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Rocketship Education and the Things Preston Smith Learned from Its First Ten Years

More than ten years ago, the experimental public charter school Rocketship Education was created in Redwood City, California, by John Danner and Preston Smith. John Danner is great with technological devices and hardware, whereas Preston Smith currently has more than 17 years’ experience in classrooms and schools, spending most of that time as an administrator. Mr. Smith learned several things throughout his already-extensive career as an educator, even though he’s barely over the age of 40. He wrote an article back in May of 2017 that described some of these lessons, made available to educators, parents, students, and educational investors across the nation. Let’s get started.

Teachers are mandated to visit the places that their students reside in. Seeing as Rocketship Education is heavy on providing personalized instruction to each and every student using technological devices with softwares designed specifically for such uses, it’s vital for instructors to engage in this activity every year, if not more than once per semester.

Children tell their parents things that others aren’t privy to, even students’ closest, “best”-est-est friends they play with every day at recess. As such, Rocketship Education’s administration asks parents to provide feedback about their thoughts on teachers based on what students tell them after school, helping teachers improve their educational efforts.

Teachers’ demographical profiles should fit that of their students. An effective way of making this happen with precision is by first making groups of students and taking note of their demographical profiles. Better yet, multiple renditions of classrooms are created, in the event teachers hailing from particularly desired backgrounds aren’t readily available. Next, applicants with those backgrounds are encouraged to apply, from which it’s easier for administration to select instructors that are similar to particular classrooms’ average racial, ethnical, and cultural characteristics.

Students with learning disabilities are in their “regular,” general education classes at a minimum of 80% each and every school day. This helps other students become acclimated in dealing with disabled classmates, gives teachers experience in regulating their special students’ behaviors, and provides disabled students the ability to better interact in normal classroom settings, rather than segregated special education classes.

Daniel Mark Harrison – A New Kind of Success Story

If you want a picture of success then you need look no further than Daniel Mark Harrison. His success spans many venues including writing, being a well-known entrepreneur and an expert in the media field. And that is just the beginning of the things this entrepreneur has decided to do.

Keeping it in The Family

He is the power behind his family business as well. As the CEO and chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Co.(DMH&CO) he considers it his duty to take care of the family assets while growing the business and he does it quite well. He manages to keep the family operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok moving smoothly.

Blockchain Partner

And if those weren’t enough hats to wear he is also a managing partner of Blockchain funding firm Monkey Capital and Fintech. This cutting edge business is causing quite a stir in the money market and promises to provide many benefits worldwide.

Exciting Author

As a man who likes a broad range of ideas he expands this into the written word as well. His book, Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World, is a fascinating blend of journalism and fiction. It develops and explores the thoughts and attitudes of the millennial on many subjects. His book has been lauded by Azeem Khan, former startup CEO and the Huffington Post culture critic.

A Man with a Future

Mr. Harrison is paving a bright future for himself and the businesses he has chosen to put himself into wholeheartedly. Whether he is minding the family business on the Asian front or working with the hedge funds with Monkey Capital it looks like he has real goals to change the future and the world. And it seems like he may be just the man to do it. If you are looking for a definition of success in today’s world is Daniel Mark Harrison.

Louis Chênevert – The Epitome of a Global Business Leader

Louis R. Chênevert is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of UTC. UTC stands for United Technologies Corporation. This is a manufacturing company in the aerospace industry. Louis R. Chênevert joined the corporation in 2006 and served for 8 years until 2014, when he resigned. Louis is learned and holds a degree in production management of HEC Montreal. Louis has received a number of accolades for his role as the head of UTC. HEC Montreal awarded him with an honorary doctorate, while Aviation Week & Space Technology, a prominent magazine in the United States featured him as the person of the year in 2011, the same year he received the honorary doctorate.

Louis R. Chênevert as the head of UTC made sure that the company recorded massive growth under his leadership despite facing a lot of challenges from other competing firms and the great economic recession of 2008. What left many people in awe is how he managed to make the company grow when others were crumbling due to tough economic times. Many companies that had established themselves were doing so badly at the time while others like Zenith actually died completely. Among the companies that survived is UTC.

Under the leadership of Louis R. Chênevert, UTC never had a bad year. Throughout the various challenges in the market at the time, UTC never retrenched workers, lowered their wages or engaged in activities that would violate the environmental regulations. UTC had its HQs in Hartford, Connecticut. It was worth about $63 billion.

