Coming Soon: Guitar Hero Live!

Guitar Hero was truly one of the most brilliant video games ever devised. Allowing gamers to step into the shoes of their favorite musicians and play their all-time favorite songs on a prop guitar was a very novel concept. The concept was also a wildly successful one spawning sequels to the original game. The new games came with new songs. Now, Guitar Hero Live provides another experience for fans of the music game.

It has been five long years since the previous release, Guitar Heroes: Warriors of Rock, and the trailer for the new game shows the wait may have been well worth it. Among the more interesting aspects of the new game is there are no more animated crowds. Instead, actual video footage of various crowds in different venues of different sizes and scopes are presented.

Gamers like Sam Tabar agree that this completely changes the dynamic of the experience and provides something very new and intriguing to those familiar with the original versions of the game. You could even say the “live” version makes the game more accessible to new fans who are looking for something a little more cutting edge.

The presence of a “real live” crowd changes things a lot. You have to really concentrate while playing because the crowd could through you off your game. Consider the added difficulty to be one of the more interesting aspects of the new release. No one wants to experience a rehash of a prior version. Guitar Hero Live is most definitely a lot more than just a rehash.

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