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Mike Baur’s Boot Camp For Startups

Swiss banker Mike Baur may not look like a harsh individual, but he is determined to whip Switzerland’s entrepreneur’s into shape. Since 2014, his company has been taking in small business people and helping them turn their startup business into a long-term successful one.

The title of this article comes from his own words. He says that, before he first started Swiss Startup Factory, he had an idea to create a kind of “boot camp” for startup business owners. The goal was simply to boost the performance and success rate of Swiss startups. Of course, he doesn’t have them out in a field marching around or doing push-ups, but he is teaching them the art of business management in a controlled environment with the best and most qualified people guiding it. in 2014, Baur along with business partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, founded a company based on that idea. their 3-month “boot camp” has proven to be pretty successful.

Mike Baur is originally from Freiburg, Switzerland. He graduated from Bern University with an Executive MBA. Then, he attended the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. From there, he went to work as an apprentice for the Union Bank of Switzerland. He would later work for Clariden Leu bank for about 6 years as well. Between these two jobs, he has about 20 years worth of banking experience.

During his time as a banker, he worked for a time as an early-stage startup investor. Naturally, this involved hearing a lot of business pitches from a lot of different people. According to Baur, there were simply too many of these ideas that were not good enough. He says that he didn’t just want average ideas, he wanted great ideas, and set about making a plan to start a new company based on that need.

Some of Baur’s best tips for new startups:

  1. Look for a gap in the market, and fill that gap.
  2. Take advantage of new technology to reach more people.
  3. Have trust.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail, because you can learn from it.
  5. Ignore all the naysayers.
  6. Work hard (“Work like a pig” to be exact.).
  7. Always share ideas with others, because you never know what they may have to offer.
  8. Don’t be frustrated by long dry spells, as these are just meant to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Academy of Art University: A Storied History of Historic Stories

The Academy of Art University proudly counts Daniel Arriaga, Director of the wildly successful Disney/Pixar film Coco, among their Oscar Winning Alumni. Coco, An animated film that draws heavily from traditional Mexican culture,is centered around the story of a young boy named Miguel who must work to live up to his family’s expectations, while he embarks on a supernatural journey to become a musician, and discover the truth about his family history. The film has won over Audiences and Critics alike in 2018, winning Ariaga the Academy Award for best Animated Feature. Since winning the Award, Ariaga has made his way back to the Academy of Art University in the hopes of assisting the next generation of filmmakers at his Alma Mater.

Founded in 1929, the University was created as a school for advertising art, lead by Painter and Magazine Editor Richard S. Stephens. In 1951, he passed his role on to his son, Richard A. Stephens, who lead the school until 1991, when his daughter Elisa Stephens took over as President. Attendance to the school rose from 2000 to about 18,000 students as of 2012 under her Presidency.

The Academy of Art University is where many young Artists and Creatives invest in their careers, and the school itself boasts a roster of recognized staff and alumni who have found success in their respective fields. The school itself is one of the largest property owners in San Francisco California, offering associates, bachelors, and Masters degree programs. Because of their commitment to the arts, the entertainment Industry can count the University as a hub of upcoming creative talent.

In addition to Arriaga, Creatives of note associated with the school include former staff Adam Savage, Creator of Mythbusters, alumnus Raven Simone, actress and star of the sitcom That’s So Raven, and Art Spiegelman, former staff and writer of the graphic novel Maus.

The Academy of Art University has a storied history devoted to the creative realm, and with the help of alumni like Ariaga, will continue to assist young creatives to achieve their artistic goals.

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Review of Avanca’s Partnership with NewsWatch TV

Review of Avanca’s Partnership with NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch is a U.S television show. It was started back in 1989. It began as a monthly show majorly purposed on airing financial issues. Nowadays it airs weekly on AMC and ION channels. The show is always on the air for thirty minutes. It is usually on air on Mondays at 7 a.m. The show has aired over 1000 episodes.

The show covers various topics. These include health and medicine discoveries, lifestyle and fashion, tourism, business, electronics and even conducting public awareness campaigns. It as well covers celebrity news and interviews. It has three hosts.

As a television show, it has won various awards. These include the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom award, the 2017 Videographer Award and a 2016 Silver Telly Award.

