Equities First Holdings: Your Better Choice in Lending

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a global leader in the provision of efficient solutions to business entities and high net-worth single investors looking for non-purpose capital. Due to its need to serve its customers and other business associates well and to be easily accessible the company has decided to relocate its Melbourne local offices to a new locality. Their new offices are now located in Collin Street- Level 2, in Victoria 3000, Melbourne.

While commenting about the relocation, the Managing Director of Equities First Holdings (Australia), Mitchell Hopwood said that the new offices would enable them to serve their clients and provide more room for expansion. In Australia, the company has three offices, that is, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Apart from the Australian offices, the company also has branches in UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and Indianapolis, the USA which also serves as the company’s headquarters.

Since it was started in 2002, the company has carried out over 700 transactions worth 1.4billion. Equities First Holdings LLC provides customers with alternative capital. It supplies capital against publicly held stock enabling their clients to meet their professional and personal goals. The capital provided is not pegged to any specific investment. Click here to know more.

EFH’s client includes businesses and high net-worth individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Non-purpose means once the loan has been issued, the borrower is not restricted as to what purpose they can put the capital into. They can invest in whatever befits them. These kinds of loans use equities as collateral for a specified period.

Equity First Holding’s hyper-focused nature enables it to operate on a deal-by-deal basis. They believe in the empowerment of its clients through the provision of tailored products. The company’s loans are easily obtainable in a five step process: contacting the company, valuation, drafting terms of agreement and transfer, getting the funding and lastly return of collateral by the company upon repayment of the principal loan amount and accrued interests.


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