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OSI Group and McDonalds Deal With Changing Consumer Taste in Plant-Based Food

OSI Group and McDonalds have reached an agreement after encountering a situation where it was almost impossible to deal with the demand for its new product. The food manufacturing company will ramp up its production to meet the demand. The OSI Group works with many major restaurant chains and will begin making the Impossible Burger next month for Burger King.

OSI Group as Chicago based company will be adding more capacity to Impossible Burger’s California based factory for the rest of the year. Higher capacity production should arrive in the coming weeks since OSI has already installed the necessary machinery in the food processing plant. See more on Wikipedia.

The demand for Impossible Food’s products comes from an announcement from multiple food chains adding plant-based foods to the menu. White Castle, Cheesecake Factory and Qdoba have made the change while Del Taco and Time Hortons opted for the rival Beyond Meat.

The demand from all these sources has put a strain on their manufacturing plant. The backlog comes from Burger King, with over 7000 stores across the U.S., announced plans to add the Impossible Whopper by year-end. As of now, only about 10,000 restaurants have Impossible Foods products on their menu since its introduction in 2016.

In keeping up with their growth, Impossible Foods has hired Dennis Woodside as president to manage the expansion. Impossible Foods also hired Sheetal Sha and announced a $300 million in funding to broaden the scope of their production.

Meanwhile, McDonalds has taken the wait and see approach on the plant-based meat market. They will be keeping an eye on companies such as Del Taco and Burger King to see how it pans out. McDonald’s could opt for Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat. Nestle and Tyson are McDonald’s suppliers, and they are working on their versions of plant-based products.

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David McDonald; How OSI Group Encourages Innovation in Business

David McDonald currently serves as the president of OSI Group, a premier worldwide food provider that collaborates with international brands. David has been serving in different positions at the company for more than thirty years. He has played a vital role in the success and expansion of the company. David got employed by OSI Industries immediately he graduated from Iowa State University. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in animal science from the university.

OSI Group has managed to build successful facilities globally. According to David McDonald, this has been possible because of the company’s ability to build successful and vibrant partnerships. Each partner that works with the company has in-depth knowledge of the business operations and culture of the area where the company is located. The team at OSI focuses on going an extra mile when it comes to meeting customer expectations.

According to David McDonald, customers are the ones who inspire innovation. He stated that for a company to provide valuable services or products, it is vital that it meets the needs of the customer. OSI Group ensures that it comes up with solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. Being able to adapt to change swiftly is crucial since it ensures future success.

OSI is also able to continually keep its quality standards high because it values family and it views customers like family. The company is always measuring its effectiveness when it comes to delivering products and also evaluate any mistakes that it may have made and make sure that it corrects it.

OSI has also enjoyed immense success in China over the last twenty years. David said that the catalyst was becoming one of the locals. The company was able to establish local partnerships that enabled it to meet the needs of the local market in China. He also said that being flexible came in handy and the company was able to follow its principles still, learn about the culture and provide high-quality products to the customers. Also, being patient and investing numerous times enables the company to gain the trust of the customers when it comes to delivering exceptional products that suit their needs.

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The Local and Global Influence of OSI Group

The food industry is a place where individuals hold their local dishes close to their heart. They wish to see more people enjoy their local dish, and boast the prestige of the origin point. In the modern age, there are countless food distribution companies running the global food supply. OSI Group is one of the newest companies to join the ranks for the northern hemisphere. The current management understand that dominance comes with expansion. In a recent Gazette Day article, they discusses the humble origins and modern approach OSI Group takes to food distribution

OSI Group might be a global corporation in the present day, but over a century ago they were just getting starting. The economic outlook of the early 20th century was positive. It opened the opportunity for a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky to open his own business. Thus, in the suburbs of Chicago, a new butcher shop was open for business. A decade of success soon passed, and the business was passed to his sons. The business, now named Otto & Sons, grew in size through the middle of the 20th century. There are several global events, but the shop held strong even during the roughest of times. To know more about the company click here.

By the 1950s, the economy was once again stable and growing once more. Ray Kroc approached the company with the opportunity of a lifetime. He was on the verge of revolutionizing American pop culture with his fast food chain McDonald’s, and he needed a meet supplier. This forged a partnership that gave rise to the modern day OSI Group. The later 20th century and early 21st century has been a period of rapid of growth for the company. First, new technology greatly changed how food would be stored, in addition to the ability to ship food across longer distances. This has been to good use with the recent series of acquisition deals across Europe.

OSI Group is a company that demonstrates how the American Dream is obtainable for anyone. An immigrant inspired the business that would take over the global food supply over a century.