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The Unstoppable OSI Group

As the world’s population swells past 7 billion people, it remains pertinent that global leaders prioritize food security. If not, a global famine outbreak could happen at any moment. Aside from airborne illnesses, it remains easy for people to succumb to a sickness from their food. Moreover, food illnesses could lead to diarrhea, salmonella, or worse. In fact, food illnesses could also lead to death. Fortunately, companies such as the OSI Group exist. For those unaware, companies such as the OSI Group combat unsanitary food preparation in order to provide consumers with safe food.

Moreover, the company remains one of the most premier companies around. With that being said, the OSI Group remains an American-based company that specializes in meat processing. In addition, they serve numerous areas of the food service industry. Also, the company remains headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Moreover, the company hails from humble beginnings. What began as a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, would soon become a worldwide phenomenon. As the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky familiarized himself with America, the company opened its doors in 1909. By 1917, the company ballooned into a wholesale meat trade and relocated to a suburb of Chicago.

By 1928, the company remained known as Otto & Sons. For decades, the company enjoyed a consecutive series of growth. Moreover, it built up a reputation for offering the best quality of meat around. In fact, the business remained good enough to capture the attention of McDonald’s in 1955. Moreover, the company formed a partnership. As a result, Otto & Sons became one of McDonald’s primary meat suppliers. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Recently the company bought a Tyson food plant for $7.4 million dollars. Moreover, they purchased Boho Food as they pursue to dominate the European market.

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Strategic Banking Opportunities

Banking president and strategist, John Holt of NexBank Capital Inc, provided his unique insight during the 5th annual Texas Bankers’Association conference. Focused on strategic opportunities, mergers, and acquisitions, the conference was held in New Orleans, Lousiana. While the conference as a whole was a great success, Mr. Holt stood out among participants during the Banker Panel discussion on “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.


As a tenured banking professional, Mr. Holt led discussions on the use of certain strategic principals while staying focused on the importance of innovation. Given this, Mr. Holt’s discussion on NexBank and their planned trajectory carried weight with fellow bank leaders. The conversation covered the typical mergers and acquisitions while also more day-to-day operations such as organic banking growth and branching.


NexBank has a proud history of leadership in commercial and mortgage banking. As such, they often work through three main areas of business: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. These nation-wide clients trust Mr. Holt and the NexBank team to provide seamless support and advice as they accelerate growth and assist with portfolio diversification.


The panel was held on November 7, 2016, and the entire NexBank team is eager and ready for next years discussion and participation.


Goettl Air Conditioning: Trust Has Returned

In today’s society and world, it is always important for people to look out and watch themselves. They never know when someone might be trying to scam them or rip them off. It is sad to have to live like that, but there are too many stories of things going wrong or people being misled. That is why trust is such an important word in so many instances. With trust, people can relax and know they are in good hands. At one point, that trust was lost with Goettl Air Conditioning, and it looked like it would probably never return. Once it is lost, it can be extremely hard to regain it once again in the public eye.


However, if there ever were a person that could do it, it was Ken Goodrich. He has done it before, so he has the history to fall back on and he has the reputation. With Goettl Air Conditioning, this was a whole new ballgame for him. It was not something he had ever really dipped his toes in before. However, he knew it was something he had to pursue. Ken Goodrich is the kind of man that is very, very driven, even all these years later.


Now, when someone comes out from Goettl Air Conditioning, they know they are going to get the straight scoop and nothing less than that. They are going to get total and complete honesty about things such as maintenance, which is one of the many services they provide. For example, they are not going to do put in a whole new machine just to make money if a machine still has good life left in it. They will help the person keep up with it and make sure it is running smoothly at all times, so they never have to endure unbearable heat.


Talented Jennifer Walden Hits the Limelight of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a skilled plastic surgeon who has been fully certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeon. She is also officially fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Walden’s commitment lies in providing her patients with the highest quality of care, satisfaction, and safety. Moreover, her personalized approach coupled with the combination of her top-notch technique and sophisticated artistry meets the cosmetics needs of both men and women.

The Categories of Surgeries

Cosmetic plastic surgery helps to rejuvenate the face by minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and skin sagging, which makes an individual appear sad, tired, or angry. There are two types of cosmetic surgeries namely facelift, and rhinoplasty.

Facelift, theoretically known as rhytidectomies, counteracts the signs of aging, which might be caused by sun exposure, gravity, and stress; thus affects the face and neck. Facelift gives a patient a youthful look by removing fat, tightening muscles, and trimming excess skin. This surgery is suitable for patients with deep creases under their eyes, sagging area of fat, and mid-face sagging.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed to reshape or augment the nose of a person, as well as removing a hump and correcting an injury, a birth defect, or any problem that hinders breathing. Walden owns Vectra, a popular three-dimensional imaging technology for nasal reshaping procedures.

Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a gifted plastic surgeon, author, and media commentator. She is the acclaimed founder of a privately-held surgery practice and ambulatory surgery in Austin, Texas, called Jennifer L. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. Walden began her career in Manhattan Ear and Throat Hospital. While there, Dr. Sherrell Aston mentored her. In 2014, she was listed among the Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons.

Walden has been featured on Fox News, ABC News, and VH1 because of she is a skilled commentator on plastic surgery. She is among the few women who serve on the American Society for the Board of Directors of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Walden has also co-authored the textbook called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Mike Baur: Remodeling Swiss Startup Philosophy and Model

Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory and the current director of Swiss Startup Association, is committed incubating the Swiss startup industry. Through the company and the association, which he co-founded, he hopes to remodeled and challenge the conventional model that has been used in the sector not only in Switzerland but also globally. Towards this end, the company has dedicated significant towards overcoming some of the major challenges faced by startups: finances to run their operations, an office space to work in, networking to reach the targeted market and mentorship or coaching. These challenges usually arise from the conventional model of startup management where they are not supported despite serving as important conveyor belts for technological developments and innovative various innovative ideas across various spheres of life.


Under the leadership of Mike Baur and the company’s co-founders, Swiss Startup Factory offers the young enthusiasts financial support, which they can use to support their various activities. Additionally, they are mentored and coached to equip them important business management skills and knowledge. The new model and philosophy of startup management also includes an office space to operate in and networking platform where they can meet professionals and entrepreneurs in various fields and industries and other startup enthusiasts. This is a three-month support program offered to the candidates the company picks through various platforms. Mike Baur plays an integral role in the selection of these startups as he is the judge in some of the startup contests the company organizes across learning institutions to select the candidates.


Mike Baur’s Career and Education Profile


Before taking up startup development acceleration and incubation, Mike Baur had a successful career spanning over two decades in the banking sector in Switzerland. His career in the Swiss banking sector began with a junior banker position. He built on his early experience to grow his professional profile in the industry. Before leaving the industry in 2014 to co-found Swiss Startup Factory, he had risen through ranks in the corporate world to become an established banker. During his career, he worked for multinational banks with global outlook. After playing a significant role in the founding of Swiss Startup Association, Mike Baur was appointed as the association’s director while he is actively engaged in the management of Swiss Startup Factory. He is an alumnus of University of Rochester where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree. He also holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from University of Berne.

Have You Heard of DuoDB?

NuoDB is a memory centric, ACID compliant, elastic SQL transactional database management system. NuoDB has been used by companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems and UAE Exchange. NuoDB uses a distributed object architecture. The SQL databases can be scaled out by adding new servers. And by creating new servers, the database runs faster. This is much easier than having to replace or upgrade hardware. Many have referred to database style as NewSQL. By using a three-tier archetectural structure with administrative, transactional and storage tiers, NuoDB can work without loose coupling applications, and run cloud database based applications with encumbering them.

NuoDB divides data elements into software individual objects. These objects are referred to as “atoms.” These atoms are then stored in a database built around a cache. These in-memory caches support cloud elasticity without partitioning, sharding or compromising data objects. All data objects stored using NuoBD remain safe and secure, while still allowing the elasticity that comes with cloud databases.

Talk Fusion Lands Big Industry Award for Video Communication

You don’t have to be within the industry to know that Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest video communication firms on the internet. Talk Fusion was founded by CEO Bob Reina way back in 2007. Reina hadn’t been able to find a platform he believed in so that he could market his products via videos embedded in emails. So Reina did the thing that every entrepreneur should do: he created the service he needed. Now, ten years later Talk Fusion is a hit and they are being awarded for their hard work. Talk Fusion was recently awarded the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award by the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Rich Tehrani is the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation and he was the first person to give a shout out to the award winners. Tehrani stated, “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award.” Tehrani went on to call Talk Fusion a true leader within the industry and a representative of the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Tehrani’s words weren’t empty, either, as they came at the behest of Talk Fusion’s coveted Video Chat application.

Talk Fusion received their award thanks to the hard work put forth on the Video Chat application. The Video Chat app was designed to interface multiple people from any mobile device in the world so that they can communicate via video. The Video Chat application can be acquired from the Google Play Store as well as iTunes and can be received completely for free. Not a bad price for something that can be seen as a game changer, right? Talk Fusion on Facebook.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina isn’t one to let a chance to speak highly of his workers go by. Reina said, upon receiving the award, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future.” Reina went on to praise how his team focuses on staying ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. Looking at the results, we can’t argue with that.