UTC was involved in operations of assembling jet engines. They had clients from all over the world. They used to specialize in both commercial and military aircraft engines. UTC has another crucial role that it is engaged in, this of manufacturing elevators and escalators. Even as of today UTC is the number one manufacturer of the United States military helicopters.

Louis R. Chênevert as a business leader has been very successful in all the organization he has worked for. From his time at General Motors to Pratt & Whitney, he has left one mark, that of success.

How Tony Petrello landed in Nabors Industry: A Moving Story of Consistent Hard Work and Natural Talent

It is true that hard work can take you anywhere you want. If you have dreamt of being rich, your dreams are valid if you are hard working and dedicated in heart. Everything is possible for people who believe that they can make it. How Tony Petrello landed his CEO position at Nabors Industries is a clear proof of what’s possible with hard work.

Generally, Tony Petrello’s career journey at Nabors Industries has been a success. In fact, in 2014, he was listed as one of the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in the United States. However, before you admire and emulate Tony’s success, it is important understand how he found himself at Nabors.

Tony grew and attended public schools in Newark, New Jersey. His amazing mathematical capabilities made him a celebrity of some sort in his hometown. Within a short duration, he was noticed by Yale University and awarded a scholarship and a rare opportunity to be mentored by one of the university’s top mathematicians and professor, Serge Lang.

As expected, Tony worked hard and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics from Yale. The university also changed Tony’s life in another significant way. It is here where he met his beloved wife, Cynthia.After he graduated from Yale University, his classmates and people (close to him) thought that he would become a maths professor. However, he surprised them when he decided not to pursue a career in mathematics. Instead, he enrolled for a law degree in Harvard Law School. After graduating from Law school, Tony joined the celebrated Baker & McKenzie Law firm in 1979. While here, Tony specialized in business law (taxation and arbitration). Because of his excellent performance in the American law firm, he was promoted to the Managing Partner position in the company’s New York division.

While at Baker & McKenzie, Tony had an opportunity to work with one of the company’s top clients, Nabors Industries, a leading gas oil and gas company. After a short while, the managers at Nabors noticed Tony’s exceptional analysis capabilities and dedication to work and they began wooing him to join their company. Fortunately, their lobbying efforts paid off and Tony was recruited as a business executive in the company.

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive, President, and the current chairman of the Executive Committee of the Nabors Industries. Tony joined The Hamilton-based geothermal and Natural Gas Company in 1991, and has since played an integral role in the company’s growth and development. Tony has also worked in other companies including Stewart & Stevenson, LLC, Baker & McKenzie,, and Texas Children’s Hospital.



Lori Senecal has highly proven her recognition as an entrepreneur. She has been at the helm of many companies most of which have had excellence. Lori Senecal started working at McCann world group as the company’s main officer in charge of global innovations. She was later promoted to the rank of president of the firm called McCann Erickson, whose offices are located in New York. After short stints at McCann Erickson, she sought for employment at KBS where she got employment as the company’s chief executive officer as well as the global chairperson. In her time at KBS, the company’s labor force improved by 650 persons located in almost every part of the world. The company was in addition ranked as having the best working settings in New York City and moreover achieving an honor of standout institution for three years in succession according to a list published by Ad Week.

Currently, Lori Senecal works at CP+B as its global chief executive officer. She controls the functioning of the company’s more than 10 offices located in many parts of the world with main emphasis on the firm’s global establishment. She came into service at CP+B in 2015 and since then the firm has experienced positivity in all aspects among them being creativity and team building. Under her leadership, CP+B has received numerous honors such as creativity innovators of the year. She has aided the company in their success to conduct business with Infiniti, PayPal accounts as well as receiving an award known as Titanium grand prix due to the inventive ideologies in controlling business investments. Her entrepreneurial administration excellence has been strengthened by her personality being friendly to her employees and customers in general.

