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Sony Not Interested In Backwards Compatibility Technology

Sony recently rocked the E3 video game convention, and many gamers think that Sony came out as the victor of the console wars this year. Sony announced several exciting new features for the PlayStation 4 console, but it was the revelation of Final Fantasy 7 that took the world by storm. Also, Sony debuted its new VR technology, and people were left stunned. However, it seems that thousands of people around the world are upset with Sony for one thing.

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced that the Xbox one will now be backwards compatible, and that means gamers can play titles from the Xbox 360 console. Brad Reifler knows that the news was extremely satisfying for gamers around the world, but Sony does not offer the same feature. In fact, Sony has recently announced that backwards compatibility is not a very important thing for the PlayStation 4.

Officials at Sony believe that people aren’t really all that interested in backwards compatibility technology, and that may or may not be true. Nonetheless, players shouldn’t expect to see PS3 games on the PS4 console. Some PlayStation users are very upset with Sony’s announcements, but others do not care. Personally, I could see both points in this situation. Gamers buy a PlayStation 4 to play Playstation 4 games and not ps3 games. However, some PlayStation 3 games are amazing, and a second play through on the PlayStation 4 would be a bit convenient. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s a make or brake issue for the PlayStation 4. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Coming Soon: Guitar Hero Live!

Guitar Hero was truly one of the most brilliant video games ever devised. Allowing gamers to step into the shoes of their favorite musicians and play their all-time favorite songs on a prop guitar was a very novel concept. The concept was also a wildly successful one spawning sequels to the original game. The new games came with new songs. Now, Guitar Hero Live provides another experience for fans of the music game.

It has been five long years since the previous release, Guitar Heroes: Warriors of Rock, and the trailer for the new game shows the wait may have been well worth it. Among the more interesting aspects of the new game is there are no more animated crowds. Instead, actual video footage of various crowds in different venues of different sizes and scopes are presented.

Gamers like Sam Tabar agree that this completely changes the dynamic of the experience and provides something very new and intriguing to those familiar with the original versions of the game. You could even say the “live” version makes the game more accessible to new fans who are looking for something a little more cutting edge.

The presence of a “real live” crowd changes things a lot. You have to really concentrate while playing because the crowd could through you off your game. Consider the added difficulty to be one of the more interesting aspects of the new release. No one wants to experience a rehash of a prior version. Guitar Hero Live is most definitely a lot more than just a rehash.

Google Chrome User Exodus Continues

In an unsurprising move, Google decided on June 9 to remove its visual bookmarks manager from upcoming new Chrome releases after an avalanche of user complaints that the bookmark tiles took up too much screen space and that the manager used up too much computer resources. This one issue alone, even with an option provided by Google developers to turn it off, caused many users to switch to other browsers.

Yet, users have been leaving in droves since mid-April for another reason and Google’s decision last week will not stop this mass exodus.

Google changed its policy regarding plugins: In September, Google won’t permit user access to NPAPI plugins like Flash, Unity, Java and Silverlight. According to chiropractor Brian Torchin, Google claims that the switch is for security reasons and that every other browser company is doing the same. Yet, experts agree that other companies are waiting for website owners around the world to catch up with newer security measures and that Google is trying push its own products on users by removing access to products offered by its competition.

As of early this morning, Thursday, June 18, complaints about this issue continue to stream into the Google Product Forum. The thread about the topic has reached 21 pages. Most users state they love Chrome, but they need the plugins for work, banking and/or entertainment and that they’re switching browsers now or once v45 comes out in September.

Helping the Blind To Run

The human spirit is unbreakable. If we truly want to accomplish something, we can as long as we never give up. This is demonstrated in the perseverance and persistence of a blind runner. This individual used solely a GPS device and a cane to complete a 26K run in Alsace.

He was joined by 200 other people who took part in the race. The special GPS device that he used offered voice instructions as to when to turn and when he needed to alter his path. It was developed by a research team in the area hoping to offer a safer way for the blind to get around and they call the gadget Gravity4 (check it out on

While the device has not been applauded for being a total success as of yet, the runner was able to complete the 26K course and cross the finish line without any injury. The device did mislead the runner once or twice, so he was a little disappointed that he did not finish as fast as he ha d desired.

