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EOS Lip Balm is Revolutionizing Their Customer’s Lips

EOS Lip Balm is likely one of the most recognizable lip balm brands out there on the market today. EOS has managed to stand out and have its voice hear, among all the rest of the lip product companies that currently saturate the beauty and wellness marketplace. Even industry leaders, such as Chapstick, are being outshined by the millenial favorite EOS Lip Balm. This can be on account of the lip balm company’s star marketing and the eye catching packaging that makes EOS so iconic in appearance.

The pastel colored spheres have cropped up a few years back on most shelves of huge retail companies that sell beauty products in their stores. This type of exposure can be given its due credit for raising EOS Lip Balm so high up on the popularity list. There is also, of course, the fact that their packaging is so likable by the younger generation. By making something that was once so mundane appear beautiful, this really gives them a quirky edge that other lip balm brands simply do not possess.

Evolution of Smooth is seen everywhere nowadays. Evolution of Smooth is what EOS stands for. It is in this simple acronym that people are able to gain an understanding of just what they can look forward to when they twist open an EOS capsule. EOS maintains relevancy in a competitive marketplace by constantly updating their products, offering limited edition runs and seasonal products in order to inspire their followers to purchase these flavors as collectibles to cleverly go along with the mood of that particular time frame.