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Genucel On The Importance of Summer Skin Care

If there’s one thing that beauty companies agree on it’s taking care of your skin. It’s important to have a routine and use products to help your skin stay clean and healthy. While winter is considered a tough time for your skin, summer weather can also affect your skin.

Genucel is a company that specializes in skincare products and with their help; customers can take the right steps to make sure their skin is protected during the summertime.

The number one recommendation for skincare is to hydrate and moisturize. Genucel advises to drink plenty of water to give your skin a healthy glow. Moisturizing is also an important step in healthy skincare. There’s lots of creams you can use to help skin maintain its moisture, but Genucel XV is considered one of the best due to its ingredients of peptides and b-vitamins.

The next step Genucel recommends is to use a SPF cream. SPF is an essential tool for people’s skin during the summertime. It helps to protect against sun burn and eliminate wrinkles. Adding SPF to your beauty routine will help protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Washing your face is an important step in maintaining proper skincare. However, people may not be doing it as often as they should. While most people only wash their face once a day, washing it twice a day may be more beneficial in the long run. Washing your face helps remove dirt and other toxins in your skin. After washing your face, using a serum such as Genucel’s Chamonix can help replenish your skin and protect against toxins. Aside from these tips, it’s also important to use sunscreen and to cover up if you’re going to be outside. The sun’s rays can have a damaging effect, but following these types and using some of Genucel’s products will help protect your skin all year long. To know more about Genucel, follow them on Twitter.

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Genucel By Chamonix Works To Create Products With Natural Ingredients

Consumers like to know the exact ingredients that make up their skincare products. Genucel by Chamonix prides itself on informing their customers of the great quality of products they have. They want customers to feel comfortable and safe. Their products are specifically designed and tested in a laboratory to ensure the products live up to the Genucel standard. Their products are made to promote long term solutions to any skin care issues. Natural benefits is what is important to Genucel. The company has noticed that many other brands use unhealthy and unnatural ingredients in their products. Genucel is fighting hard against the world of skincare that often time gets polluted by harmful ingredients. Consumers do not always trust brands because of this common practice. Genucel has become a brand that can be trusted to always and only include the safest and most natural ingredients in their products.

A growing interest in Genucel is because the company wants to tackle fighting premature aging for the millennial consumer. Just how the company understands that consumers do not want products made with unhealthy ingredients, they also that millennials shoppers require a lot more from a brand that older generations. Being upfront and honest is a demand for consumers. Consumers need products from companies that are willing to expose the truth about a product. All of the Genucel products are made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin. The company is truthful and open about all of the goodness that goes into their products.

Goodness includes so many things. From vitamins to tea extracts to berries, Genucel only puts the best into lab formulations. They want ingredients they can be proud of. They want ingredients their customers can be proud of. The only way to create products with pride is to create products with natural ingredients. These natural ingredients offer the skin so many amazing benefits. These benefits include firmness in the skin, plumping the skin up, restoring lost collagen, adding vitamins and minerals to the skin, placing moisture back into dry areas of the skin, sealing that moisture in and offering long-term health and improvement to the skin.

To know more about Genucel you can visit gazetteday.com

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Neutralize Your Hair With Wen By Chaz

Your hair goes through more than you can imagine each day. Protection from the elements along with excessive damage control is a must have for many women. The Wen By Chaz formula is a unique blend of ingredients that provides long lasting protection throughout the day. If you’re looking for organic hair care products, Wen By Chaz works deep within the scalp to provide unique coverage when it matters the most. Thousands of women are currently using Wen By Chaz to formulate every strand of their hair. Blend their shampoo formula with their conditioner to stop the breakage of thin hair.

According to, the unique Wen by Chaz formula provides protection as soon as your first use. Give your hair the advantage of antioxidants and vitamins. Heat from the elements and your styling utensils have a major impact on your hair. Wen by Chaz demands that your hair grow healthy by removing excessive oil and dirt. You can give your hair fragrance along with coverage. There are many unique hair care products for you to choose from with many daily use hair care products among their collection. Wen by Chaz gives your hair a lot to look forward to with each use. Go to the official Wen by Chaz website for purchasing options today. Learn more about the 7 Best Wen Products — and the 2 Worst.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich is an international surgeon, leader and an educator in the field of plastic surgery. He is the chairman of the plastic surgery department at the Texas Southwestern University medical center located in Dallas. He is also a recipient at the Rod J. Rohrich professorship in the Wound healing.

Rod J. Rohrich offers revision rhinoplasty. This is a nose surgery that is practiced to people who have undergone a first nose surgery without pleasant results. On the plastic surgery field, the revision rhinoplasty is viewed as the most challenging and complex procedure because of the nasal delicate structure and also due to the previous rhinoplasty performed before. The revision rhinoplasty is considered to be clearly different from the primary rhinoplasty and for this Dr. Rod Rohrich has dedicated most of his journal papers, international presentations, clinical research and lectures on the success of the revision rhinoplasty.

He is also proficient on the facelift. This is a modern face surgery that eradicates features of aging using a lift and fills formula. This process does not only lift the deeper face layers but also filling the cheek area that deflates when one is aging. The facelift accompanied by neck lift technique leads to a complete facial transformation. Dr. Rod Rohrich is globally known for his contribution, advancement, and teaching of the advanced facial aging and facelift practice.

Besides facelift and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Rod Rohrich also offers breast surgery. The breast surgery consists of breast lift and augmentation to help enhance symmetry, shape, and size to improve body proportionality. He closely works with all his patients to advise and offers them with the various possible breast implants selection on the materials, shapes, implant placement and incision locations that work in each person’s exceptional situation. These selections include silicone gel implants, saline implants with subpectoral and pre-pectoral placement and numerous options that are used to reduce the incision. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a co-founder of the AiRs Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to helping women get breast reconstruction after undergoing mastectomy.