How to Write a Better Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia, and it accommodates many readers and Wikipedia writers.

How Get Your Wiki Can Help
Despite the entity or individuals, articles on any topics can be created by Get Your Wiki, a Wikipedia writing company . Contributing to the Wikipedia community is fun and very easy. Its editors at the company are skilled professionals who can assist whether you need to write an article or edit one. The monitoring service is on the upfront to ensure that all new or edited articles meet the Wikipedia standards and policies such as formatting and referencing with reliable sources. Pages can also be translated by the professional team at the company to any language depending on the writer’s preferences. The professional team of translators is on standby to ensure that your page is translated into any desired language.

People from across the world read Wikipedia every day. Such people are of different ideologies, education and background hence a writer should consider this in the article they want to write. A simple trick to attaining many readers is ensuring your article is accessible and understandable. The article needs to explain everything since most readers are out there to learn from the article. Refrain from using jargons but in case jargon is used; provide a precise explanation of the article. Strive for equality between detail and comprehensibility so that readers can acquire information from your article.

Below are a few techniques to gauge your context and check if it has the required context:

Ø Incase you are a layperson in another country speaking English. Would you know what the article drives at?

Ø Does the article provide enough information if the reader spots it at a random page?

Ø Can someone identify the aim of the article from only the first page?

Ø Would a reader follow the links added?

When writing an article, the context needs to state facts that you are conversant with and might not be to the reader. These statements are expected to be in the first or two sentences of the article. The lead section is another inevitable part since it is the introductory part of short articles. The lead should create significance and make the readers want more information. The lead should contain not more than four paragraphs, but its length depends on the article.

It is okay to use other languages in your article as additional information but ensure to avoid words that are only clear to foreign terms. Such words are more or less like jargons and need to be elaborated somewhere in the article. Always use clear, precise and accurate terms to make reading easy despite the audience.

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