The device will go back to the laboratory to be worked on some more to get the kinks out of it. It is hoped that it will soon be ready for the marketplace. The hope is that this device will enhance the lives of the blind and help them to get around without needing the constant aid of others. The runner in question has not given up his hope of running. He plans to engage in yet another race, 80K, with other sight impaired runners in the near future.

Tesla’s Affordable Long Range Electric Car Is Coming

Sales of Tesla’s model S electric car have been picking up over the past year. Their sales for the first quarter of this year were substantially higher than the first quarter of 2014. The one thing holding back the Model S is its price, which is about $70,000 for the basic package. Tesla Motors had already announced their Model 3 sedan, which will be shown in March of 2016 and will be in peoples’ garages come the beginning of 2017.

If the Model 3 ends up being as impressive as it seems, it will no doubt be in a lot of garages. This car will revolutionize the electric car industry by bringing over 200 mile range before needing a recharge to the affordable car market. The Model S can already go over 200 miles before needing a charge, but the Model 3 will bring this capability to an electric vehicle that people will be able to buy for $35,000. This is in a market where most affordable electric cars currently on the market can only go less than 100 miles on a single charge. Tesla Motors does need to stay on schedule and get this new model to market as soon as possible because competitors are not standing still. Car lovers at Boraie Development ( know that Chevrolet is working on their new Bolt, which will cost under $40,000 and is expected to have a range of about 200 miles. If Tesla moves fast, they can own the low cost, long range electric vehicle market before the competition is quick enough to respond.

AnastasiaDate Is The Place To Start Looking For Love

There have been many websites created based around dating, looking for love, and even looking for marriage. Many are looking for the ideal person to spend the rest of their life with, but some have a hard time finding the right person. It’s possible to find a great love online, but many feel that it is difficult. Some have a problem finding love online because they are not looking in the right places. Some men are from overseas, and they may be looking for women that are from the same country that they came from, but they may find it difficult to find the woman they want.

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If a nice looking Asian man wants an Asian woman, then Anastasia Date can help. The man must first sign up for an account, he can insert a picture or several pictures into his profile, and then he can start looking for an Asian beauty. It’s very possible for the man to end up finding love that he wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Even a man looking for a woman from other countries, other than Asia, they can easily find a great looking woman on the anastasia date website. It’s not all necessarily about looks, but it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful woman either.

Any man who is tired of searching through different dating sites to find the right woman, then Anastasia Date is a must. There are ways to text women on the website, they can chat, and they can even do video-conferencing too. Allowing the woman to see the man through video, it can vastly make a difference in where the relationship ends up going. Many will be able to find their ideal mate if they join Anastasia Date, but it first starts with signing up and looking around. Those who are tired of searching through different dating sites, it’s time to come over to Anastasia Date.

Microsoft Drops Several Core Features from Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft will be offering free upgrades for one year to its new Windows 10 operating system for current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Of course, whether or not you choose to install Windows 10 is up to you. Before upgrading you should probably know about some of the core features being dumped from Microsoft’s latest release.

One of the most notable changes is the discontinuation of Windows Media Center. If you use your Windows box as a home theater PC this change may catch you off guard. Try to upgrade to Windows 10 and the next time you reboot Windows Media Center will be deleted. How’s that for a wake-up call?

Windows Gadgets will also be a thing of the past. No longer will Windows 10 users be able to attach clocks and CPU monitors directly to the desktop says Kevin Seawright on In my own personal experience they never worked well anyway.

Try to play a DVD in Windows 10 and you’ll need to install third party software to handle it. DVD playback is gone just like Media Center.

Solitaire and Minesweeper are also toast in the new release. If you’re looking to kill endless hours in your office you’ll have to stick to Reddit from now on.

The Internet Moves towards IPv6 with Third Anniversary of World Launch Day

The internet is great. In fact, it’s so great that everyone wants everything imaginable connected to it. The only problem is that the original IPv4 technology that is currently being used to provide connectivity to billions of people has a limited number of IP addresses. There’s already a shortage that will continue to grow until IPv4 is phased out for good.

