Alexis Kennedy Did Well with Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator might be one of the more controversial games released by an independent company. The dark and complex game deals with the occult. The player becomes a student of the occult and becomes drawn into a mysterious world. As the game progresses, the player learns the mysterious secrets about the occult world.

And don’t expect the game to be easy to play. There’s no tutorial. Players find themselves navigating the mysterious game without a helping hand. The added difficulty adds to the game’s tension, which can be a plus.

Alexis Kennedy deserves accolades for his work designing Cultist Simulator. Reviewers, especially mobile game reviewers, did give Cultist Simulator positive remarks. Still, Alexis Kennedy acknowledges the controversy about the game leads some to love it or hate it. Consider Cultist Simulator to be a polarizing game.

Cultist Simulator represents the flagship game of Weather Factory, the company run by Kennedy and his partner. Don’t envision a vast office building when thinking about Weather Factory. The enterprise’s team works remotely, and the company survives thanks to, in Alexis Kennedy’s words, the “crumbs” of the gaming industry. Essentially, he means the customer base for indie companies is smaller than the big players. However, Kennedy also positively reveals there are enough “crumbs” to help the indies thrive.

Alexis Kennedy once worked as a software consultant. The birth of his first child led to taking a sabbatical. During his time away from the job, he started thinking about developing games. He turned his thoughts into action when he founded Failbetter Games in 2010. Things didn’t work out too well at first, but a turnaround eventually occurred.

Eventually, he left Failbetter Games behind and founded Weather Factory. The massive success of Cultist Simulator on Kickstarter reveals the money figures on that success. The campaign raised $104,283 (£82,000). The figures exceeded what the campaign initially sought.

Hopefully, Alexis Kennedy and Weather Factory will continue to overachieve and remain a part of the indie game scene.

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