Editing Your First Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is a gigantic website that seems to have information on just about every topic available. From the obscure to breaking news, the encyclopedia seems up to date almost as soon as something happens. In order for this gargantuan encyclopedia to stay current it requires a large volunteer workforce that adheres both to the strict rules and regulations that Wikipedia sets forth while also being able to work well with anonymous users all over the world. It’s not an easy task being a Wikipedia writing service contributor and the folks at GetYourWiki can tell you that many don’t end up cut out to do it. In order to ensure success as a Wiki editor keep these following tips in mind when trying to edit an article or add a page to the Wiki.

Practice makes perfect.
In order to perfect anything in life practice is going to be needed. Fortunately Wikipedia understands that their platform can be confusing and hard to work with, so they created the User Page as a practice area for new editors to learn the ropes. On the User Page new editors are able to mock up entire articles and see them ‘live’ before ever publishing them. From this point they are also able to bring on other Wikipedia editors in order to give them tips and help them with smaller details.

Learn the rules.
Wikipedia requires an absolute commitment to formatting and voice rules for the content that ends up on the site. New editors can get a firm grasp of the regulations required by direction their attention to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style has a lot of content that is almost certainly required reading. New editors will learn how to format, how to cite references, and how to keep their voice in the proper tone for the articles that are going up on the website. It can be a long and dense read but the MoS is ultimately helpful enough to be worth the effort.

Keep a focused voice.
The most important aspect of writing for Wikipedia is keeping a consistent and focused voice inside of articles. Wikipedia flourishes when writers stick to the program and don’t try to inject their own personality into the writing. Wikipedia wants to be a standardized source of information and it can’t do that when writers are trying to take some form of spotlight in order to shine it on themselves. So keeping a consistent, neutral, point of view is effective.

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