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Purina Introduces the “I stand With Beneful” Ad Campaigns

Beneful dog food manufacturers, Purina industries, introduced a new advertising and marketing campaign dubbed, “I stand with Beneful”. This campaign features the men and women involved in making beneful the leading dog food brand in the United States. The campaign was not like any other form of advertising strategy but a firm reassurance to their client and associates of their continued commitment to producing the healthiest and most nutritious dog food brands.
This campaign captures the company’s workers with their pets and shares their sentiments towards the dog food brand. Some like the operations manger, the materials coordinator, and the ingredients loader offered assuring commentaries of how the company goes overboard to produce the industries top quality foods. Posing with their happy and healthy pets, they said with the knowledge of all the ingredients and efforts that go into the production of the dog food, they would not feed their dogs any other foods.
The company’s vice president, Juli Plassmeyer, says that the campaign started internally among the company’s staff. It started as an expression of concern about the misinformation in the markets surrounding the food brand. It then grew to such compelling levels that the management decided to share it with their caring client pet lovers, distribution partners, and even their critics.
The campaign debuted with a full page ad in The New York Times Sunday magazine, featured a TV commercial as well as some other forms of advertising in both the digital and print media.

Beneful is a big brand that supplies food products to more than 15 million healthy dogs annually. This food brand has also never been subjected to recall since it was introduced in 2001. There was therefore need to reassure the consumers and the general public alike of their continued commitment to safe dog foods and the campaign does just that.