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MAGFAST Makes Improvements to the Standard Charger

Without charging cables, you wouldn’t be able to power those all-important smartphones and other devices. The cords necessary for charging, however, create tangles and cause other annoyances. Wouldn’t it be better if another option existed? With the arrival of MAGFAST, a wireless charging option exists.

The MAGFAST charger is the brainchild of Seymore Segnit, an Oxford graduate who worked at top advertising firms and also in Silicon Valley. Segnit crowdfunded MAGFAST and raised $250,000 in around 15 minutes, drawing great publicity and attention. MAGFAST, itself, now draws attention.

One benefit with MAGFAST involves cutting out all those different charging cables. If you have three devices and hardwire the charging, then you were usually stuck with three different chords. All those cables running close together creates the potential for tangles. A MAGFAST charger eliminates the problem.

The “wireless charging experience” improves thanks to the use of magnetic chargers. Removing the annoying problem of tangles is the most obvious benefit, but it isn’t the only one. The capability to charger many different devices at once is a plus. Expanded compatibility is another.

Compatibility is a concern for many. Anyone who purchased a charging cable only to discover it works exclusively with one device and not three others often become annoyed. MAGFAST addresses the problem by offering greater compatibility.

The speed in which a MAGFAST charger works is another positive. Few people want to wait around forever for their devices to charge. Wireless magnetic chargers present a solution, a much-desired one.

Portability shouldn’t be burdensome. Magnetic wireless chargers assist travelers who don’t like to lug things around. The sleek design takes up little space making the unit easier to transport. Glove compartments, suitcases, and more don’t suffer from “stolen” space by an oversized charger.

MAGFAST might be the future of chargers. Why not take a closer look at it?