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Dick DeVos Work History

 Dick DeVos’ philanthropic contribution

Supporting education and the groups that promote education was the priority of Dick DeVos. For instance, he donated $3 million and $357,000 to schools and the groups that support education. Dick strived to ensure that every child achieves the American dream through getting access to basic education. The donations were aimed at promoting the teachers and administrators to reach every child using an efficient education system. Notably, all the contributions followed the criteria stipulated by the charitable organizations .This was clearly depicted by the financial support that offered to Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation .The aim of the mission was to help the members of the public directly without riding on any political agenda.

Some of the projects that have been established through Dick’s donations include aviation-themed charter school located at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He bought the first plane and donated $315,000 to West Michigan Aviation Academy to support their education. Additionally, He was involved in the donation of over $2.4 million to Arts & Culture in 2015.Furthermore, he donated $22 million to the University of Maryland to launch DeVos Institute of Arts Management .Apart from education, he has supported Chicago-area megachurch with the aim of enhancing leadership development in the region. The donation of $1 million was used to promote church’s global leadership summit which was attended by various leaders across the globe such as philanthropist Melinda 2015. Michigan schools were one of the institutions that benefited from his donations, and the information can be obtained from foundation’s tax records.

Dick DeVos named a ‘change maker’ at Crains Detroit

Dick DeVos was the one behind the idea of constructing a multi-purpose sports and convention arena at Grand Rapids. He formed the Grand Action which was a group made up of business leaders who were campaigning for the construction of sports facility inside the central business district. Some of the facilities constructed include DeVos Place Convention Centre and the Grand Rapids City Market. Dick DeVos has contributed in transforming institutions and policies. His influence led to changes in laws about education and labor.

In 2012, Dick DeVos advanced a law which changed the Michigan from a being a famous place for organized labor into a workplace suitable for workers. Dick DeVos donated $138.7 million to support education, church work, leadership programs and art and culture. In 2006, he donated 12.5 for the construction of children’s hospital. The hospital was to be constructed at the cost of $103 million. The aim of Dick DeVos was to ensure that even the children from a poor background can access the education. He also established an aviation charter high school with the aim of bringing education reforms at Grand Rapids International Airport. Moreover, he introduced tax-funded vouchers which enable students to be enrolled in private schools. Twenty-four states have now implemented the idea of vouchers in the private schools.



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Adam Milstein is a Prominent Philanthropist and Leading Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is the proud creator of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization whose mission is to educate the youth and student leaders. The foundation pioneers in enlightening young people about the state of Israel, challenges facing the Western World, and the Jewish people. He has skills in public speaking, entrepreneurship, management, and strategic planning.

Adam Milstein career and contribution

Milstein is a real estate investor, pro-Israel advocate, and philanthropist. He was born in Israel and served as a soldier in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated from Technion College with a degree in Industrial and Business Management and, later on, moved to the United States. Milstein obtained his master’s degree in business administration from the University of South California. Having completed his MBA, he began his career in the real estate business.

In 1986, he served as the president of Liberty West Inc., a company owned by Hager Pacific Properties. In 2000, Milstein became the board member of the Israel Campus Coalition, a position he still holds up to date. He also serves on the Hasbara Fellowship, StandWithUs, and Israel American Council Board.

In 2006, he was called upon to serve as AIPAC’s national council member. Four years later, he helped establish Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a literacy program implemented in the United States. The program serves to educate children on Jewish history. It does so by emailing them Jewish literature and music. In 2011, Milstein was promoted to managing partner of Hager Pacific. He currently serves as the chairman of the Israeli American Council Board.

Milstein’s record of accomplishment in the philanthropy world

He supports many Pro-Israel organizations such as the American Israel Education Foundation, the Israel-American Council, ICC, UCLA Foundation, and Hillel. Milstein has won several awards for his achievement in philanthropy arena. In October 2015, he received the American Friends of Magen David Adom Humanitarian Award. In 2016, he was named among 25 most influential people on ‘Jewish Twitter.’ He was also recognized among the top 100 people influencing Jewish life positively. He also featured as a finalist for the StandWithUs award.