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Sensitive Decision Making Is The Secret Behind The Success Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading alternative asset management company not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Since its inception— thirty years ago— the company has made huge strides in the wealth management sector and is currently considered to be the largest company, especially when assets and the number of customers are concerned. One of the key reasons behind the success of the company has been its key decision making, some of which have been discussed below.

One of the major turning points in Fortress Investment Group was investing in the New York Securities Exchange. By the time the company was listing its shares in the money market, there was no other asset management company in the private sector trading in the stock exchange. Having a head start in the capital market gave the company huge amounts of money that was invested to boost the company’s growth.

Fortress Investment Group also decided to adhere to the needs of the customers through a sustainable customer approach strategy. In the beginning, people had very little knowledge of alternative asset investment. The company developed policies to inform the customers and to invest their resources in wealth-generating ventures. After generating profits for the customer through selective investment, Fortress Group created trust and a huge reputation in the investment sector.

Incorporating technology is another outstanding decision that has pushed Fortress Investment Group to major heights when it comes to financial investment. Fortress relies on data analytics and market forecasting models to determine the areas to invest. With reliable computer software, it is easy for the company to come up with sufficient market information on where to invest while at the same time avoiding extreme losses.

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by a Japanese company, Softbank, in an unprecedented move that was received with mixed reactions. People in the money market could have never predicted that a company with that magnitude could be acquired by a foreign investment company. However, Fortress will continue to operate in the United States and will now have a foundation to operate in Japan and Asian asset markets, which are yet to be exploited sufficiently.

US Money Reserve Looking to Expand by Investing in Workers First

Part of being an effective investor is keeping a lookout for new avenues to secure their financial future. Ideally they’ll look for alternatives that move beyond the volatility of the investment market, namely precious metals.

CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, sees more alternative investors looking to acquire gold, and as a result is planning to grow the company to meet that demand.

As one of the larger distributors in the country, the U.S. Money Reserve has devoted many of their resources to growing their marketing and sales departments.

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It’s what many businesses do in this industry, according to Koch’s observations, and it;s not how she wants to run this company. Instead, she wants an office culture that promotes collaboration across departments so that everyone can grow into problem solvers, or at least know where to find them.

Once she became CEO, Koch had a vision ready for what she wanted this company to be, one that was more ambitious that the competition. The aim is to grow their share of the market, and to do that she needs to invest into her workforce.

Koch’s detailed plan aimed to take the existing staff, and those who later joined, and help them develop into capable industry professionals who can perform outside the confines of their job description.

Reaching the executive of a company wasn’t part of Koch’s career plan for herself. Her journey into the workforce came with an uncompleted college degree and child on the way.

These circumstances had limited the number of career options made available for her, yet she remained confident that there was room for advancement.

Koch regularly worked multiple jobs and came to accept it as normal for a time. But Koch discovered that no matter the position she held she had the expertise to assess the job through data, her role in the company, and use both to seek promotions or better positions. The seriousness she assumed with every job allowed her to advance to the next, collecting experience and accolades along the way.

Now that she holds a decision-making position, Koch is looking to replicate her success in the job market internally, providing the tools necessary for her employees to develop both as people and professionals.

Within the U.S. Money Reserve Koch has instituted a system that collects data from all over the company and makes it available to anyone who needs it. It’s a method of aggregated and analyzing data much in the same way Koch was familiar with.

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Within the U.S. Money Reserve Koch has instituted a system that collects data from all over the company and makes it available to anyone who needs it. It’s a method of aggregated and analyzing data much in the same way Koch was familiar with.

Though this resource exists to help the workforce meet the challenges that come with a growing business, freeing up executives to manage that expansion.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S Money Reserve is a distributor of precious metals from Texas and is one of the largest in the country. They’ve been in operation for almost two decades, and has stores of gold, silver, and platinum assessed for quality from the US federal government.

Ties to the government extends to the company President who once served at the 35th Director of the United States Mint, then the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Led OSI Group to Grow Beyond McDonald’s

With presence in 17 countries, OSI Group is currently known as one of the world’s biggest food processing companies. The corporation uses approximately 65 locations around the world to supplement its operations, with its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin leading the charge.

