Eva Moskowitz: Leading the Success of Her School Networks

The state appeals court have just awarded $720,000 to the network of charter schools owned by Eva Moskowitz, called the Success Academy. According to the ruling, the version of pre-kinder contract that the city of New York is trying to impose into the network of schools managed to overstep their authority.

Right after the deliberation of the ruling, Eva Moskowitz traveled to Washington to receive the Broad Prize – a recognition given annually to operators of charter schools who are contributing to the outstanding academic performance of students coming in from low-income family backgrounds and students who are non-White. Currently, Success Academy is a strong conglomerate of 41 schools, educating more than 14,000 students from the city of New York coming from poverty stricken families. Because of the school network’s dedication to aid the children of New York City through their studies, they have been nominated for the award once again, just like the previous year.

The award that was given is a testament, not just for the Success Academy school network, but also for Eva Moskowitz because of her passion to innovate and develop the education system for generations to come. One of these innovations that are being developed is the Ed Institute, an online database of training resources and free curriculum that is highly accessible to everyone and it is regarded to be the foundation of the school network’s system.

This brand new addition to Success Academy’s academic tools would be putting them into another horizon – higher compared to where they were at before. Considered to be the largest charter school network in the city of New York, more people are expected to enroll and benefit from their system. People are seeing the results of hard work that the students are exhibiting – they keep on dominating state tests, receiving high scores and have always been on the top performing schools, even beating some private institution that are expected to perform well. For comparison, the least performing school of the Success Academy network was able to push at least 90% of its students to get a grade at or above last year’s level, during math tests. The rating given was considered to be higher than average, proving how they prioritize to educate their students. Another score comparison was with English Language Arts, specifically reading skills, where 75% of the students were at or above last year’s grade level. Compared to the affluent suburban schools around New York City, the score that Success Academy received is much higher.


Eva Moskowitz can be credited for the success of her charter school network. Her passion and dedication to help the children are the two main factors on why Success Academy became successful, and no other school in the United States can ever claim the same feat that they have reached. Students are always motivated to study, resulting in better grades. Success Academy has been criticized a number of times for not sharing their secret to success – but as per Eva Moskowitz, schools should always remember that the involvement of the children’s family is what drives their school to triumph.



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