Get Swiping Because Tinder Plus Is Coming.

It’s hard to find love. Many of us have given up all together on the notion that maybe we will just bump into the man of our dreams at the grocery store, or perhaps jog right into him when out for a run. Now, we have to work for it. Working for it a lot of times means trying that online dating thing. Currently, Tinder seems to take the top spot in online dating app’s. Almost everyone I know is on it, including myself.

There are some problems that I have noticed with Tinder, and apparently some other people have noticed them as well. Now there are changes being made. According to Buzzfeed Tinder Plus will be hitting the app store. So what makes Tinder Plus so special? Well now users abroad will be able to use this hit app that took the United States by storm.

I’ve heard the frustrated cries when one of my friends would accidentally swipe right (meaning yes) to someone that they didn’t want. Now, they can reverse that before any sort of awkward encounter ensues. Sometimes you do get yes happy on Tinder, unfortunately now you won’t be able to make unlimited yes swipes unless you sign up for Tinder Plus.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( has read that there are a few catches however. For one, it will cost you. Tinder is a free app. Tinder Plus will be available for less than ten dollars in the United States. Abroad the prices will vary. Perhaps the biggest catch of all is that if you are over the age of 28, Tinder Plus will cost you *MORE*.

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    Angeline Turner August 25, 2018

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