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Business Development Exec Starts a Go Fund Me Campaign in Support of Earth Force Inc.

A well known business development executive has joined Earth Force Inc, which is a Denver-based charitable organization that is involved in advocating and trying to ensure a cleaner environment. Jon Urbana is using Facebook to show his support for the organization through Go Fund Me, where he has started a crowd campaign seeking to raise $1750 in support of the organization’s efforts. Those looking forward to supporting Earth Force Inc. to contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment can do so by contributing to this campaign.

Go Fund Me is a website that allows users to start campaigns by themselves to raise funds for charitable causes. Such websites take advantage of the fact that most people are spending a lot of time online, for either work purposes, leisure, as well as social interactions.

Urbana is dedicating his time and resources through Twitter – @jonurbana1 – and other channels to support this campaign. Besides starting the Go Fund Me campaign, Jon has also taken it upon himself to start a Crowd Rise campaign with the aim of attracting the youth to the A.R.A.S. movement. The movement aims at finding loving homes for cats in need of care.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Besides being a charity supporter, Jon Urbana is a lacrosse camp co-founder. He was instrumental in founding one of Colorado’s leading youth lacrosse training programs. This involvement with the youth enables Jon to use Imgur and his Instagram handle of @jonurbana to share pictures with them, and their level of commitment towards ensuring a cleaner environment.

Besides, Urbana is an avid blogger, and understands the youth and trends involving them, giving him an upper hand in mobilizing them. This philosophy was outlined earlier this month at

Jon Urbana hails from Denver. He is an entrepreneur, having started Ellipse as well as a legendary Villanova lax star. Jon has not let his former skill go to waste, and he co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp that focuses on key skills and techniques best suited to individual youth players, helping the young players exploit their full potential.

Jon Urbana loves working with the youth and mentoring them, and a longer article on speaks to his passion. His involvement with young people in Lacrosse summer camps and in charitable organizations is evidence to this. He has had a great impact in the lives of many youths, guiding them towards a better future.

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