Google Chrome User Exodus Continues

In an unsurprising move, Google decided on June 9 to remove its visual bookmarks manager from upcoming new Chrome releases after an avalanche of user complaints that the bookmark tiles took up too much screen space and that the manager used up too much computer resources. This one issue alone, even with an option provided by Google developers to turn it off, caused many users to switch to other browsers.

Yet, users have been leaving in droves since mid-April for another reason and Google’s decision last week will not stop this mass exodus.

Google changed its policy regarding plugins: In September, Google won’t permit user access to NPAPI plugins like Flash, Unity, Java and Silverlight. According to chiropractor Brian Torchin, Google claims that the switch is for security reasons and that every other browser company is doing the same. Yet, experts agree that other companies are waiting for website owners around the world to catch up with newer security measures and that Google is trying push its own products on users by removing access to products offered by its competition.

As of early this morning, Thursday, June 18, complaints about this issue continue to stream into the Google Product Forum. The thread about the topic has reached 21 pages. Most users state they love Chrome, but they need the plugins for work, banking and/or entertainment and that they’re switching browsers now or once v45 comes out in September.

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    Isla Conor September 27, 2017

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