Beauty Products Designed to Enhance People’s Features

The list of items categorized as beauty products, seems to grow more extensive with each passing year. Beauty products can now include lotions, creams, cosmetics, nail polish and even false eyelashes. Each category includes many subcategories for all of the products it contains. Trying to choose the right product on Urban Outfitters can be confusing for many first time beauty product shoppers. A shopper should consider what they intend to use the product for, before making a purchasing decision.

Lotions and Creams

Almost every beauty regimen begins with the use of some type of lotion or cream. This is applied to the face before putting on makeup, to help soften tiny lines and wrinkles on the skin. People who have dry skin should look for lotions containing moisturizers. People who have aging skin should find products containing collagen or vitamin A.

Makeup for the Face

A basic makeup application usually starts with foundation. People who have uneven skin tones can use foundation to create a smooth blended look for their face. This is also a good product to use if someone has dark spots, such as freckles, they wish to make less noticeable. A blush can be applied to the cheeks over the foundation to create the appearance of more depth for the face. This is especially helpful for people who have rounder faces where the cheekbones are not as noticeable.

Accentuating Eyes and Lips

A few beauty product companies, such as Lime Crime, create unique cosmetics for the eyes and lips. The smoldering earth tones found in Lime Crime’s line of eye makeup, can be used to accentuate the eyes in a dramatic manner. People who have close set eyes or small eyes, can use the smokey shades from Lime Crime to add more depth to their eye area. They can also use the bright lip colors from Lime Crime to accentuate their lips. People who have thin lips can create the look of fullness by using a bright shade along the outer edges with a darker shade in the center.

Artificial Enhancements

There are some beauty products categorized as enhancements, which are made from synthetic materials. False eyelashes or extensions, can add length or fullness to lashes that are otherwise thin or sparse. People looking to purchase false eyelashes should select a color closest to their own natural shade. False fingernails are also available as artificial enhancements. People interested in using these should consider how well the length would fit in with their daily activities. While two inch long fingernails look very glamorous, they might not do well when typing or cooking.

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