NewsWatch has covered various stories. The feedback from their cover of the Avanca Indiegogo campaign was exemplary. The drive was held to enable the company fund their “Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC” product. Nathalie Van, the CMO of Avanca said the experience of working with NewsWatch was great. The first time they worked with NewsWatch was to launch a product. This turned up to be a significant success. The CMO also states that their crowdfunding campaign was a success due to their partnership with NewsWatch.

NewsWatch was hired by Avanca to air a one- minute promotion on the campaign. The campaign was broadcast both on television and online platforms. They required substantial development of the campaign as they only had 30 days. This promotion enabled the drive to reach over 96 million people. The campaign also had over one million online impressions. The target of the campaign was to raise $10,000. It was, however, able to raise over $456,000. This was almost 29 times their expected target.

Due to this experience, Avanca has continued using NewsWatch for their campaign awareness

No Financial Rock Left Unturned: Adviser Richard Dwayne Blair

Keys to successful financial planning involve a process that develops an understanding of one’s attitudes toward money, an assessment of his or her current assets, income and debts, and then securing portfolios that manage savings and retirement funding. In 1994, Richard Dwayne Blair began to offer to the world a financial goals firm that helps clients achieve just that, Wealth Solutions. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience as demonstrated by his firm’s funds’ performance and his education, Richard helps others attain the peace of mind that comes with clarity of financial planning. His experience in applying the skills of Investment Adviser, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and entrepreneur has afforded his clients the opportunity to apply best economic practices without having directly studied or accomplished all of these themselves.


Richard Dwayne Blair follows the following design when guiding his clients in sound financials. First, he gets to know them.. their individual and family goals, their working capital, so to speak, and their risk gauge. At this stage, it’s important that all influencial characters are on the same financial page. Second, he helps his clients select the investment products best suited to their growth goals, liquidity needs and nerve tolerance for market fluctuations. Finally, he guides them in the selection of the exact depository devices required to secure retirement funds without leaving them stagnant. Along with that, Richard also assists in the selection of the appropriate insurance policies that consider all areas of the client’s lifestyle for the optimal price. Occassionally, Richard also has to take the time to review a person’s past financial endeavours, the good the bad and the ugly, in order to properly apply the pertinent lessons as they pursue a new financial path.


Before meeting with Richard Dwayne Blair, it’s important to spend time reviewing your current financial status. Are incoming funds tentative, meaning, are there rumors of downsizing floating around at your Company? How many streams of income do you manage? What disagreements about money have you and your spouse tabled that must be addressed before contracts and financial instruments can be signed? Are there any health concerns? Are there children or other dependents to consider? Do you plan to retire in the same area where you currently make a living or is living abroad for retirement an option? Richard is ready and excited to guide you in these matters today. Don’t delay in making an appointment right away.


Malcolm CasSelle: His Journey In The Tech Industry

The chief investment officer OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle, has created an interesting new company that promises to innovate the way that virtual assets are transacted in the future. Malcolm CasSelle has created a new company referred to as Worldwide Asset Exchange that uses blockchain technology, the same technology that powers prominent cryptocurrency bitcoin, in an effort to eliminate some of the issues that have been plaguing the virtual asset industry for years.


Malcolm CasSelle is best known as a serial entrepreneur and as the chief investment officer of OPSkins. However, he has had a long career in the technology and digital industries before ever beginning to work on these projects. He originally went to school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and pursued his degree in computer science. He first graduated with a bachelors degree from MIT in computer science before attending Stanford University. At Stanford University he pursued and completed his Master’s degree in computer science. During this time he also learned to speak Japanese and Mandarin a skill which is greatly assisted him in his time in the technology and digital industries.


Upon entering the workforce, he began to take advantage of opportunities that he recognized as a venture capitalist. He was able to strike gold by investing in several high profile companies during some of their earliest stages such as Facebook and Zynga. While he was busy as a venture capitalist, he also maintained a regular career and was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Timeline Labs during its acquisition by Seachange International in 2015. As Seachange International acquired the company, he was immediately transferred to the position of leadership within Seachange International and served as both the senior vice president and general manager of digital media for the company. He continued to serve in this role for several years before transferring to Tronc, Inc where he served as the chief technology officer for the Corporation.


Today he spent most of his time working for OPSkins and at the president of his own company Worldwide Asset Exchange. The new wax tokens promise to help unify the industry of virtual asset exchange.


