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Wen By Chaz: The Excellent Cleansing Conditioners

WEN Hair by Chaz are essentially quality hair care products in the form of cleansing conditioners. The unique aspect of these conditioners is that they are all-round products which contain shampoo for general hair washing purposes, the conditioner for one’s hairstyling of choice and lastly the styling treatment which takes care of the chosen hairstyle durability. Wen by Chaz boasts a number of these products, the first one being the five-in-one Sephora’s Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner which is specifically produced to give a healthy looking, shiny and beautiful hair. Another type is the Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo which works well for any kind of hair by absorbing all oils and impurities, taking care of the hair odor and at the same time leaving one’s hair looking clean and much fresher. The other products include the Sweet Almond Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment; Fig Cleansing Conditioner, Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Treatment Mist and the Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner.
When so eager and anxious to pull on a shiny, bouncing moist hair, Emily Mcclure chose to go for the Fig Version type. As per her testimony, her hair was greasy after the day’s hard work so she decided it was time to jump into the shower and try out and see the magic that Fig Version could work for her. While in the shower, she followed the recommended product directions. To her surprise she noticed that no hair strands were falling off compared to when she used the other ordinary cleansing conditioners. Thereafter she was more than happy after blow drying her hair whose end result was a shiny and bouncing hair. In conclusion, all the above Wen hair products work well with all types of hair but this greatly depends on what formula one chooses to try. They are also suitable for people with fine hair who are used to styling their hair each and every morning while in the shower. All these products are available online via

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Qnet is Breaking the Mold for Asian Companies

Direct marketing seller Qnet is considered one of the best companies in Asia. This organization has been around for a short time but they continuously expand their customer base each year. People recognize a high quality company when they encounter one and Qnet fits the bill. This organization helps communities, gives to charities and even provides emergency relief funds to people in need.

When Qnet was first founded, its creators had a vision. This vision was to market and promote a better lifestyle through wellness and health. This company followed that vision early on and it has served them well to this day. Co-founders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark are from Hong Kong and Qnet is a part of the QI Group of Companies.

The company goes out of its way to help those in need. People experience all sorts of problems and they often do not have an advocate or someone to assist them. Qnet often steps in to help people with the problems that they face. Qnet helps to support the Rashid Centre’s program since it benefits special needs children. The company also helps other members of society as well.

Qnet has a market reach all over Asia and in other nations. Their products are made from natural vegetable ingredients. Qnet knows that heart disease and diabetes is a big problem for many people. So, they also sell products that help to alleviate these problems as well. Qnet is dedicated to consumers and their overall wellness. T

Thor Halvorssen Speaks About The Harm of Socialism

The race to the White House in 2016 has been very entertaining. Many people have compared it to something like American sports. It is very competitive and full of surprises. Most people assume that Hillary Clinton would be inaugurated as the nominee of the democratic party several months ago. Her main competitor is a 70 year old Senator who happens to identify as a democratic socialist named Bernie Sanders. Sanders has done very well in proposing his model of government, particularly in highlighting the positive aspects of socialism. But in this interview, Thor Halvorrsen pointed out that the issue is more complicated than Sanders has proposed. Socialism is not without flaws.

Redistribution of Wealth Does Not End Poverty
One of the main talking points of the Bernie Sanders campaign is to point how rich the top 1% are in contrast to the rest of the nation. The solution that he proposed to this problem is that the nation should increase taxes on the rich and distribute that money to the poor. According to HuffingtonPost, Halvorssen objects to this model. While it may seem appealing, it does not help the poor to develop a finite amount of resources that are evenly distributed among all people. Rather, Halvorssen espoused a free market economy, wherein the wealth is infinite, and the potential for advancement is infinite. While the wealthy will become more wealthy, the poor will as well.

Socialism Is Easy To Abuse
Thor Halvorssen recognizes that there are some sovereign nations wherein socialism has been successful. He pointed to Denmark. But when the government has that much power, it is very easy to abuse. If the wrong person works their way into the government, everything could be overthrown in one fell swoop. The poor could become more poor and basic human rights could be left behind.

He Made A Donation To Sanders
Pragmatically, Halvorssen views Bernie Sanders as the best presidential candidate. Socialism may be a difficult sacrifice to make. But it is a necessary sacrifice and will serve as a bulwark against something much worse in the other candidates.

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