Having joined the company in the mid-1970s, Sheldon Lavin became part of a growing organization that was finding its footing in a new business sector. Since the firm was transitioning from being a family-operated butcher shop to a large-scale meat supplier for a fast food chain like McDonald’s, it was in a place where it needed all the leadership skills that it could get. That’s when Lavin rose to the occasion, and led the firm to its desired level of success. More information about Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

From expanding OSI Group in multiple international locations to adding new processing products under its roster, Sheldon Lavin had the objective of the organization’s progress in mind. He formed a stronger bond with the firm’s primary client, McDonald’s, in order to become one of its most dependable vendors. At the same time, he also went ahead into forming relationships with other firms to expand the group of companies further.

The efforts have been successful to the point where Sheldon Lavin has led OSI Group into forming a partnership with none other than Impossible Foods, which with its plant-based protein is a hot commodity in the food sector.

According to details of the partnership, OSI Group will be making Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger patties, which are also known as the company’s Impossible Burger. These patties will be supplied to Impossible Foods’ most recent business partner, Burger King.

The collaboration is being seen as a “win-win situation” for both OSI Group and Impossible Foods. While OSI Group will be able to venture into a fast-growing part of the food industry, Impossible Foods will be able to meet the increasing demands of its Impossible Burger products.

Through this partnership, Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group are also going to meet their goals of sustainable food production. All in all, the new venture doesn’t only take the corporation past McDonald’s, which is very much still a large client for the company, but it also lets it establish its prowess in newer sectors of food production. See also:

Anyone can learn Math with Teach to One

Teach to One is a new approach to learning mathematics. A program that uses digital resources to connect the student with a personalized curriculum that represents the student’s learning aptitude. Teach to One challenges the learners to excel by embracing new ideas.

Personalized Learning

A student-centered learning approach is a personalized student learning plan based on what, when, how, and where a student learns. The tailored approach allows learners to experience different instructional content and settings based on their needs, skills, and interests. Typically, the Teach to One program replaces the school’s core Math curriculum and inserts the learner’s customized course strategy throughout all aspects of the learning process.

Teach to One: Math composition has an academic design that comprises instructional content, student learning progressions, assessments, and classroom supplies. The operational model supports student regrouping, the reorganization of the classroom, and embraces new uses of technology.


According to Crunchbase, personalized learning is not new. Educators recognized prior knowledge and experiences of learners vary, and adjustments to what, when, and how the students learn must occur. The history of customized learning dates back to the 1880s. Today, there is a peak in alternative learning strategies. History delineates the use of many personalized instructional plans.

Pros / Cons

The teachers have a real-time view of the students’ progress through the Teacher Portal. Educators can access their daily work and schedules, make lesson plan adjustments, and highlight subject content. The instructors can give formative feedback daily. Students and parents can access information in real time too. Assessment with an accurate diagnostic analysis is more effective. However, creating tools that provide educators with an exact representation of a student’s precise level of understanding is complex.


Fourteen Teach to One schools that operated the model for three years observed a 23% greater learning gains than students nationally on the NWEA Map test. Students experienced greater growth with a 53% above the national average in schools that applied the growth-aligned accountability measures.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Cleveland Attorneys Who Give Back

 Kisling Nestico & Redick is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The law firm represents clients who wish to address personal injuries. With over 500 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers have successfully represented clients with a considerable variety of personal injuries. The practice areas range from car accidents and work injuries to dog bites and truck injuries.

In addition to defending a diverse body of clients, Kisling Nestico & Redick have also maintained an annual tradition of serving their local Ohio community. In late August, the firm stuffed 200 backpacks with school supplies and gave them away to families on a first-come first-served basis.

Lawyers Announced to the Super Lawyers List

Each backpack is valued at over $50 and filled with paper, pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, and other school supplies. Families supporting needy children were able to visit the Kisling Nestico & Redick offices between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Each family could claim one backpack. The managing partner of the firm stated “It’s always wonderful to surprise families with this kind of donation and know you’re making a small difference to help kids with a great school year.”

That same managing partner, Robert Redick, announced his retirement in September. After a long career of supporting the firm with his hard-won experience and legal advice, Redick is looking forward to years of travel and relaxation. He witnessed the firm blossom for 13 years into an outstanding establishment. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick have been instrumental in improving the safety of Cleveland. The law firm began its KNR Cares About Kids. This campaign emphasizes the safety of young people while biking or driving. In addition to promoting safety measures, the firm has given needy families food and resources to combat hunger and deprivation.