Adam Milstein Is Keen on Strengthening Israeli-America Ties

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate investor who hails from Israel. Also a managing partner at the famous Hagar Pacific Properties, Milstein was born in Haifa, in 1952. As a young boy, he grew up in KiryatMotzkin. He was interested in learning more about his culture hence his focus on joining the Israeli Defense Force at the Yom Kippur War. While there, Mr. Milstein was keen on the state of peace in his country. He developed a special liking for fostering peaceful ties between communities. Shortly after, he enrolled at Technion for a bachelor’s degree in science, economics and, business.

Background Data

In 1974, Adam Milstein fell in love and married Gila Elgabrly. Shortly into the matrimonial union, they were blessed with two daughters. Of course, his life changed for the better as Milstein started out on his career path with a new focus. To pursue better opportunities in life, he relocated to America in 1981. Taking his family along, he was keen on advancing his education. That is why he enrolled for a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Southern California. Right after his graduation, Mr. Milstein pursued commercial real estate.


Adam Milstein’s career revolves around real estate. Currently serving at Hagar Pacific Properties, he oversees the entire management of the firm. In his capacity as the managing partner, he is keen on managing properties. Moreover, his service scope entails acquiring, repositioning, retail and office rehabilitation.

Charity Ventures

Adam Milstein is a renowned philanthropist. He is a massive contributor to charity causes. Closely working with his wife Gila, Milstein established the Gila Family Foundation. All too often, he uses the foundation to advocate for the rights of Jews.

The Times of Israel by Mr. Milstein

In addition to his stated roles, Mr. Milstein is a huge contributor to The Times Of Israel, a blog in which, he uses to disseminate critical information regarding how useful it is for Jews and Israelis to make a peaceful pact even as Americans. In his recent blog, Mr. Milstein discusses the value of fostering peaceful relations among the three parties as in the end, it only contributes to their well-being.

Dr. Holterman Interest In Children Lives On

He is one of the members of AACA, an association that brings together American clinical anatomists. The members are working on a project in which they want to develop a virtual human that they can print using 3D technology (

If the project succeeds, they hope to be using the virtual human for carrying out clinical tests. They will no longer require doing the tests on animals. They also hope that medical students will understand the human body better by studying it using this product.

Mark Holterman is also a member of an alliance that supports the development of cellular therapies. Their focus is to ensure the therapies are carried out safely and with minimum side effects. He is especially involved in the advancement of stem cell therapy.

Mark Holterman also serves in the global pediatric specialists’ alliance, which supports children in Vietnam. They give medical care and scholarships to the children registered with the organization.

He is affiliated with major hospitals in Illinois such as the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and the Carle Foundation Hospital. Mark Holterman performs procedures such as laparoscopic appendectomy, circumcision, pilonidal cyst excision, appendectomy and small bowel resection.

Mark Holterman is married to a pediatrician. He inspired his wife to pursue pediatric surgery with his passion for treating children. She says that the fulfillment he seemed to get from working with child patients drew her to the profession.

In his clinics, Dr. Mark Holterman accepts insurance cards such as BCBS Illinois PPO, Aetna HMO, CIGNA HMO and BCBS BlueCard PPO. He, however, advises his patients to consult him about the acceptance of their premiums.

The doctor, who speaks both English and Spanish, has three sons with his Vietnamese wife, Ai-Xuan. He reveals that he would willingly support an enterprise that thought of producing 3-D printable virtual children to sell to old people at a moderate cost.

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What Matt Badiali Recommends Next

Matt Badiali was teaching geology at the University of North Carolina when he got a call to be the geology expert for a financial genius’s investment team. He agreed to the job and has since traveled to Singapore, Mexico, and Iraq, to name a few of the places he has been, examining mines, fields, and oil rigs to confirm investment information in person. Over a dozen years of experience make him an expert at understanding the supply and demand cycle of metals, oil, natural gas, and other resources. In 2017, he started working at Banyan Hill Publishing as their natural resources expert. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali. There he recommends companies that he predicts will benefit from a coming supply shortage of a mineral and recommends when to sell companies he projects are about to lose stock value when supply reaches and exceeds demand. Since no one can predict the future, Matt Badiali has lost investors their money occasionally, but the dollars his advice has made his followers is impressive enough to keep him as a leader in natural resource investing. Visit to know more.

What Are His Recommendations?

