Four Must Have Foods For a Healthy Dog

1. Evolve Treatment for an Aging Dog

Evolve by Beneful emphasizes the rejuvenation process for aging canine muscles and body strength with enhancing ingredients of multi-vitamins created specifically for stamina, joints and muscles of an older dog. Included in the list of ingredients is a generous helping of glucosamine, a joint reliever commonly prescribed by vets for animals and even prescribed by human physicians for people with joint conditions. I could see most of his limping had disappeared and he was more in the spirit for walks or our games after just 7 days of Evolve being included in his diet.

2. Playful Living Adult Formula

The motto of Beneful company acclaiming feeding animals with a food that is “healthy with a big dose of happy” certainly rang true at my house for both of my dog buddies and for myself as their caregiver. The Purinastore Beneful Playful Life Adult Formula provides all dogs with an increased energy and the formula is actually bursting with essential nutrients for health and longevity. Dogs love Playful Life and Evolve’s great flavors, and the real beef in both meals builds strong immune systems and restores any aging muscles. Both Evolve and Beneful Playful Life Adult Formula are sold on walmart:

• Easily digested

• Made of real beef

• Available in six shapes for interest

• Boosts to immune system

• Combinations of protein and vitamin nutrients

3. Prepared Meals by Beneful’s Wet Foods

Dogs are much us, and we all love treats to give us a spark and break in routine. Prepared Meals for a really large dog can be just a tasty snack between meals, or for the tiny terriers this food can be their entire meal.

4. Incredibles For Incredible Energy

I use the Incredibles not as meal time food but as treats ( My senior buddy loves to tease me and play now that he is without any joint problems and our admires the dog’s exuberance, coat and his youthful grace in movement.

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