How Adam Milstein Became Famous in the Jewish Community

You’re probably familiar with the name Adam Milstein, especially if you had any interest in the Israeli real estate market. He is well known as one of the leaders of Hager Pacific Heights, where he is the managing partner. It has over two billion dollars worth of portfolio.


However, Adam Milstein is also one of the Jewish community’s most well known and respected philanthropists. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This is a foundation that is focused on helping Jewish youth reconnect with their roots. Thanks to the foundation, many young Jewish students were able to connect with their heritage. It is because of this dedication to the community that he was recognized as Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.


This isn’t all. He also started the Israeli-American Council. This helps better relationships between the United States and Israel, and has had a very great impact on foreign policy regarding the state of Israel and the Jewish community in general. He is not afraid to stand up and speak his mind when it comes to the safety of the Jewish community. His wife is an immigrant from Morocco, and he knows what it’s like to be a small minority.


He also writes for many Jewish publications. He is a noted speaker, and one of his main themes is how Jewish youngsters should learn how to read and speak Hebrew. This will help them connect with their heritage. He himself donates resources for helping people learn Hebrew. Unlike other people who just write a check and that’s it he is actually engaged in the community.


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, to parents who immigrated to Israel from Mexico and Argentina. He served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur war, then went to study at the Technion. It was then that he started joining his father in the real estate market.


He moved to the United States with his wife in 1981. Two years later, he earned his MBA from the University of Southern California. He founded his charity foundation in 2000, and sits on the board of major Jewish groups such as StandWithUs and Israel on Campus Coalition.

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