Matt Badiali is causing a stir recently over what he calls Freedom Checks. His sales page lists people who get paid thousands of dollars every quarter or every month. That page talks about a program started around 50 years ago called Satute 26-F. That program states that a company dealing with natural resources in the United States can operate tax free if it puts a lot of its profits into its shareholder’s pockets. These companies are called Master Limited Partnerships(MLP) and are not technically stocks. They are traded through the stock market and can be bought or sold like stocks though. The dollars Matt Badiali uses in his examples are impressive, but they are only possible if the shareholders have millions of dollars invested in the companies. Each share is only worth a few cents in dividend payouts. As an example, to get $100 in a check from a company he names, a person would have nearly $6000 already invested. Although possible for most people to invest a few thousand dollars, the examples he gives are of people with millions invested, or who bought their shares years ago for pennies. Matt Badiali does state that his recommendations are highly speculative and risky, but his history minimizes a lot of the risks.


Dr. Saad Saad: Providing Medical Service to the People of Palestine

Dr. Saad Saad is a compassionate Palestinian doctor who is well-known for sponsoring several medical missions for the people of Palestine. He has a certification to practice general surgery and pediatric surgery. He had to return to his people after living for several years in the United States because advice from his colleague touched his heart. Today, Dr. Saad Saad keeps on doing his passion for providing medical assistance especially to those who could not afford a visit to the doctor. He has already retired from his position at a private hospital, and he is now dedicating his life in serving for others.



As a child, the young Saad Saad never knew that he would become a doctor someday. He belonged to a family of migrants, and they keep on transferring from one city to another back in the early days. His family decided to settle in Kuwait when he was in high school, and during these years, he could not decide which career path he would take after he graduates. He thought of becoming an engineer, just like his brothers, but the extreme temperature in Kuwait would pose a health risk for him if he would have to go under the sun every time. He wanted to work in an environment with an active air-conditioning system, and he suddenly thought of becoming a doctor working inside the hospital. The extreme climate in Kuwait influenced the young Saad Saad to become a doctor, and his parents threw their support behind his back.



When he entered college, Saad Saad decided to study locally so that he can stay with his family. After he graduated from his pre-medical course, he had to go to Egypt to study at the Cairo University. He studied hard while he was away from his family, and through his hard work, he ended up being an honor student. He was ranked as the second best student in the university, and he went back to his family bringing with him the recognition that he received.



He had to go to the United Kingdom to go under an internship program. After his internship, Saad Saad finally received his license as a professional. To further his knowledge about the degree, he had to go to Lebanon and take an examination that would allow him to practice in the United States. He passed the exams and was permitted to enter the United States where he would settle for several years. He earned some certifications while living in the United States, and he would, later on, use the knowledge that he acquired overseas to help his people who are living in harsh conditions in Palestine. Dr. Saad Saad stated that the thing he learned from being a doctor is that they should not look at the person’s race or beliefs when giving them medical service because after all, they are still humans who need to be treated. Learn more:


NGP VAN Tips For Organizing a Rally

Stadium style campaign rallies are the way politicians hold rallies these days. You do not have to run for president to have a rally. Rallies are part of any campaign plan because they help present your campaign to the public as well as convert undecided voters to your way of thinking. Supporters can be changed into campaign volunteers while at rallies, in particular, if they are undecided. Press coverage boosts the ability others have to recognize your name. Timing is another important factor in how to hold a good rally. Rallies are often saved for the final two weeks of the campaign.

Planning the details of a rally becomes more important with the factor of pulling off a successful event. Location is what helps gather attendance at the rally. Researching the permit scenario is necessary to do before all rallies. How many people do you expect will attend? Is there good parking or public transit access at the location of the rally? What is the sound system like? How well do you expect to hear the speaker at the location? Visual photographs make or break a campaign along with campaign signs. Field organization of a campaign is extremely important.

The new gold standard of campaign management is fundraising and compliance.
NGP VAN specializes in helping progressive campaigns manage the system. NGP Van was created November 2010 by merging NGP Software, and Voter Activation Network. Other aspects of campaign management involve public speaking at rallies to convey the campaign message. Advertising a rally is part of the job. You have the option of creating a Facebook event in order to ask your contacts to RSVP. Letting the media know of your rally involves contacting television stations, and radio stations via press release. College newspapers are a smaller sort rather than local blogs. Supporters have the energy to engage in grassroots activism. You can sign up new volunteers at rallies where you can foster growing excitement about your campaign. NGP VAN has many software tools that help you manage your campaign and all aspects of holding a rally. Rallies help communicate with your constituents.

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