Fighting Bad Online Publicity With Darius Fisher

With so much of our time spent on the internet it makes a whole lot of sense that we’ll end up having some rather sensitive data online. For the most part people don’t seem to understand how important their privacy is when it comes to securing online materials, and this often leads to data leaks that damage the reputations of people involved. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in shutting down viral problems on the internet by utilizing different specialties. Their president and CEO, Darius Fisher, compiled a list of useful tips in the event of a photo data leak.

The first thing that people need to do, according to CEO Darius Fisher, is to quickly take stock of the situation. If you are a public figure or the head of a company in the public spotlight you need to immediately take ownership of the unfavorable photo. Look to public relation experts or crisis management gurus to help guide you to a plan to help your company out. This is typically where a company like Status Labs would jump in and get involved.

After you’ve assessed the situation in its entirety it is time to be proactive. You’ll want to start looking to where this unfavorable photo is being hosted. You can contact web administrators directly and request that they remove the photo from their servers. Most hosts don’t want to cause trouble and will end up doing so at a simple request. If an administrator proves to be difficult then Fisher suggests turning to an attorney in order to write up a DMCA take down request. This request puts an emphasis on how serious you are about getting the image taken down and is typically enough to make the photo vanish.

Now that you’ve gotten the situation at least slightly under control you need to start engineering things back in your favor. Fisher suggests that you utilize SEO techniques in order to push the negative image down in the rankings. By creating positive content that is targeted toward your brand you are diluting the bad content, thus allowing you to progress and move on. Simple, right? Check out Darius’ personal website for more information.

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