Lori Senecal in 2014 was voted among the women to watch according to list by Fast Company Magazine, which was attributed to her strong and clever administration. Her outstanding contribution in growth of companies in which she has offered services has been observed as a milestone every business person would love to attain. Her academic background also played a contributing role in her achievements, having graduated from the University of McGill with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Vie her full profile on

Bob Reina: He Can Make It Happen

One of the things that Bob Reina prides himself on is his ability to make things happen in life. For a lot of people in life, they are all talk and no action. When the time comes to actually do something, they sit this one out. That has never been the case with Bob Reina. When he is called into duty and when it is time to do something, he is going to be right there ready for it and ready to take it on without any regrets. Bob Reina does not believe in regrets. He believes they are all part of the learning experience in life. They should not be viewed as regrets. They should be viewed as an experience that helped shape you as a person. Learn more:


Bob Reina is a former police officer and this experience was invaluable to him. He saw a lot in his time as a police officer. He probably saw a lot of things he would like to forget, but he carried those things with him because he knew he wanted to make a true difference. One thing Bob Reina has said is that he wants to find the next big thing. That is a constant search for him. He has also talked about being on a mission to change lives as well. Those are big goals, but Bob Reina likes big goals. The bigger the goals are, the bigger the results in the long run.


Speaking of results, 2016 was a great year for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. They won two awards including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina loves to communicate with people and he also loves when people communicate with one another. It is how he sees change happening and the world becoming a better place for those that are presently living in it.


Communication can be something that does not happen enough. People hold things in and they don’t say how they are really feeling. When they say how they are really feeling, they will find tremendous results. They will also find understanding people out there.

The Fundraising Activities Of End Citizens United

All the online fundraising solicitations of End Citizens United are flowing through ActBlue. This is a web hub. It has been designed in a way that makes it easier for Democrats as well as liberal groups to raise money online. Once anyone tries to contribute to this PAC, the donor is taken to an ActBlue page. Here the person can decide to make the gift a recurring contribution or a one-time pledge.

Their email headlines are designed to grab the attention of the recipient. Basically, all these are highly common fundraising tactics among candidate campaigns as well as party committees. Besides, there is always the option of unsubscribing from the email list of End Citizens United.

In addition, ActBlue will clearly alert the donors in case they sign up for a recurring contribution as soon as they have completes their donation. This helps to alert those donors who may have unintentionally signed up for this type of monthly gift so that they can cancel this option at any point down the line.

End Citizens United would want that people should stay engaged to it. But still, it would like to give absolute power to its donors so that they can stop donating whenever they want.

Out of the collection, End Citizens United has the biggest aggregate expense of $1.7 million. That has been paid to rent email lists from various liberal organizations that include, besides Care2 as well as Ready for Hillary PAC, along with several progressive media outlets like The Nation, and The American Prospect as well as AlterNet. In addition, this PAC has donated $458,500 to the candidates endorsed by it besides various other Democratic Party committees. In this way, it intends to promote its campaign.

In fact, End Citizens United has already committed that it would like to lower the amount of funds of the group that is going to consultants. It should be close to 30 percent so that a larger amount can be directed to candidates and for supporting them.

The PAC also clarified that they have started almost a year ago from zero. Hence they had to invest in infrastructure, and in bringing in people to the table. This will definitely go down in the future.

All these changes are already underway. Initially, the consultant payments constituted nearly 70 percent of the total expenses of End Citizens United. During the first quarter of 2016, these expenses came down to 42 percent.

One candidate being endorsed by End Citizens United who has strong campaign finance credentials is former Sen. Russ Feingold.

This PAC chooses the candidates to back, based on a questionnaire which asks if they oppose the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

Logan Stout’s Contribution to People’s Success

Logan Stout was raised in Richardson, Texas. He learned at J.J Pearce H.S., where he excelled in education, basketball, and baseball. Logan loved baseball, and therefore, he decided to pursue it professionally. He has been a member for successful baseball teams. Logan has coached a vast array of teams such as at Dallas Baptist University. Moreover, Logan founded Premier Baseball Academy where he serves as the CEO. The academy provides indoor training classes like arm, Velocity and Hitting League among others.

At the First United Methodist Church of Coppell, Stout served as an incredible worship leader. Logan is an alumnus of Panola where he graduated with a business degree. He is also a University of Dallas graduate where he earned a psychology degree. He has been featured in influential publications and broadcasts where he always speaks about leadership, business, and sports.

Since 2004, Logan Stout has been the CEO of IDLife, a company he founded. Logan also serves as the founder CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. from 2000. Logan trains people about business on finding ideas and how to manage the business. According to Logan, anybody can own a business, but only a few know how to start the business. Therefore Logan does everything under his ability to offer leadership skills and encouragement on how to start a business.

