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Benefits of Product Recognition Over Other Search Methods

Product recognition is a technology that allows you to browse for content without using energy to type out texts. The only thing that is needed in this case is an application that is customized well to offer ability to recognize images and to send information about the image to internet servers. The process works uniquely to offer results within seconds. What happens is that you scan the object you want to search with the help of your phone camera. This is after enabling an application that helps you to search for what you need by taking its image.

This technology allows you to have easy time finding what you want because the results that are submitted while searching match exactly with the item you are looking for. For instance, when you want to buy a blue bag, you will get the exact design as you have at your disposal. The search also includes options where you can specify which color you would like to get. Most online shopping stores have created applications that allow buyers to easily access products on their sites. Unlike typing your searches, you will not be directed to sites that do not offer sufficient information about what you are looking for.

Speed is also another advantage you will get to enjoy while using the image recognition technology. The application submits search results within seconds, so you will not need to wait for longer hours to receive feedback. This is one of the motivations that will make buyers to love the application. As long as your connection is strong, you will not have difficult time accessing the items you need online.

Getting the application to your phone is not expensive. Most online stores have created the application for their users to download for free. Remember the application is installed on your phone and its portability makes it the best option while out. This is one of the fastest options when shopping because specific websites will allow you to search for the item you need on their website. Browsing freehand without specifying what you need may take longer to identify the right product. Product recognition changes everything making your online experience unique.

Transformation of Shopping Using Visual Search Technology for Consumers and Businesses

Visual search technology has introduced a new platform for shoppers and businesses to interact spontaneously in any location. It transforms most mobile devices into a visual product search engine by matching a particular image photographed by a consumer to retailers’ inventory. There are providers of visual search engines that offer free apps that quickly downloads to iPhones. Fortune 500 companies are using visual search technology to make shopping more accessible to customers worldwide.

No more waiting in long lines to shop for merchandise when consumers can simply photograph any item seen on the streets or other places on a smartphone. The image is then submitted into a product image recognition database and within a few minutes the query is matched with the retailer’s inventory. Companies, such as Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s, and Toys “R” Us are allowing visual search technology providers to take their businesses to the next level of sales and customer relations. Providers have a variety of apps available for free download for customers to retrieve information about merchandise, including fashion, purses, shoes, jewelry, toys, and furniture. The list of products are limitless for searches of inventory in photo search engines.

Slyce, Inc. is a competitive and innovative visual search provider which developed an advanced technology that recognizes images by streaming millions of photos. Recently, the company signed a contract with Photon’s, the leading provider of omni-channel and digital imaging. In May 2015, Slyce became the provider of digital phones visual product search technology for Photon. The provider has apps available online, including the Pounce, Crave, DriveTrain, and SnipSnap apps that are accessible to shoppers and retailers. Currently, there are over 8 million consumer and retailer users experiencing visual search expertise.

Consumers are able to employ visual search technology on iPhones by following easy steps. The first step is to download apps like Pounce, Crave, and SnipSnap to see merchandise, purchase, and save money with the use of coupons. The apps are free to download and can be obtained on Google Play and the App Store from any smartphone. Next, photograph images of products of interest and then submit to the visual search database system. Results of the searches are immediately returned to the shopper with the precise image or similar photos of the merchandise. Lastly, if image result is satisfactory, compare prices, redeem coupons, and purchase the product.

The transformation of shopping and branding products with the new technology of visual search engine is beneficial to consumers and retailers across the world. It has created a platform to engage people and businesses international in v-commerce. One of the best benefits to consumers is that from anywhere in the world, images can be streamed to locate any type of item. If there’s a smartphone, the customer can snap the picture of product, research it using visual search engine, and with one press of a button, buy it. An important benefit for retailers is a phenomenal visual technology platform that attracts visitors and potential customers online.