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My College Lacrosse Teammate Covers A Lot Of Territory On His Blog

Jon Urbana deserves a lot of praise for his successful transition from professional lacrosse player to top lacrosse trainer, especially after having seen him grow over the years since the days we spent at Villanova playing for the same team. We’ve come a long way from our post-adolescence to grow into what I hope most would see as fine young men. Check out Jon’s page on Facebook to get a visual picture of who he really is as I talk about him. And be a Twitter follower, you can connect with him at @jonurbana1 anytime.

Jon Urbana’s success as an entrepreneur is also deserved of many positive mentions. Now may be the time to point out that he maintains a truly excellent and unique Slideshare account filled with presentations worth transcribing to audio on your commute home so you can listen to them in the car. Urbana’s blog highlights some really special things, which is why it is worth bookmarking.

The photo “Digital tablet and cup of coffee on old wooden table” is exactly what its name suggests with one major change. The cup is made of see-through glass and this tweaks expectations quite a bit. The slight change adds to the artistic nature of the image and perfectly fits in with the tone of the blog. You can see more of the many photos he’s taken in this Vimeo piece.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Delicious morning double expresso” continues with the coffee theme, a fun running theme on the blog, but with a totally different photo-art approach. The extreme close-up of the espresso cup has a mixed realism/minimalist feel that visually works well with Urbana’s experience (more on LinkedIn).

Smiling, happy crabs are a rarity. “Crab on White” is a great photo of a crab that looks like he is quite thrilled with life. The photo called Earth Temple is another example of the fantastic photo art this blog embodies. Urbana enjoys highlighting the wonders of the natural world on his @jonurbana Instagram handle and this funny crab picture is a way to do so.

He can also fly an airplane as well as anyone I know. In fact, Urbana’s admission to the FAA Airmen Certification Database should ease any concerns about whether you should get into a plane with him. So should this video of him in his own aircraft.

Since Jon Urbana is the brain behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp and he interacts with young athletes on a daily basis through some incredible training drills and off the field mentoring that include a charity-related GoFundMe drive, he also knows how to relate to them. This tweet shows that as well as any could.

The blog also delves into news and trending topics. “Can Detroit Meet Auto Emissions Standards In Time?” links to a audio file of news from National Public Radio (NPR). Those fond of listening to newsworthy discussions won’t be disappointed staying up on what his Medium blog covers.

Tech topics arise now and then as evidenced by “Can GoPro be saved?” a link to a USA Today article. The article is worth reading and casts a bit of light on the inner workings of the popular GoPro company.

Overall, Urbana is doing a solid job with his fundraising efforts, as well as his blog. Checking it daily would be a good move.