Gold and Silver Coins Sold By the US Money Reserve to Fund Statue

The home of the US Navy Memorial Foundation can be found on Pennsylvania Avenue. This is exactly mid way between the Capitol and the White House in Washington DC. The US Navy Memorial’s purpose is to praise and salut the many Navy men and women. This is a place where they can come together as well as commemorate the service that they provide to the nation. The outside area also known to many as the plaza portrays a map of the world chiseled from solid granite. This map is named the Granite Sea. As well as other great features such as fountain pools, waterfalls, signal flags and the Lone Sailor Statue which has made headline news recently on Yahoo Finance.

Neighbouring the outside plaza with its many features and attractions is the Naval Heritage Center. This center houses educational displays and posters to showcase the contributions of the many women and men of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The Naval Heritage Center is also home to the Navy Log. This is an online service which allows all those who have served to stay connected and uphold the many memories created during their time of service. This is a great feature as Navy Veterans can also construct a record of their own and share it on twitter with others.

The Navy Memorial Foundation recently received donations according to, from the US Money Reserve in order to construct the statue of the Lone Sailor in order to provide the many men and women of the Navy and the youth in general with inspiration and honor. The money comes from the sale of silver and gold coins stamped for the 75th Anniversary of the events of Pearl Harbor.

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