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Steve Lesnard gives advice and his thoughts about influencers

Steve Lesnard is an expert on brand marketing and shares the two main principles of influencing in a Medium blog post. He shares an example of multiple partnerships that have done well such as Kanye West’s endeavors away from music, Rihanna’s work with Puma, and more. Social media has only made it easier to market products and acquire a deal. The first tip that he shares is to find someone who is not only just interested but who has a connection to the item.

They will have to agree with the brands’ values and goals. Sometimes an influencer can undergo a meeting and end up doing something else entirely. For example, Kevin Hart’s meeting with a popular athletic brand was planned to be to promote a shoe but transformed into signing a deal to promote a running campaign. It led to multiple social media posts, commercials, events, and marathons.

Although celebrities can be a great way to market a product or campaign, there are other influencers that people can acquire to get their brand out. Steve Lesnard notes that people should use a celebrity to maximize a thought out plan and a company that is already big time. He notes that brands should focus on pleasing the customers by supplying them with the right products, so, they keep purchasing more and give support to the company.

Steve Lesnard can be followed on multiple social media platforms and has his own blog on Medium with marketing tips and influencer strategies. 

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