FreedomPop: The Future of Tech

People who have a tablet with WiFi only are only able to get on the Internet when on the go by using a WiFi hotspot. This is due not having a connection to the Internet available when on the go. This means another option is needed. One solution that is available is the mobile data service from FreedomPop.

The basic business model of FreedomPop is to get people to subscribe to their basic service and have a significant number pay for premium options. This company has been offering free data and voice plans for smartphones since 2012 using the Sprint and Clearwire network. However, they have service that is available for both WiFi only and mobile-enabled tablet devices. This means consumers can choose one of both options based on their needs. Their location will determine the options that are available.

Consumers will benefit from using a service that is free for general use. One aspect to realize about the service is extra features require a small fee. This includes offers to receive a text message if a consumer is near the data plan capacity limit.  If you choose the option to receive capacity limit texts, then expect to pay $1.99 per month.

The maximum amount of data that is available for a free plan is 500 MB. This is not a significant amount for general use, but it will allow people to check email and various social media accounts. One thing to keep in mind is their wireless Internet service requires the use of a specific device. You have the option of the Freedom Stick, 250U, the Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro, or the Freedom Spot Photon – 4G/3G MiFi. The cost will range from $19.99 to $59.99 based on the option that is chosen. However, the cost is refunded to the consumer. Consumers also have the option of rolling over unused data for $3.per month.

The free phone service from FreedomPop will require the consumer to purchase a smartphone or tablet during the sign up process. However, the do offer the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini if a consumer desires an Apple device. Forbes notes that their basic plan is totally free, but is limited to 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. If you prefer an unlimited plan, then the cost is $19.99 per month. There will also be an option for voicemail at $2.49 and an extended warranty option for $8.99.

This is a viable solution for people who are not heavy phone users or people who want an inexpensive option for phone and Internet access. One thing to keep in mind is FreedomPop offers an app that will turn a tablet into a fully functional phone. They also have a Freedom Sleeve Rocket that will make the iPod Touch work like an iPhone. This is a great option when an upgrade is not necessary.

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