totally different cultures what it is like to live where they do. The possibilities are endless.

The main screen is simply a grid showing a different pic in each tile. One just clicks on a photo to bring up the profile where basic information on that user is located.

Skout has features similar to that of Facebook. You can like pics, leave comments, view comments left by others, send “virtual gifts,” etc. Also like Facebook, Skout is free to join. You can download it today from the App Store.

Other features include: wink, add to favorites list, group chat with “Fuse,” get updates from nearby users, set location and other preferences, and use “Ghost Chat” mode. The “Shake and Chat” feature allows you to randomly connect with a chat mate from anywhere on the planet simply by shaking your phone.

Skout is a new app that allows people to meet new friends to chat with, meet up with at parties or elsewhere, or to go on dates with. It is one of the fastest-growing dating and people-meeting apps in existence today.  Don’t forget Fuse either though, which works directly with Skout for a new chat experience.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Make Wearing Hoodies Illegal

Senator Wants Congress To Pass A Bill Against Wearing Hoodies that Cover The Face

If we based the nature of people’s intentions on clothing and how they wear the clothing, we would have banned the use of hats and sunglasses decades ago. It’s about as useful as discriminating against dogs that eat Beneful… meaning it’s stupid. Most people think that Congress has left the masses behind. They try to lead by their own rules these days. Bills like Republican Senator, Don Barrington’s insane suggestion, which is going to be introduced this upcoming February is a good example of that separation. Almost everyone in the country owns, and at times wears, a hooded sweatshirt or a casual shirt that has a hood attached to it. At times, people cover their face with the hood for various reasons.

Wearing a hooded sweatshirt is not an indicator of behavior. Hooded sweatshirts are fashion statements, but according to an Oklahoma news report the no-hoodie rule is punishable with fines ranging from $50 to $500 and even some jail time.

Sunny Hostin, CNN’s Legal Analyst, thinks the rule is about race. Host said: “Hoodie is code for thug in many places, and I think businesses shouldn’t be in the business of telling people what to wear.” She’s got a point. Businesses shouldn’t tell people what to wear, and Senators have no business wasting time on personal preferences.