Asia’s Pre-Eminent Direct Selling Corporation: QNet

QNet is a Hong Kong based direct selling company, which offers a plethora of products in a diverse group of markets. They are the flagship subsidiary of the Qi Group, founded by Vjay Eswaran in 1998. The company’s ecommerce platform enables them to sell goods across a wide range of countries. Customers can use QNet in over 100 countries to get the products they require. The company has expanded its business from South East Asia to the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. They have even expanded into parts of Europe and Russia.

QNet offers products related to energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods and fashion accessories. Examples of popular items include luxurious jewelry and Swiss-made watches.
The products are sold directly by QNet, but are also referred by independent representatives. These individual representatives are paid on commission for their sales and for recruiting more representatives to also work for QNet.
QNet invests heavily in their core values and philosophies. The company relies on a grass-roots movement philosophy, where ordinary people are the cornerstone for their business model. Their core values are service, teamwork, integrity, and results oriented service. The company also adheres to two core philosophies: RYTHM and InService.
The founders cite Ghandi as the inspiration behind their core philosophy, RYTHM: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. They practice this by empowering all of their associates to be successful in order to ensure that the entire business is successful.
The company operates using the principal of service above self, both when dealing with their network of customers and also with their employees. Humility is an important value in QNet’s relations.
By expanding into new markets from 2007 to 2012, the company was able to increase its direct sales by 70%. In 2013, the company announced its intention to move manufacturing to India to provide a cost benefit between 8 and 12%. In 2014, the company announced a partnership with Barclays Primer League Champions, Manchester City.

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    Lilyanna Bentley July 23, 2017

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