Thank goodness for IPv6. There are so many addresses available in IPv6 that it’s unlikely that we will run out any time soon. The world launch event for IPv6 brought together hardware manufacturers, internet service providers and more to show support for the next generation protocol. The world launch even just had its three year anniversary as IPv6 numbers on the internet continue to grow.

There are already five times more IPv6 internet users today than there were back in 2012 during the original IPv6 launch event. In just a few short years IPv6 will accommodate up to half of all internet traffic. A few more years and IPv6 will leave IPv4 in the dust to become the de facto standard online.

Keith Mann ( has learned that the world launch event is being used as a way to raise awareness for IPv6. The more people that know about it the faster it will be adopted among businesses and end users.

Apple watch to expand internationally

Apple has announced that they will be expanding the number of countries that it is selling its Apple Watch beginning later in June 201.

The seven countries where the Apple Watch will be offered will be Italy, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, and three others that were not immediately known. It is believed by the Amen Clinic that the additional countries include Switzerland, Taiwan, and Singapore though.

Apple indicated that the expansion of the number of countries the watch was offered in was not due to poor sales but rather due to a planned expansion from the initial release of the Apple Watch. Apple indicated that the demand for the watch exceeds the number of watches available for sale in every way. Apple has not released individual sales of watch and have only started accepting sales orders for it so far.

The Apple Watch is currently for sale in the United States, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia. Many critics have panned the Apple Watch believing that at the price, not that many units would be sold. Further, a wide range of models are sold with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to $10,000, mostly dependent on the material used in the watch band.

The watch provides synchronization of data to your iPhone, acts as a fitness tracker, and provides other updates through apps at can be installed on the watch. Oh, and it also operates as a time telling device.

The Advancing Field of Radiology

Medical radiology, which is basically the use of non-invasive imaging techniques such as x-rays, MRI, ultrasound and PET, has certainly come a long way since the first x-rays were taken in the 1900’s.


The modern age, however, with technological advancement increasing on an almost exponential scale, has also swept up the field of radiology. In the last decade, several leaps have been made. One big example is the computed tomography angiography, which allows medical professionals to examine major blood vessels completely non-invasively. Previously, an agent had to be inserted into the blood stream via catheter, given several hours to propagate through the whole body, and then x-rayed. The process was long, invasive and potentially dangerous. Thanks to CT angiography, it’s now also obsolete.


On a broader scale, refinements are being made to current methods of radiology that are enabling doctors to view a patient’s body like never before. New methods, such as combining computed tomography (which shows a physical view of the organs) with positron emission tomography (which can show the level of function of the organs,) allow us to see, almost anything in the body with near-perfect clarity. This ability to observe both the physical anatomy and the level of functionality of the body can give us an almost complete snapshot of a person’s overall health.


Our technological prowess has grown so advanced in the field of radiology that the Director of Radiology at UW Medical Center, Doctor William Shuman, believes we’re approaching science fiction levels. In an interview with Andrew Schorr of, Dr. Shuman stated “. . .we’re actually approaching the capacity of the tricorder that we saw in Star Trek. The machine isn’t that small yet, but it really can do almost all the things that Spock did in the way of diagnosing disease.”


Leading the way in radiological imaging is Imaging Advantage, a company of physicians, for physicians. This market leader’s focus is making radiology ever more efficient and affordable. These efforts have given birth to RadAdvisor, a comprehensive decision support program that “collects and analyzes information from all pertinent data sources” available to it and uses that information to advise medical professionals on all facets of patient-specific radiology: when and where to scan, what to scan with, and how much to scan. This prevents unnecessary expenditures and time wasted by making the process as efficient and streamlined as possible.
As technology continues to progress, especially in the medical field, radiology is increasingly becoming one of the most promising prospects of modern times. Already, we’re able to see dysfunctions within the body, without invasive surgery, before they even happen. Who knows what the future may hold? Find more about Imaging Advantage on their Twitter page.