FreedomPop Funding And Deals

FreedomPop is growing their company. They have decided not to sell the company to buyers, announced the CEO of FreedomPop. The company is becoming more valuable, and they plan to continue growing within the mobile phone and internet markets. The company helps consumers save bundles on the phone and internet bills. They offer the best, free internet and mobile phone service. The service includes 500 MB of data each month, 500 talk time minutes each month and 500 text messages each month. They were just running a deal for the Black Friday shopping holiday that would give new customers one free month of the premium service that they offer. The premium service is good for 1 GB of data each month, unlimited talk time and unlimited text messaging. The customers that started with FreedomPop and made use of this holiday deal will resume the basic plan after one month. They will also have the option to pay a monthly service for a better plan, but so many people are happy with having the free service.

Funding And FreedomPop’s Structure

The company is gaining ground internationally and within the United States. They have made serious waves within the United States before starting to issue their services in the United Kingdom. Residents there have the same free plan to take advantage of, and they will have other options, also. The company plans to bring the service to more countries outside of the United States and the United Kingdom. This is one of the main reasons why the CEO and other executives of FreedomPop are resisting any buyers interest in purchasing the company. They plan to keep growing and changing the world of phone and internet usage.

The company plans to have 1 million customers by the end of 2015. This is a huge leap considering that they just started a few years ago in 2012. They are making big changes in the way that people view internet and phone bills. People are saving money on their bills, and they are happy. They have recently acquired funding from various sources and made these announcements public to some extent. The funders Intel Capital have funded FreedomPop with an undisclosed amount. Also, Partech Ventures funded FreedomPop with $30 million. This was announced over the summer. It is optimistic to assume that we will all see more of FreedomPop in the US and internationally.

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