Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier

Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt are the two men who founded the Computer Sciences Corporation, also known as the CSC. It was created in April 1959 with its first location being built in Los Angeles. In the early stages of the company’s development they formed programs that were used to assemble and compile computer software. Even in Computer Sciences Corporation’s first few years they were already partnering with numerous companies.Their programs were fundamental for the growth of many major computer manufacturers including NASA, Honeywell, and IBM. Less than a decade after Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt had launched their dream they were already the largest software company in America with a yearly revenue in the millions. In 1968 Computer Sciences Corporation expanded their operations out of the United States to include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, and the Netherlands. In the next decade the company would only improve and grow. Their expertise and seeming monopoly on the market helped earn them a seat in the both finance and defense industries. Since the mid 1990s Computer Sciences Corporation has held a spot as Fortune 500 Company. In 2008 the company moved their corporate headquarters from El Segundo, California to Annandale, Virginia. Recently, the company has announced that they are going to divide their assets into commercial, public, and international sectors. Computer Sciences Corporation still remains as a force to be reckoned with today.

In 2013 Computer Sciences Corporation acquired ServiceMesh, a company that specialized in cloud and information management. The CEO of ServiceMesh is Eric Pulier, a man who has been working with electronics all of his life. Eric Pulier spent his childhood in Teaneck, New Jersey. By the time he was in elementary school he was already writing code for computer programs. In high school Pulier was already the owner of his own computer database company. He studied at both MIT and Havard where he majored in American Literature and English. In his free time during college he would write for his column in the The Harvard Crimson and continue to create new computer programs. Eric Pulier graduated magna cum laude in 1988 and shortly after he moved to Los Angeles. He founded a company called People Doing Things that used technology to help address common social issues such as education, poverty, and healthcare. Pulier also founded Digital Evolution which merged with US Interactive LLC, and Starbright World a private online place for chronically ill children to communicate with others who share their experiences.

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    Matt Farrar September 26, 2016

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