The law firm has raised funds for food banks and has helped disadvantaged children acquire clothes and school supplies for their education.

Jack Plotkin of Virtual Health on the Growth of Medical Data

Jack Plotkin

As the technology in medicine continues to advance, people are going to live longer than ever before. As a result, it is incumbent on healthcare organizations to find a way to manage high-risk patient populations. Both payers and providers will need to find ways to structure their systems in the right way to handle the changes that are coming down the pipe. According to Jack Plotkin, the former-CTO of Virtual Health, population health management is more of a journey than a destination. Practice models are already shifting and those organizations that will survive are those that can best adapt to accommodate these changes. This means handling complex data packages.

The Evolution of Data

The foundation of all population health management systems is data. Everything is geared around collecting, storing, and using data in the proper manner. Organizations that are able to efficiently collect data are better able to give their doctors the tools they need to make difficult decisions regarding patient care. The easier organizations can collect data, the easier they can provide new and innovative forms of healthcare interface, including telehealth.

Organizations that are able to store data easily will be able to cut down on their overhead costs. Yes, a significant portion of healthcare costs come from storing and securing data. On the other hand, this plays a crucial role in preventative healthcare. Payers are already realizing the value of preventative medicine and its ability to cut costs. Organizations that more fully embrace preventative care will be able to revel in the increasing reimbursements of these visits.

The Future from Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is the CPO of Virtual Health, one of the leading voices in the growth of telehealth. Plotkin has a background in both computer science and economics from Harvard University. He is considered a leading expert on enterprise solutions in the healthcare field for complex patient populations. 

How James Dondero Has Contributed To The Dallas Community

James Dondero, a Dallas businessman, is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Having studied accounting and finance, he found a job at JP Morgan. He joined American Express four years later, where he delved into fixed income and alternative credit strategies. In 1989, he became the chief investment officer at one of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiaries.

In 1993, James Dondero joined with his colleague Mark Okada to form Highland Capital Management. They first based the company in Los Angeles but moved it to Dallas in 1994. James Dondero says that he likes Dallas as it’s an innovative city. It is home to 22 companies in the S&P 500. More than just a mecca for business, it is also a fun place to live with great football and Tex-Mex scenes.

Jim Dondero supports several Dallas nonprofits with his money and business knowledge. Among these are the Dallas Symphony, The Family Place, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Dallas Zoo, and the Museum of Art. Jim Dondero established the Highland Capital Foundation, which provides financial help to charitable causes.

Highland Capital Management has over $17 billion in client assets. It invests this money globally. The president of this company, James Dondero has established offices in Singapore, New York, Sao Paul, and Seoul. Mark Okada is the chief financial officer. Go Here for related Information.

Through the Highland Capital Foundation, he gave a $10 million endowment to the Bush Center. This money funds the free Engage Series lectures. The first lecture was given by Christopher Scalia, the son of the former Chief Justice Antonin Scalia. He shared stories from his father’s career on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jim Dondero says he is proud that his company is a social leader in Dallas. It is part of a business community dedicated to making Dallas a great place to live. See This Page to learn more.

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Smita Shah: Methods for the female entrepreneur and success

Smita Shah is a successful engineer who owns the firm called SPAAN Tech since the time she started it in 1998. She has remained in her influential role of working on projects that are complex and her firm handles with no issues. Shah has long made it clear how she wants to help other female entrepreneurs succeed and reach their desired goals. With all of the attention and accolades, she’s received, Shah makes time to share some methods that have helped her make in the business world. She understands that female entrepreneurs struggle daily within the heavily dominated world of males in jobs women rarely have.

She shares that too many women are left with a poor image of themselves as there aren’t enough needed role models. Shah has created methods to allow those businesswomen to cope and make it in the competitive world of business just as males do. For one, she says that women must take on a self-assured look at themselves. They need to get in touch with their inner voice to overcome self-doubt and be happy about their achievements over the years. Shah says no experience is the best, but at least they have them to shape their leadership in their fields. 

