Billionaire Investor Chris Burch Discusses Origins of His Business and Values That Made Him Successful

In an interview with entrepreneurial platform Ideamensch, billionaire founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, discussed the origins of his firm, his day-to-day operations, his productive habits, and advice he would give other business people, amongst other topics.

Chris Burch, in forty years as one of the country’s foremost entrepreneurs and investors, has been involved in the development, launch and growth of Poppin, C. Wonder, Aliph, Powermat, Jawbone and numerous other organizations. He was involved in the creation of Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in collaboration with Argentinian hotelier Alan Faena and French designer and architect Philippe Stark. He was also central to the launch of lifestyle brand ED, in partnership with television host Ellen DeGeneres. Burch’s developments and investments cover a wide range of industries, including the hospitality, office supply, lifestyle, fashion and technology industries. In 2012, his majority stake in C. Wonder rose enough in valuation for Forbes to include him in its annual The World’s Billionaire feature piece.

Burch described the founding of his firm as tied to his innate curiosity, pointing out that he was always studying existing products and services and devising new ways to improve them. Following early successes in the fashion industry, Burch decided to launch Burch Creative Capital and apply his acquired knowledge into helping companies launch, develop and improve their products and services.

The businessman discussed an early job he had at a construction company which imparted in him the importance and essential nature of hard work, while also crediting his perceptiveness and ability to read and understand people as central to his success and entrepreneurial productivity. He would go on to advise fellow entrepreneurs to make listening a habit.

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Burch is a dedicated philanthropist in addition to being a businessman. He served on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and has made sizable donations to numerous non-profit organizations and initiatives both local and international, including the NYU Langone, the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Henry Street Settlement and the Child Welfare League of China.

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