ClassDojo is planning to Enhance Users’ Experience by committing $21 Million for Modification

ClassDojo has always displayed its commitment when it comes to modifying its educational app by including more features in it. It has conducted several venture funding campaigns to raise funds for the app. During its Series B venture financing, it raised a whopping $21 million. By enabling consistent communication throughout the year, ClassDojo helps parents to know what their children are doing at school and progress in their behavior.


The co-founders’ comments


The co-founders of the educational app, Sam Chaudhary, and Liam Don, stated that the firm ended its Round B venture financing in late 2015. The company is intending to use the money accumulated to develop its team and come up with excellent content and features that can improve users’ experience. According to Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s mission is to involve parents more in managing the affairs of their kids both at home and school.




Each day, teachers use the app to plan a timetable of activities that parents recognize. They capture and forward pictures or clips to parents displaying leaner’s participation in activities and progress. Therefore, parents are conversant with the strength and weakness of their kids.


Venture funding


General Catalyst oversaw Series B round for ClassDojo. The company attracted new investors such as SignalFire and Reach Capital. The San Francisco-based technology startup has managed to raise $31 million in venture financing since its inception. Hemant Tanaja’s managing director, General Catalyst, stated that ClassDojo started out as a tool for teaching good behavioral traits and graduated to being utilized for fostering collaboration among parents, educators, and students.




Managing the behavior of students is one of the toughest challenges that educators encounter. Additionally, the approaches that schools adopt to deal with learners behavior might have a great impact on kids’ character as well as social-emotional development. Fortunately, ClassDojo, a tech-based tool, assists teachers to enhance the behavior of students and update parents and administrators on the behavior of students. Liam Don and Chaudhary launched the ClassDojo back in 2011, and they have since then overseen its growth to over one million users.


Initially, ClassDojo was a tool for managing behaviors of students that enabled teachers to reward students with positive points upon demonstrating a new skill or behaving well. Since then, the educational tool has transformed into a communication platform, which allows teachers to share messages, pictures, and videos with parents concerning the progress of students. Nearly half of all schools in the United States and educators in 180 other nations are relying on what ClassDojo has to offer.

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