He has partnered with many writers and speakers like John C. Maxwell to spread his business management tactics, leadership skills, and business ideas. “Stout Advice” is one of the best-selling books written by Logan which talks about the guides of building yourself and others. He also participates wholeheartedly in charitable acts in the society. Therefore, in a nutshell, Logan Stout is a leadership trainer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a couch, a speaker and an established author.

At IDLife, his latest organization, they sell organic nutritional supplements for both weight management and nutritional gains. Logan has seen IDLife through significant improvements. IDLife has partnered with potential business owners who help the company provide fitness goals to clients. Logan Stout is focused on helping people achieve their dreams regardless of one’s educational level, age, and background.

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Daniel Taub: Israel’s Most Successful Ambassador to the UK

Born a British citizen, educated at Oxford University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard 55-year-old Daniel Taub emigrated to Isreal in 1989. An international lawyer diplomat and writer he devoted over 15 years of his life to serving his adopted country. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

“Adopted country” is a misnomer. As an Orthodox Jew, Daniel Taub believes that the move to Isreal was not a relocation, but the end of two thousand year exile. Mr. Taub considers it a blessing that he and his wife Zehava are able to raise their children in their ancestral homeland. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He has served in the Isreali Defense Forces as both a combat medic and reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division. In 2011 he became Isreal’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Sajid Javid the British Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills described Daniel Taub’s time as the ambassador to Court of Saint James as a “golden era” of trade between Isreal and the United Kindom. According to the Isreali Embassy, during Mr. Taub’s four-year tenure trade between the two countries doubled to 5.5 billion dollars.

Daniel Taub’s time in the UK found he and his Palestinian counterpart serving as peace ambassadors to Northern Ireland. Both diplomats wanted to see if anything could be learned from the conflict in Europe that could be applied to resolving the conflict in the Middle East.

In 2014 a vote by the National Executive Committee of the National Union of Students’ in the UK chose a position of Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policy against Isreal. BDS is an attempt to use political and economic pressure to force Isreal to abandon settlements on Palestinian Lands and the Golan Heights and to coerce Isreal into allowing equal rights for Palestinian-Arab citizens living in Isreal and to allow Palestinian refugees to return to the area.

In response to the situation, Mr. Taub encouraged administrators on college campuses across the UK to ensure that all points of view on the issue could be heard. Upon the invitation of others, he defied Member of Parliment George Galloway’s declaration that his constituency was an “Isreal Free Zone” and traveled to the city of Bradford in Galloway’s district to meet with faith leaders and councilors.

Mr. Taub currently serves as Director of Strategy and Planning for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Yad Hanadiv’s mission is to “Advance Isreal as a healthy vibrant democratic society”.

An Avid Designer and Fashion Guru; Richard Mishaan

Mr. Richard Mishaan is a well-decorated architecture and interior designer. He resides in New York but was born in Cartagena, Colombia and raised in Italy. He started to design at an early age; he says that he feels it is like he was born to design. Unlike most interior designers, Richard went a step further. Richard Mishaan joined Columbia University school of architecture and later to New York where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in interior designing. He had a thirst for knowledge and certification.

Immediately he graduated, he started working with Phillip Johnson, where his work was evident. He worked closely with his fellow employees and gained experience. Being ready to listen and work hard are some of the traits that made him what he is now. Richard has his way of designing that most of the others do not get. He incorporates a little bit of vintage in his modern designing. To prove all this, he appears top on the world’s best interior designers. As a designer who recognizes and comprehends luxury and quality, his works have been the choice of many clients. If you want a rich blend of sophisticated design that shines with style, Mishaan is the man to talk to.

Over the years he has gained popularity because his works stand out. Some of them include the Shelburne Hotel located in New York, the Trump World Towers, The 93rd Street Sale Centre, The kip Bay Boys and Girls House and the Presidential Suite of the St. Regis. These are just some of the few works he has dominated in; the list is endless. When it comes to experience, he is the best person to work with, Richard started the Richard Mishaan Design Company and has been operational for the past 25 years. This fact makes the company very trusted and reliable regarding sophistication, elegance, and style.

He admits the key to his success being simply the fact that he loves art, he says in an interview that it is something he can still do even without being paid. He gets most of his inspirations from his surroundings. Richard also attends numerous art exhibitions, international Design and fashion trends where he observes works of the other designers.

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