Apple Will Accept Android and BlackBerry Trade-Ins

Apple plans on offering Android owners cash if they decide to make the switch over to the iPhone. According to 9to5 Mac Apple plans to launch a brand new trade-in program within the next few months that will allow people to trade in BlackBerry and Android phones in addition to those made by the Cupertino company.

Bringing those phones in will score you a gift card that you can then use to buy a brand new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. As Christian Broda understands it, similar to how its current trade in program works, employees will inspect a device and determine its trade-in value based on the type of device, whether r not it functions properly, and wear and tear to its exterior.

Apple employees will start training on how to deal with the new phone later this week, with the program rolling out at all retail locations shortly afterwards. Apple has offered a trade-in program for iPhone since the middle of 2013. The program was initially launched in order to spur more sales of the iPhone 5, and then later the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Originally jus a program in stores in the united States, the program is now available in Canada, Europe and Australia as well.

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    Genevieve Abraham February 23, 2018

    What this move could mean in the technology markers could be really remarkable and it would see more success for inventors. Although has a fine line of analysis to make for researchers, it should be the same speculations. None of the services will lead to a takeover even if people will be thinking about that being imminent.

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