ClassDojo Helps Communication to Parents

Teachers face numerous challenges every day when it comes to communication to both students and their parents. Products that “wow” those who use them do not necessarily solve problems, can be confusing and often do not even make it into the schools. Because of this, some edtech companies have realized that ground-up change is needed and connection and empowerment can be enhanced between teachers, parents and students. With numerous products on the market, teachers are inundated with solutions that may not be really effective.

ClassDojo, founded by Sam Chaudhary, is one program that has succeeded, with its communication platform between parents and teacher; similar to a parent-teacher conference in former days, ClassDojo is able to communicate to parents the student’s progress as well as do more. Teachers have realized the need for such a program; at present, ClassDojo is used in 90 percent of Kindergarten through 8th grade school districts; that fact was recently reported by the San Francisco Business Times. This means that 2 in 3 schools are now using ClassDojo.

The app is free for teachers. Parents are able to join in on a class using a device, and ClassDojo can translate messages into more than 30 languages. When the class is utilizing Quiet Hours, it will deliver that message as well. Teachers are able to share videos, photos and announcements on Class Story, as well as privately message a parent. It just the beginning of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Successfully helping in creating community, ClassDojo also wants to help bring ideas into the classroom, transforming education through the simple solution of working together. Parents can see just what their child is doing, expanding the communication between the classroom, parents and their children. With communication platforms like ClassDojo, parent-teacher meeting will become a thing of the past.

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