In business, Shah says it’s important to never let someone else walk away with the credit. She says women often carry a passiveness about them that doesn’t work in the business world. Letting someone else claim your hard work only sets the female entrepreneur back while working in her career. She flatly states that the business world is cutthroat and women need to be just as cunning as men when in these environments. Shah says one’s spotlight can dim fairly quick if the businesswoman is not assertive in her position. She adds no matter the gender, it’s just a part of business. Shah’s states that all female entrepreneurs need to let their own story be an inspiration to those around them. Don’t look away from great opportunities where your accomplishments can be shared with others. Shah makes a point by saying businesswomen need to claim their space among the hierarchy they are surrounded with. Take it back from the male counterparts and allow other women to see how you got you where you are. Learn more:

Another method has to do with focusing on short term goals and staying on course. Shah believes that it’s not about always relying on the moment to save us. She says it’s looking at mistakes done in the past and wasting our energy on worrying about outcomes. Stay focused on the current task you are working on, says Shah. It’s every day we get the ability to prove ourselves within our business environments, which ultimately will create a successful business. Don’t allow these kind of opportunities to slip away while worrying about things that don’t matter at the time you need to focus. Always be aware, Shah says, of your surroundings and what is happening in your immediate situation.

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Highland Capital Management Mark Okada Moving On

It was in 1993 that Highland Capital Management was first founded. It was the brain child of Mark Okada and James Dondero. The two of them wanted to lean in heavily on their expertise in the credit markets to create a fund that allowed them to invest in those markets. They knew of some of the alternative investing options available and wanted to make sure that they maximized returns for all involved with the fund.

Highland provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and has been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.

Just recently Mark Okada announced that he would be stepping down from his co-founder role in the fund in order to pursue other interests. He is not completely packing up his bags as far as Highland Capital Management is concerned though because he is going to stay on in an advisory role for the firm whenever they may need to call upon him. That means that they won’t entirely be losing out on his bank of knowledge. Click Here to learn more.

James Dondero stated that he is so proud of the work that Okada has done for the firm over all of these years. He went on to say that Okada will be missed but that the foundation that he helped to establish at Highland Capital Management will remain strong.

He pointed to the track record of the fund over many years to make it clear that Highland has weathered its way through bad credit markets in the past and that it has always pulled through. This seems to indicate that Dondero and the whole team at Highland believe that it will continue to prosper into the future. See This Page for additional information.

It is pretty clear that Okada has made an amazing impact at Highland Capital, and it is equally obvious that he will continue to do great work wherever he decides to spread his wings and fly. Look for more great things coming from this individual in the years to come.

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Repton School’s Students and Athletes

Repton School is a co-educational independent school that has been in the English countryside since the sixteenth century. Mr. Mark Semmence is its 36th Headmaster. It caters to students from 13 to 18 years old. The school keeps up with the changes of the 21st century and is the model of a modern independent British School. The goal of the school is to produce internationally-minded students that are intellectually curious, culturally informed, resilient and self-motivated. They should not only be environmentally and politically informed but technologically fluent and confident.

The students have ten boarding houses where their meals are eaten. The Abbey helps girls build confidence in their ideas and identities. The Cross helps boys keep loyal house spirit and flourish while keeping common goals. The Field House helps girls find their school potential and foster friendships that last a lifetime. The Garden helps girls to make the best of school life while taking part in the loyal house spirit. Latham House values pride, positive attitudes and respect above all else. The Mitre has a unique house spirit with its friendly and lively lifestyle. New House is overly confident, but the boys are encouraged by warmth and friendliness. The Orchard is a supportive, close-knit community that values integrity. The Priory welcomes new students and helps them fit in. School House is a warm-spirited house that helps encourage boys through respect and communication.

Repton School is celebrating that 15 of its students have been selected to compete in the tournament for England Hockey’s Futures Cup, which is the top-level of England Hockey’s Player Pathway. This honor goes to Bea Bell, Ellie Barlow, Alicia Bailey, Tilly Butterworth, Bronte Brough, George Fletcher, Miranda Jackson, Izzi Evans, Ottilie Sykes, Ella Bowman, Hannah Laughton, Joe Sookias, Harry Stone, Sam Cossey, Zack Brough and Martha Broderick. Using intense competition it supports National Age Group Selection and development. Over four days, the competitors vs each other within age groups and regions. The Director of Hockey and Performance Sport Lead at Repton School is Mr. Martin Jones is pleased that so many students are in the U15 squads of the championship.