George Soros Speaks on Trump and Cuz and Their Message of Division

Billionaire financier, philanthropist in a world famous hedge -fund manager George Soros while speaking at a dinner in Davos launched an all-out attack on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as well as Vladimer Putin. George Soros pulled no punches and went far as to say that Donald Trump is actually doing the work of the Islamic state commonly known as ISIS. He also chastised much of the Republican field of presidential candidates for their role in helping convert Muslims into terrorists. Originally Mr. Soros was giving his views on the fragile state of global financial markets and how China has been added to the the volatility when he suddenly and unexpectedly began giving what was obviously a passionate opinion on the growing Republican position of banning Muslims from entering the country. Some Republican hopefuls have gone as far as to declare that they would compose a specific list of all the Muslims in the United States and would immediately begin surveillance based on the database. This is reminiscent of the Nazi regime and as we explore the history of George Soros it is becomes increasingly clear why Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s hateful rhetoric has produced such a passionate and colorful response from Soros.

As the world’s most successful hedge fund manager George Soros found himself in a position to be able to help others. So in 1979 he began his quest into the world of philanthropy by sponsoring scholarships for black college students at the Cape Town University of South Africa. This was during the period known as apartheid in these young students truly needed the assistance of Mr. Soros provided. He went on to create the Open Society Foundations to help ensure freedom and fairness to all peoples. His outreach is global and the Open Society Foundations has helped to create a landscape of equality and fairness in over 110 countries. In 2011 alone the organization had allocated $837 million to help fund its many endeavors.

George Soros was quoted in Business Insider as saying “ISIS, and before that Al Qaeda, discovered the Achilles heel of Western Civilization: the fear of death,” according to Soros. “It interferes with reason, and people do things out of fear that is actually harmful. By fear mongering, Donald Trump, and the others, Cruz and so on, are doing the work of ISIS.” George Soros has traveled around the world spending billions of dollars in support of a fair open society. He was instrumental in the peaceful transition of Eastern Europe from communism. George Soros is dedicated much of his life to supporting policies intended promote fairness and freedom. Mr. Soros has contributed heavily to the Democratic causes throughout the world in the Hungarian born philanthropist is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact it looks like Donald Trump in Ted Cruz have managed to ignite a passionate fire that compels Mr. Soros to intervene.

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