Eric Pulier: Leading CSC in Providing Technology Solutions that Enhance Businesses

Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that offers products in the information technology sector and other professional services. It was started in 1959 and has offices across the world with more than 70,000 employees in over 70 countries. Its corporate headquarters are in Falls Church, Virginia in the United States.

The company majorly offers advice to clients on the appropriate information technology infrastructure that they need. This is in terms of upgrading or restructuring their systems and providing systems that can improve their performance. It does this by ensuring that clients reap maximum benefits from their investments in Computer Sciences Corporation products. They offer the best services from its global scale, domain experience with top quality industry solutions.

For over 50 years the company has been in operation, it has provided clients with products that have enabled their businesses to be successful. This is because Computer Sciences Corporation has the capacity to solve any huge technical challenge. They have a management team comprised of people who have a wide knowledge of both the domestic and international markets. These individuals have a rich background in technological achievements, business, and in academics. A good example is Eric Pulier who has served as the Chief Executive Officer for the company.

Eric Pulier is a well respected entrepreneur and technology executive. He has started over fifteen companies that include ServiceMesh. Eric Pulier has also helped in raising millions for companies that he aided in their formation. He is considered the perfect guy in launching successful startups due to the various companies that he has helped. Most of them deal with technology and media. He is a published author who also gives talks on technology.

He is an active participant in the Clinton Global Initiative and is the executive director of Enterprise Leadership Council. Aside from his business engagements, Eric Pulier supports charity and has donated millions towards the same. He helped in the creation of The Painted organization that helps children with chronic illness. Eric also serves in the X-Prize Foundation Board of Directors. This is an organization that aims to find solutions to problems that people face in the world today by sponsoring competitions.

Initially, Computer Sciences Corporation used to provide programming tools for other companies. Although this forms the core of its business, it has since diversified. It now provides services in the areas of communication, media, and automotive. Computer Services Corporation also provides services in banking, manufacturing, and Insurance in addition to Transportation. These services are all geared towards providing solutions driven by technology.

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