Brian Torchin and His Work in Medical Staffing

Brian Torchin wants to help you find your next job. That’s right. If you work in the healthcare industry, then you can trust Mr. Torchin to help connect you to a hospital that is looking for employees. Brian Torchin has an agency called the HCRC, and he has proven to be an asset to both employers and employees alike. Hospitals like Mr. Torchin because he helps them take the headache and guesswork out of recruiting new help. Employees love Torchin because he helps give them a leg-up during a rough patch in their employment history.

Although Brian Torchin realizes that sometimes finding work can be hard, he is going to go the extra mile to be the catalyst to help you retain employment in whatever hospital department you might choose. Torchin knows that the work may not necessarily be for everyone, because the heart of it all is just temporary employment. But he knows that working with him could help serve as a springboard for bigger and better things for you.

Brian Torchin is truly a go-getting in the staffing industry, and Brian currently serves as President of his placement agency. He specializes in all types of medical jobs, but he has a main focus on chiropractic jobs. Torchin has a number of unique experiences that make him a great businessman for this industry. He goes the extra mile to help their businesses run as smoothly as possible. His firm also goes the extra mile in filling physical therapist jobs, medical jobs, and private practices.

Torchin also has a wide array of other services as well. To begin with, his firm does professional background checks and good staff training measures. He has a strong desire to help medical facilities that need to cut the hassle. He provides a great array of staff training opportunities as well. Finally, Torchin keeps a blog that is chock full of tips on various medical topics. One sample article is entitled, “Warning Signs that your Practice Isn’t Patient Friendly”. Torchin realizes that in order to have a successful staffing agency, they need to create a welcoming environment.

Brian Torchin has built his own personal legacy of personal staffing, and he has managed to help a lot of people along the way as well.

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