Adam Sender: Hedge Fund Manager to Art Collector

Adam Sender is a very well-known contemporary art collector. At only 45 years of age, he’s considered relatively young by industry standards, but Sender is highly respected due to his incredible collection of contemporary artwork.

Sender began collecting art in the mid-1990s. He was able to support his collection due to his success as a hedge fund manager. Sender formed his own hedge fund after leaving SAC Capital Advisors LLP. It was at that point that he began purchasing artwork that caught his eye. Sender saw artwork in the same way he viewed matters in his edge fund business, as an investment. He purchased pieces that were relatively affordable (for someone of Sender’s wealth) and those pieces’ value has since increased dramatically.

Sender has been going through some personal changes, and these changes have prompted him to part with a great deal of his collection. Sotheby’s is offering Sender’s vast collection over the span of an eighteen month period. What is so alluring about Sender’s collection is the quality of works he has chosen, spanning over decades. Many collectors struggle with hit and miss selections. They find some great pieces and then later choose some average pieces. Sender, on the other hand, has consistently collected masterful pieces over and over again.

People often correlate Sender’s ability to pick winning equities in his hedge fund days, to that same ability of selecting artwork. He simply has a knack for picking the right works. In fact, the collection being offered by Sotheby’s is valued between $70 million and $80 million.

It is important to note that Sender isn’t only selling pieces. He is also planning to donate a number of oversize pieces to several museums. Although Sender is downsizing his collection dramatically, he will still retain a number of pieces for his own personal pleasure as he moves on to the next chapter of his life

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