Clay Siegall A Cancer Research Powerhouse

In 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall founded the Seattle based biotech firm called Seattle Genetics. The firm’s focus is the creation of specific therapy drugs that target various diseases. They started out as a small startup company with just a few employees but are now a dominant company in the cancer research field.


Dr. Siegall believes that the old ways of the harsh chemotherapy drugs are going by the wayside. Instead he believes that targeted cancer treatments are the new and improved way to fight cancer because they are more tolerable and effective for patients.


In a recent interview, Dr. Siegall was asked a number of questions about his company. He was asked how he started and what inspired him to start his business. His answer started off simple by saying he was always interested in medicine. He said that the first time he really became interested in cancer research was when a family member got sick; he saw the brutal treatment regimen this family member went through and knew there had to be a better way.


Next he was asked a couple of questions about how his company makes money and how long it took for them to become profitable. In short, his answer was that it took ten years to become profitable; and that they make money by the drugs they sell, partnerships, and by licensing technologies.


Next, Dr. Siegall was asked how he got his first customer and what his marketing strategy is. Simply put his first sale was made by being a salesman. He said that their marketing is pretty simply in that they have dinner meetings that’s are spent negotiating.


Dr. Siegall is a strong leader and helped Seattle Genetics get multiple licenses with companies like Genentech, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. These various licenses have brought in roughly $350 million dollars to date. He has also led the company to several capital-raising activities making them more than $1.2 billion through public and private financing.


Prior to starting Seattle Genetics Dr. Siegall worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health. He has won a number of awards that include: University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for his work in Computer, Math and Natural Sciences; the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. As if Dr. Siegall isn’t busy enough, he has also written and had published more than 70 articles and has 15 patents.

White Shark Media Takes Digital Marketing To New Heights


The Internet helped to bring the business world into the digital age. It took some years for the Internet to get to the point where it is today, but the Internet is currently a virtual world where millions of people go on a daily basis. Many people spend more time on the Internet than they do looking at television or listen to the radio, this is a dramatic shift from the beginning of the Internet.


The number of people who are on the Internet now has changed the way many companies look at online advertising. There was a time when many companies did not consider marketing on the Internet. However, the Internet has proven to be a great way to market to people. There are many ways to conduct online marketing. Sometimes the best ways depend on a company’s marketing goals.


Whatever online marketing method that is used, there has to be an understanding of method. Online marketing is not easy. Companies that market online are competing against other companies. In addition, the marketing campaigns must be handled in a manner that will generate the desired or needed website traffic but still accomplish the online marketing goals.


Many companies are not able to provide the type of results that are needed by handling online marketing campaigns in-house. Many companies need outside help. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has helped many companies with online marketing campaigns. White Shark Media has a great understanding of what works and what does not work regarding online marketing. This understanding is one of the reasons why many companies decide to let White Shark Media handle its online marketing campaigns.


White Shark Media provides many different types of online marketing services. The agency provides PPC and SEM services for companies looking to increase website traffic and website sales along with other online marketing services.

The Life and Career of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is an assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Nevada. Known for his great recruiting abilities, Hufnagel has worked at other high profile jobs with Vanderbilt University, the University of Oklahoma, the University of California and for Harvard as well. Yanni attended Pennsylvania State for one year where he played on the lacrosse team. Hufnagel was born in Scarsdale New York and graduated from Cornell where he was able to earn a Bachelors Degree in the field of Industrial and Labor Relations. He was also able to earn a degree from the University of Oklahoma with a Masters Degree in intercollegiate Athletics Administration. While working at Vanderbilt University for one season, Hufnagel is credited with landing prized recruit Wayne Baldwin IV. During his time with the Cal Golden Bears, Yanni helped guide them to a NCAA Tournament berth in in 2016. A sexual harassment complaint filed by a female reporter at Cal ended up causing Hufnagel to resign from his position with Cal but wasn’t out of work for very long landing a job at his current position as an assistant to coach Eric Musselman at the University of Navada. Being known and recognized as a stellar recruiter, Hufnagel earned recognition from CBS Sports by being named to their dream team of assistant coaches before the 2012-2013 season. Besides being well known for his great recruiting abilities, Yanni also received a lot of credit in assisting with the development of NBA star Blake Griffin when Griffin played for him at the University of Oklahoma. It’s clear to see why he is regarded as one of the top assistants in all of college basketball due to his ability to recruit top level talent to schools he has worked at in the past and for helping develop the talent once they are playing for him.