Adam Sender: The Wall Street Expert With an Eye for Art

It would be quite unexpected to read a biography about anyone that listed the individual as a Wall Street whiz and a stunningly talented art expert. The two do not seem to have anything in common, and yet, that is exactly what would be written about Adam Sender. This successful hedge fund manager did not reserve all of his talents for investing in the market. He has also spent many years investing in some of the finest art pieces the world has seen.

His collection of art works are not what many may expect. Sender did not spend his money or his time purchasing Monet’s or the works of Van Gogh. Instead, he did what a smart investor would. He looked for lesser known artists with great potential and purchased their work instead. He bought when prices were low, with the knowledge that there was room for the value of each individual acquisition to grow.

The ability to recognize when an artist has genuine talent and can create a work that will appeal to other collectors in the future, is not a skill that everyone has. Yet Sender has made it seem almost easy. He has shown a genuine flair for appreciating true talent and has amassed a collection that has left many in the art world stunned, and admittedly, a little envious as well.

The extent of his collection has come to light recently as he began offering some of his pieces up for sale. Many have been on display prior to their scheduled sale dates. Not surprisingly, when discussing the art and how he chooses what to purchase, Sender sounds less like the starry-eyed art lover than many may expect from someone with such a large collection. It would seem that even in a world that is hard to define what is good and what is not, Sender had a formula for seeking out talent that, for him, was successful in nearly every instance.
Whether his method of seeking experienced, yet relatively unknown artists who are poised on the brink of success would be a skill others could copy is a matter of speculation only. While his method may seem simple to him, many see it as they would his financial investing. It is a process that takes genuine talent and a mind for recognizing where trends are moving before anyone else is able to notice.

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