Chris Burch, Owner of Nihi Sumba

Chris Burch has created a lavish and lovable resort called Nihi Sumba. This resort does more than just grant its visitors an escape from everyday life. This resort invites its visitors into a lifestyle being well lived. This resort is the perfect mux between freedom and luxury. This place allows for a person to connect to a larger than life place or peace and refuge. If you are an adventurer or wanderer, Nihi Sumba has something especially for you. It is place for passionate curiosity. Purposeful vacations occur. People arrive wanting to relax and they leave feeling recharged, see (

Chris Burch’s paradise creation is east of Bali. The resort is centered in an oasis of beautiful warm blue waters surrounded by green lush vegetation. The resort is able to accommodate all of the needs of its visitors due to their large variety of services. They offer visitors wedding options, a variety of places to stay, exceptional dining and heavenly experiences.

The dining experiences of this resort allow visitors to have a vast selection of vegetables, meats and organic meals freshly prepared to their demand. They specialize in great dining because it starts and ends the day. Their menus support local taste buds and foods with origins to that area of the world. Their fish come straight from their shores. Open fire toast is a favorite amongst guests.

Nihi Sumba goes beyond the ordinary hotel room. Chris Bruch has specially designed the villas and rooms of this resort to be exceptional and unforgettable accommodations. The way you live will be ultimately altered after staying in one of these ultra-plush and comfortable rooms. Detail is in the room from the crisp bed lines to the canopy beds. For your sweet tooth, a mini bar boasts handmade chocolate. Indian Ocean views will be the first and last thing you see every day. The accommodations have different styles to meet your taste. The styles of the villas and rooms go perfectly for those wanting something sweet and simple and for those wanting something more daring and adventurous.

The resort has a host of activities to keep you busy while on your vacation. Wellness is important to Chris Burch’s resort. Yoga and exercises are at the core of the resort. The spa safari is perfect for relaxing and healing. Excursions are planned on a daily basis. The Sumba culture invites all visitors to experience their society, as posted on

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    Princess Mario September 21, 2018

    Well it somehow becomes clear now that when the experts write on technical terms they tend to have the results. I can say for sure that helped to identify the markets properly and have effectively communicated much better. I feel that when Nihi Sumba started out, they did less than half as well till they have their communication working.

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