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All about the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are centered on the theme of a global bohemian adventure. It is a celebration and appreciation of all cultures around the world. It will be one of the most groundbreaking celebrations of human culture on earth. Nothing like it has been attempted in the past.

The Lovaganza celebrations will culminate with entertainment, immersive exhibitions, and motion pictures. The celebrations will be reminiscent of bygone eras of the World’s Fairs; the celebrations will draw their inspiration from the present, past, and future direction of cultures around the world. The final celebration will take place for four months starting in May of 2020.

The immersive entertainment experience will be like nothing experienced before in the world. The main event of Lovaganza will be held at the Grand Chapiteau. However, there will also be other celebrations taking place simultaneously around the world. All the eight locations have already been selected, and preparations are ongoing. The locations will be in Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, and Asia.

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The Marvelous 12

An animated series will be used to explain the journey of the Lovaganza Convoy. The series will be presented during traveling shows that will culminate in the Lovaganza celebrations. It will also be released in cinemas globally before the final ceremony begins in 2020.

The film was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The studios, located in London are a renowned and respected recording facility globally. One of the reasons Abby Road was chosen is because it has been a huge part of history. Many major works such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Raiders of the Lost Ark have been filmed here.

JF&G will record each piece to be used in the series. Mr. Elliot will provide the arrangements. He has worked as an arranger on films such as Moulin Rouge. He has also worked with renowned stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. Mr. Alexander will lead the orchestration. He has been involved in many major hits such as Avatar, Harry Potter, The Jungle Book, and many other successful films. Seventy of England’s best symphony players composed the orchestra.

The Lovaganza celebrations would have been held in 2015. However, Lovaganza’s schedule was moved to 2020. The reason for this was that the organizers there were many interesting technologies in development. Thus, to take into account these immersive entertainment technologies, they decided to wait. At the celebrations, some of the finest technologies in film and entertainment will be released. One such development is the Immerscope screen, a revolutionary screen that will change the film industry.

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