After Life of An NBA Owner – Bruce Levenson

The sale of the NBA Basketball Team, Atlanta Hawks, made headlines and the team take on a new look, new branding, and a new coach and trainers. The season has ended, and the team had a chance to play the last few games under new management. Preparations for the next NBA Season is looming in the forefront of the Hawks. Right now the Hawks are honing their skills, and new management is practicing right along with the team hoping Hawks will be the NBA winners of 2016.

The previous owner, Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks to Anthony Ressler and group. Ressler was the group lead in this purchase. A few months have passed since the sale changed hands in the neighborhood of $840 million, including the operating control of Philips Arena. Life for Levenson will continue to be extremely busy as he has always been involved in UCG, United Communications Group, and the Levenson’s philanthropic endeavors in his community and life with his family. Bruce still loves the hoop and the sport, and he will continue to follow the players and the game, but not with the added ownership responsibilities.

UCG, United Communications Group is an award-winning journalistic reporting company started by Bruce and his business partner Ed Peskowitz right out of college. The business started in a small storage room over Bruce’s father’s liquor store. Both Bruce and Ed started the business with just their college degrees in hand and today their business spans the world still reporting accurately, providing advice to businesses that build strong companies and helps them achieve goals. UCG is a privately owned business and one of the largest of its kind in the world having over two million clients. Their motto hasn’t changed over the years and that is to “Create Content that is targeted, trusted, and transformative”. Bruce has remained very involved in the every day-to-day function of UCG, and will possibly have more involvement since the sale of the Hawks.

Bruce and his wife, Karen will continue working with the community, mostly in the educational arena. They started a program at Maryland University to build and expand the philanthropy agenda at the university. They developed a program introducing students to philanthropic work beginning during orientation week. The program designed to educate students in the field of nonprofits. More students are skilled in the field of nonprofit organizations to successfully attain and meet the goals of the organizations. The program has expanded internationally and has a strong following in many other countries such as China, India, and Japan.

Bruce and Karen Levenson are very close to their community in Maryland, and just a couple of miles into the District of Columbia, where Bruce sits on several boards and works with disadvantaged kids to build their dreams and become better educated. A couple of other organizations the Levenson’s are involved with “I Have a Dream”, “Bringing the Lessons Home Program”, according to and connecting students today with the Holocaust History. Bruce believes that connecting the young student with the history will achieve more awareness of community needs and build stronger community ties.

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